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Environment and Pollution Measurement Sensors and Systems
Editor(s): Hans Ole Nielsen

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Volume Number: 1269
Date Published: 1 August 1990

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Simple device for the measurement of light beam penetration through river water
Author(s): Visnja Henc-Bartolic; Iva Bartolic
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Turbidimetry - nephelometry
Author(s): Jos Everaert
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Atmospheric NH3 monitoring by long-path UV absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Hans Edner; R. Amer; Paer Ragnarsson; M. Rudin; Sune Svanberg
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Ammonia in power plant emission
Author(s): Mads Hammerich; J. O. Henningsen; Ari Olafsson
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Principles and operation of a mobile photoacoustic NH3 monitor
Author(s): Rudy A. Rooth; Adriaan J. L. Verhage; Leo W. Wouters
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Long-path transmissometer for measuring ambient atmospheric extinction
Author(s): John Victor Molenar; Gerald C. Persha; William C. Malm
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Absolute measurement of high particle number concentrations by simultaneous observation of extinction and scattered laser light
Author(s): Wladyslaw W. Szymanski; Paul E. Wagner
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Near-IR diode laser system for emission and process control
Author(s): Henrik Ahlberg; Stefan Helge Lundqvist; Torbjoern Andersson; Robert Tell
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Lidar measurements of atmospheric mercury
Author(s): Hans Edner; Gregory W. Faris; Paer Ragnarsson; Anna Lena Sunesson; Sune Svanberg
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ARGOS: a vanborne system for remote air pollution measurements
Author(s): Robert G. Buschner; Manfred Kolm; Klaus C. H. Weitkamp
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Use of a recording fluorometer for continuous measurement of phytoplankton concentration
Author(s): David K. Mills; Paul B. Tett
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Flow cytometry and other optical methods for characterization and quantification of phytoplankton in seawater
Author(s): Johannes W. Hofstraat; W. J. M. van Zeijl; J. C.H. Peeters; L. Peperzak; George B.J. Dubelaar
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Device for measuring the microsecond-component of the induction kinetics of the chlorophyll-fluorescence
Author(s): Bernhard Ruth
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Fiber optic and time-resolving techniques in forest decline research
Author(s): Werner Schmidt; Herbert Schneckenburger
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Optical system for detection and measurement of hydrocarbon in the ocean
Author(s): W. A. Lawford; M. Morgan; J. Philip Vessey; John E.G. Wheaton
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Development of a fluorimeter using laser-induced single-shot fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy
Author(s): Niels H. Eisum; Anders Lynggaard-Jensen
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Fiber optic based chemical sensors for in-situ measurement of metals and aromatic organic compounds in seawater and soil systems
Author(s): Stephen H. Lieberman; Scott Inman; Gregory A. Theriault; Stafford S. Cooper; Philip G. Malone; Yasuhiro Shimizu; Paul W. Lurk
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Optical measurements from underwater-towed vehicles deployed from ships-of-opportunity in the North Sea
Author(s): Robert Williams; James Aiken
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Determination of nitrous oxide concentrations by spectroscopic method
Author(s): Larissa A. Mirzoeva; Margarete S. Kiseleva; Galina E. Sinelnikova
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Emission and immision measurements of gaseous pollutants using the double pendulum Fourier spectrometer
Author(s): Herbert W. Mosebach; Harald Rippel; Hermann Bittner; Dirk Kampf; Tom Richter; Y. Schulz-Spahr
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Use of space photographic survey for exploration of the earth natural resources
Author(s): Victor V. Nekrasov
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