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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1253

Hard Copy and Printing Materials, Media, and Processes
Editor(s): Joseph Gaynor
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Volume Number: 1253
Date Published: 1 July 1990
Softcover: 40 papers (407) pages
ISBN: 9780819403001

Table of Contents
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Trends in imaging materials for color hardcopy
Author(s): Derek E. Wilson
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Colored single-component toners
Author(s): Erwin Czech; Werner Ostertag
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Metal salts of beta-diketones as charging additives: a mechanistic study
Author(s): Gregg A. Lane
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AB diblock copolymers as charge directors in liquid toners
Author(s): Loretta A. Page; Lyla M. El-Sayed
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Effects of various design parameters on the properties of interfacial/free-radical microencapsulated particles
Author(s): Hadi K. Mahabadi; Trevor Ian Martin; Hwee Ng; Rajiv N. Patel; Nancy Listigovers; Fernando Yulo
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Functional liquid toners and their applications for electrophotographic printing plates
Author(s): Akira Furukawa
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Toner-size effect on image density
Author(s): Kunihiko Sato; Masahiro Wanou; Masatoshi Kimura; Takefumi Inagaki
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Carriers by chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Norbert Mronga; J. Adel; Erwin Czech
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Pigments for ink and nonimpact printing
Author(s): Ian A. Macpherson
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Advances in liquid-toner technology and their applications
Author(s): Romit Bhattacharya
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Organic photoreceptors: an overview
Author(s): Andrew R. Melnyk; David M. Pai
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Light-induced fatigue in organic photoreceptors
Author(s): Osamu Nabeta; Masami Kuroda; N. Furusho
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New perspective on charge transport in molecularly doped systems
Author(s): Huoy-Jen Yuh; David M. Pai
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Nature of microscopic electrical defects in organic photoreceptors
Author(s): Zoran D. Popovic; Dave Parco; Pablo Iglesias
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Spectral response and xerographic electrical characteristics of some perylene bisimide pigments
Author(s): James McConnell Duff; Ah-Mee Hor; Andrew R. Melnyk; D. Teney
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Comparison of the electrophotographic properties of a family of hydrazone charge-transport molecules
Author(s): J. Campbell Scott; Andrew Skumanich; M. D. Shattuck; Hai Nguyen
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Xerographic dark discharge of a-Si:H(p)/a-Si:H(i)/a-Si1-x Cx:H photoreceptors
Author(s): M. Baxendale; S. Biswas; C. Juhasz
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Temperature-dependent xerographic depletion discharge studies of a-Se:Te alloys
Author(s): M. Baxendale; C. Juhasz
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Photoreceptor characteristics of barium titanate (BaTiO3)/polyvinylidene fluoride composite film
Author(s): P. K. C. Pillai; James J. Lew; Athanasios Gavrielides; Christopher M. Clayton
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Recent advances in dry silver color
Author(s): David A. Morgan
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Gray-scale characteristics of the microencapsulated acrylate process of imaging
Author(s): Jonathan S. Arney; J. A. Dowler
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Thermal microcapsule transfer technology for full-color printing controlled by photo and thermal energies
Author(s): Masashi Miyagawa; Toshiharu Inui; Kazuhiro Nakajima; Norio Ohkuma; Noriyoshi Ishikawa; Tadashi Yamamoto; Masanori Takenouchi; Youichi Tominaga
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Benzalphthalide sensitizers in thermal coatings
Author(s): Tomoo Shibata; John R. Semler
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Trends of key materials for direct thermal papers
Author(s): Taiji Higaki; Ryuichi Kisaka
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New type of nonglossy image-receiving sheet
Author(s): Toshiaki Aono; Takeshi Shibata; Yoshisada Nakamura
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New method to improve the stability of thermal paper
Author(s): Kensuke Ikeda; Ken Iwakura
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Direct thermal dyes
Author(s): Edward Ehlinger
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Criteria for selecting ingredients of thermal transfer ink
Author(s): David K. Chow
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Relation between properties of thermofusible ink and print quality in thermal transfer printing
Author(s): Shigehiro Kitamura; Takao Abe
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Thermal transfer ink sheet with supercooling wax layer for lusterless plain-paper printing
Author(s): Kenji Nomura; Kikuo Hayama
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Microscopics of toner transfer across a gap
Author(s): Juan Claudio Agui; Pia N. Sanda; Derek B. Dove
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Electrophotographic process control systems utilizing development bias currents
Author(s): Jeffrey J. Folkins
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New electrophotographic color process: superposing toner images on a photoconductor
Author(s): M. Itaya; Satoshi Haneda
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Influence of dot structure on hardcopy MTF
Author(s): Sei-ichi Taguchi
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Nature of halftone gray scale images in digital electrography
Author(s): Inan Chen
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Ion transfer in contact electrification
Author(s): Arthur F. Diaz; Debra Fenzel-Alexander; Daphne Wollmann; A. Eisenberg
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Influence of rheology and molecular architecture on the fusing behavior of toners
Author(s): Lawrence P. DeMejo; Dennis J. Massa; Jeffrey Wesson; John C. Wilson
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Zeta-potentials and heats of adsorption of charge-control agents on liquid toners
Author(s): Frederick M. Fowkes; T. B. Lloyd; W.-J. Chen; G. W. Heebner
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Print quality challenges for the next decade
Author(s): John D. Meyer
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Past, present, and future of sublimation transfer imaging
Author(s): Masanori Akada
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