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Extracting Meaning from Complex Data: Processing, Display, Interaction
Editor(s): Edward J. Farrell
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Volume Number: 1259
Date Published: 1 August 1990
Softcover: 32 papers (326) pages
ISBN: 9780819403063

Table of Contents
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ISOLEV: a level surface cutting-plane program for fluid flow data
Author(s): G. David Kerlick
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Volume visualization for the unstructured grid data
Author(s): Koji Koyamada
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High-speed image display algorithm for 3-D grid data
Author(s): Akio Doi; Akio Koide
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Three-dimensional data visualization using DSP meshes
Author(s): Yuh-Tay Liow; Mehmet Reha Civanlar; Steven C. Dzik
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Sarnoff data analysis and visualization project
Author(s): Joanna R. Alexander; J. Charles Asmuth; Norman Winarsky
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Visualization tool for the scientist/engineer
Author(s): Perry A. Appino; Edward J. Farrell; Jack A. Mandelman; Thomas D. Linton
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Techniques for scientific animation
Author(s): William M. Coughran; Eric Grosse
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Multidimensional graphics input for feature extraction of high-order 3-D fields
Author(s): Robert R. Dickinson
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3-D interactive physically based micro world
Author(s): Keith Waters; SerKuang Wang
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Virtual integral holography
Author(s): Dan S. Venolia; Lance Williams
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Extracting meaning from volumetrically displayed data
Author(s): Steve E. Wixson
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Strategies for scientific visualization: analysis and comparison of current techniques
Author(s): John A. Berton
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Using our ears: an introduction to the use of nonspeech audio cues
Author(s): William Buxton
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Applied research in auditory data representation
Author(s): Steve P. Frysinger
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Auditory presentation of experimental data
Author(s): David Lunney; Robert C. Morrison
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Complementary visualization and sonification of multidimensional data
Author(s): David A. Rabenhorst; Edward J. Farrell; David H. Jameson; Thomas D. Linton; Jack A. Mandelman
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Correlating sonic and graphic materials in scientific visualization
Author(s): Brian Evans
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Dynamic statistical graphics techniques for exploring the structure of multivariate data
Author(s): Forrest W. Young; Penny L. Rheingans
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Cluster analysis of medical magnetic-resonance images data: diagnostic application and evaluation
Author(s): Robert L. DeLapaz; Edward Herskovits; Vito Di Gesu; William J. Hanson; Ralph Bernstein
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Tools for interpretation of multispectral data
Author(s): Glen Speckert; Loren C. Carpenter; Mike Russell; John Bradstreet; Tom Waite; Charlie Conklin
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Perceptualization of scientific data
Author(s): Georges G. Grinstein; Stuart Smith
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Visualization of physical processes near a black hole
Author(s): G. Comer Duncan
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Visualizing complex hydrodynamic features
Author(s): Jill L. Kempf; Robert E. Marshall; Chieh-Cheng Yen
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Visualizing the spine using anatomical knowledge
Author(s): Craig W. Cornelius; Linda L. Fellingham
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Functional imaging as an indicator of diagnostic information in cardiac magnetic-resonance images
Author(s): Joseph W. Klingler; Lee T. Andrews; Michael S. Begeman; Jacob Zeiss; Richard F. Leighton
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Sphere quadtrees: a new data structure to support the visualization of spherically distributed data
Author(s): Gyorgy Fekete; Lloyd A. Treinish
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Effective data format for scientific visualization
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Faust; D. Scott Dyer
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Role of data management in discipline-independent data visualization
Author(s): Lloyd A. Treinish
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Use of concurrent computation and visualization for computation steering in engineering research
Author(s): Samad Moini; John O. Hallquist
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IDB: an integrated image database system on local area network
Author(s): Antonio Turtur; Mario Fantini; Franco Prampolini
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Scientific visualization at the Center for the Analysis and Prediction of Storms
Author(s): Joseph A. Bradley; Kelvin K. Droegemeier
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Attacking unsolved problems in visualization of scientific data
Author(s): H. Stephen Anderson; Lee T. Andrews; Edward M. Buturla; G. Comer Duncan; Lambertus Hesselink
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