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Image Processing Algorithms and Techniques
Editor(s): Robert J. Moorhead; Keith S. Pennington
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Volume Number: 1244
Date Published: 1 June 1990
Softcover: 42 papers (452) pages
ISBN: 9780819402912

Table of Contents
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Fast scaled-DCT algorithm
Author(s): Ephraim Feig
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Roundoff noise of the cascade structure implementation for the filters designed by McClellan transformations
Author(s): Brian K. Lien
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Cascade coding for subbit image compression
Author(s): Marcos C. Tzannes; Alexis P. Tzannes; Nicolaos S. Tzannes
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Two-dimensional convolute integer operators for digital image processing
Author(s): Thomas R. Edwards
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Considering shape from shading as an estimation problem
Author(s): Zweitze Houkes; Maarten J. Korsten
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Computer vision system for automatically finding the auroral oval from satellite images
Author(s): Ramin Samadani; Domingo A. Mihovilovic; C. Robert Clauer; Gio Wiederhold; John D. Craven; Louis A. Frank
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Proposal for identifying images
Author(s): Hideya Takano; Shuichi Nishio; Katsumi Futakawa; Taichi Nakamura
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NEWVIEW: an interactive software environment for digital image processing
Author(s): Ho John Lee; Bhaskaran Vasudev; Daniel Tai Lik Lee
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Working with clipped images
Author(s): Manuel Perez Cagigal
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Contrast-dependent spread filters
Author(s): Matt Mehrzad Vaezi; Behnam Bavarian
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Flexible approach to image warping
Author(s): Frederick M. Weinhaus; Michael Thomas Walterman
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Toward the design of a general image analysis program
Author(s): William E. Johnston; Max Rible; Antony Courtney
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Full-field velocity imaging technique using high-energy pulsed laser velocimetry
Author(s): Yassin A. Hassan; Thomas Blanchat; Robert D. Hild
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Fast image-data classifier
Author(s): D. J. Amalraj; Goutam Dhar
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Application of compactly supported wavelets to image compression
Author(s): William R. Zettler; John C. Huffman; David C. P. Linden
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Subband image coding using entropy-coded quantization
Author(s): Nariman Farvardin; Naoto Tanabe
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Hybrid LZW compression
Author(s): H. Garton Lewis; William B. Forsyth
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Two-dimensional code excited linear prediction image coding system
Author(s): Hung Q. Nguyen; Eric Dubois
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Stationary vector quantization approach for image coding
Author(s): Rong-Hauh Ju; I-Chang Jou; Mu-King Tsay; Bor-Shenn Jeng; Tsann-Shyong Liu; Kou-Sou Kan
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Simple image analysis/synthesis technique and its application in image coding
Author(s): Tian-Hu Yu; Sanjit K. Mitra
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Bit-rate-controlled DCT compression algorithm for digital still camera
Author(s): Mikio Watanabe; Kenji Ito; Osamu Saito; Kenji Moronaga; Shigeharu Ochi
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Reduced-difference pyramid: a data structure for progressive image transmission
Author(s): Limin Wang; Morris Goldberg
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Effect of noise and MTF on the compressibility of high-resolution color images
Author(s): Paul W. Melnychuck; Michael J. Barry; Michael S. Mathieu
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Vector space approach to color imaging systems
Author(s): H. Joel Trussell; James R. Sullivan
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Novel color transformation algorithm and its applications
Author(s): Katsuhiro Kanamori; Hidehiko Kawakami; Hiroaki Kotera
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Video communication for the orbital maneuvering vehicle
Author(s): Robert J. Moorhead
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Unbalanced tree structure for frame adaptive vector quantization of image sequences
Author(s): Fabio Lavagetto; Sandro Zappatore
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Study of an on-board data compression system in the imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): Shen-en Qian
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DCT-based video compression using arithmetic coding
Author(s): Cesar A. Gonzales; K. L. Anderson; William B. Pennebaker
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Quasi-VBR model for packet video
Author(s): Aranzazu Ayerbe; Miguel Roser; Alfonso Castillo Vicente
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Hierarchical encoding of HDTV by transform coefficients block splitting
Author(s): Luc Vandendorpe; Paul Delogne
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Motion estimation by scene adaptive block matching and illumination correction
Author(s): Michael Gilge
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Comparision of adaptive quadrature mirror filter subband coding systems
Author(s): Jonathan E. Buschmann; Elena Marcozzi; Dalmazio Raveglia
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Hybrid DCT-codec with local adaptivity for the interlaced HDTV transmission with 140 Mbit/s
Author(s): Wieland Jass; Robert Kutka; Walter Tengler
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Motion video coding: a universal coding approach
Author(s): Ronald H.J. Plompen; Yoshinori Hatori; Wilfried Geuen; Jacques Guichard; Mario Guglielmo; Harald Brusewitz
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Localization performance measure and optimal edge detection
Author(s): Hemant D. Tagare; Rui J. P. de Figueiredo
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Comparison of parametric and nonparametric edge-detection algorithms
Author(s): Afshin Amini; Ahmed H. Tewfik
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Digital filtering/enhancement/analysis of geologic long-range inclined asdic acoustic imagery
Author(s): Kevin B. Shaw
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Improved DPCM algorithm for image-data compression
Author(s): David G. Daut; Dongming Zhao
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Motion adaptive spatiotemporal subsampling and its application in full-motion image coding
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Haghiri; Pascal Denoyelle
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Image sequence spectrum analysis with optoelectronic hybrid method
Author(s): Peimao Sun; Bo Wang
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Overview of the JPEG (ISO/CCITT) still image compression standard
Author(s): Gregory K. Wallace
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