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Image Communications and Workstations
Editor(s): Walter Bender; Mitsunaga Saito

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Volume Number: 1258
Date Published: 1 August 1990

Table of Contents
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Multimedia electronic mail
Author(s): Brian Yamamoto
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VIP system: a new dataflow architecture with dynamic overlapping management
Author(s): Alain Rivoire
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Digital movies for "off-the-shelf" displays
Author(s): William J. Bender; Robert Mollitor
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Method for creating consistent bitmaps in message-driven environments
Author(s): Atsushi Miyazawa; Hiroshi Morishima; Yeong-Chang Lien
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System integration for image production and real-time control
Author(s): Mark S. Roos
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Macintosh as an image processing and analysis workstation
Author(s): Gary G. Wagner
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Essential issues in the design of shared document/image libraries
Author(s): Henry M. Gladney; Patrick E. Mantey
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Image-based geographic information system using optical disks
Author(s): Akio Okazaki; Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji; Osamu Hori; Syou Tsunekawa; Atsushi Yukawa
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Segmentation of document images
Author(s): Philip J. Bones; Todd C. Griffin; Chris M. Carey-Smith
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Visual human tutoring of image interpretation systems
Author(s): Amnon Meisels; Ezra Cohen-Yashar
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Fuzzy reasoning rule-based system for image segmentation
Author(s): Zouheir Hamrouni; Charlie J. Krey; Alain Ayache
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Statistical multistate gate tracker with fuzzy intelligent tracking tactics
Author(s): Zhili Liu
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Fast region analysis using standard image processing hardware
Author(s): Carlton Wayne Niblack; Tai Truong; Tim C. Reiley; Bruce D. Terris
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Geometric transformation algorithm for character recognition using a gradient method
Author(s): Takeshi Kamimura; Masanori Mizoguchi
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Handwritten numeral verification method using distribution maps of structural features
Author(s): Nobuyasu Itoh; Hiroyasu Takahashi
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Requirements for computer interchange color spaces
Author(s): James M. Kasson; Wil Plouffe
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High-quality character-generation method using contour representation
Author(s): Katsuhiko Nishikawa; Satoshi Naoi
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Page description language to bitmap rasterization using optical imaging memory
Author(s): Kefu Xue; Cailong Zhang
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Spatial domain algorithm for video-to-printing image resolution conversion
Author(s): Kefu Xue; Ann Winans; Cailong Zhang
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Regional information guidance system based on hypermedia concept
Author(s): Hiroshi Matoba; Yoshinori Hara; Yutako Kasahara
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Visually lossless compression of color images
Author(s): Ronald S. Gentile; Jan P. Allebach; Eric Walowit
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Image manipulation in the SIGGRAPH interactive proceedings
Author(s): Dick Phillips; Rick J. Beach
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