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High-Speed Electronics and Device Scaling
Editor(s): Lester Fuess Eastman

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Volume Number: 1288
Date Published: 1 August 1990

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V- and W-band low-noise InAlAs/InGaAs/InP HEMTs and amplifiers
Author(s): P. C. Chao; A. J. Tessmer; Ming-Yih Kao; K. H.G. Duh; Pin Ho; P. M. Smith; J. M. Ballingall; S. M. J. Liu; Amani A. Jabra
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GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor device and IC technology for high-performance analog/microwave, digital, and A/D conversion applications
Author(s): Michael E. Kim
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Room temperature and cryogenic performance of self-aligned AlInAs-GaInAs HEMTs with 0.15-um gate length
Author(s): Umesh K. Mishra; April S. Brown; Linda M. Jelloian; M. Thompson; Steven E. Rosenbaum; Loi D. Nguyen; Paul M. Solomon; Richard A. Kiehl; Y. H. Kwark
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Device-scaling constraints based upon delay-time arguments
Author(s): Robert J. Trew; Umesh K. Mishra
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Characteristics of AlGaAs/GaAs thin-emitter heterojunction bipolar transistors
Author(s): Leda M. Lunardi; Roger J. Malik; R. W. Ryan; P. R. Smith; Stephen C. Shunk; Mark D. Feuer; Thomas R. Fullowan
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Improved AlInAs/GaInAs HBTs for high-speed circuits
Author(s): Joe E. Jensen; William E. Stanchina; Robert A. Metzger; David B. Rensch; Robert J. Ferro; P. F. Lou; M. W. Pierce; T. V. Kargodorian; Y. K. Allen
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Extended velocity overshoot in InGaAs collectors for high-speed heterojunction bipolar transistors
Author(s): Christine M. Maziar; Mark H. Somervell; Carl S. Kyono
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Effect of InAlAs emitter on the microwave performance of InAlAs/InGaAs abrupt npn heterojunction bipolar transistor
Author(s): Saied Tadayon; Bijan Tadayon; Lester Fuess Eastman
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Demonstration of a monolithic npn and pnp complementary HBT technology
Author(s): David B. Slater Jr.; Paul J. Enquist; Fayez E. Najjar; Mary Y. Chen; James A. Hutchby
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AlGaAs/GaAs pnp HBTs with high fmax and ft
Author(s): Gerard J. Sullivan; M. F. Chang; Neng Haung Sheng; Robert J. Anderson; Nan Lei Wang; Keh-Chung Wang; J. Aiden Higgins; Peter M. Asbeck
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Microwave power and efficiency performance of AlGaAs/GaAs self-aligned HBTs
Author(s): Nan Lei Wang; Neng Haung Sheng; M. F. Chang; William W. Ho; J. Aiden Higgins; Peter M. Asbeck; Gerard J. Sullivan
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High-speed resonant-tunneling diodes made from the In0.53Ga0.47As/AlAs material system
Author(s): Elliott R. Brown; C. D. Parker; Arthur R. Calawa; M. J. Manfra; T. C. L. Gerh Sollner; Chang Lee Chen; Stella W. Pang; K. M. Molvar
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Self-aligned resonant tunneling-diode finger structure for high cut-off frequency and device integration
Author(s): Xiao J. Song; Jinbo Kuang; William J. Schaff; Paul J. Tasker; Kimiyoshi Yamasaki; Lester Fuess Eastman
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Resonant-tunneling diode stability and its consequences for high-frequency operation
Author(s): Curtis Kidner; Imran Mehdi; Jack R. East; George I. Haddad
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Temperature characteristics of resonant-tunneling devices
Author(s): Guangdi Shen; Dan-Xia Xu; Magnus Willander; Goeran Hansson
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Realistic band structure models for GaAs/AlAs quantum well diodes
Author(s): Douglas R. Miller; Vijay K. Reddy; Robert L. Rogers; Dean P. Neikirk
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Planar-doped structures by atomic layer epitaxy
Author(s): Majid Hashemi; J. Ramdani; Brian McDermott; Kimberly G. Reid; John R. Hauser; Salah M. Bedair
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Ultra-submicrometer microwave GaAs MESFETs and HEMTs
Author(s): Jaeheon Han; Joseph M. Ryan; Alfred M. Kriman; David K. Ferry
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Current-voltage characteristics of MBE-grown strained Si1-xGex/Si heterojunction diodes and their temperature dependence
Author(s): Dan-Xia Xu; Guangdi Shen; Magnus Willander; Goeran Hansson
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Optimization of modulation doped FET structures
Author(s): Paul J. Tasker; Mark C. Foisy; Loi D. Nguyen
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Scaling of parasitics in mm-wave MODFETs
Author(s): Brian Hughes; Paul J. Tasker
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Very low-noise Al0.3Ga0.7As/In0.35Ga0.65As/GaAs single quantum-well pseudomorphic HEMTs
Author(s): P. C. Chao; Pin Ho; K. H.G. Duh; P. M. Smith; J. M. Ballingall; Amani A. Jabra; N. Lewis; E. L. Hall
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Scaling of MESFETs and HEMTs at 0.1-um gate length
Author(s): Niru V. Dandekar; Douglas Jon Burrows; Joseph W. Manning
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Scaling issues for ultra-high-speed HEMTs
Author(s): Loi D. Nguyen; Paul J. Tasker
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Cryogenic noise performance of OMVPE-grown InGaAs/InP MODFET
Author(s): Jinbo Kuang; Young-Kai Chen; M. A. Chin; Ralph A. Logan; Tawee Tanbun-Ek; Lester Fuess Eastman
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P heterostructure field effect transistors
Author(s): Kwyro Lee; Michael S. Shur
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