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Medical Imaging IV: Image Capture and Display
Editor(s): Yongmin Kim
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Volume Number: 1232
Date Published: 1 July 1990
Softcover: 43 papers (426) pages
ISBN: 9780819402769

Table of Contents
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Comparative evaluation of reporting analog films versus digital image using IRIS
Author(s): S. Millward; Shawn Currie; Garry Belanger; Marjorie Coristine; Jo W. Tombaugh
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Role of color and spatial resolution in digital imaging colposcopy
Author(s): Eric R. Craine; John R. Engel; Brian L. Craine
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Physical and psychophysical analysis of laser readout conditions for imaging plates in computed radiography
Author(s): Brigid Gerety; Hans Roehrig; George W. Seeley; Tinglan Ji; David A. Yocky; Bryan Westerman; Theron W. Ovitt
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Preliminary observations on a history-based image display optimizer for chest images
Author(s): Harold L. Kundel; Calvin F. Nodine; Inna Brikman; Sridhar B. Seshadri; Ronald L. Arenson
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Some methodological questions concerning free-response receiver operating characteristic analysis as a method for assessing image quality in radiology
Author(s): Michael B. Harrington
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Objective analysis of image quality of video image capture systems
Author(s): Alan H. Rowberg
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Study of the effects of quantization noise on magnetic resonance image quality
Author(s): Peter Santago; Denise B. White
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Replication of diagnostic radiographs using a film scanning/printing system
Author(s): Michael J. Flynn; Edward Muka; Eric Davies; Bruce R. Whiting; Christine Watt; Gordon H. Beute; Burton Ellis
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Comparison of the physical performance of high-resolution CRT displays and films recorded by laser image printers and displayed on light-boxes and the need for a display standard
Author(s): Hartwig R. Blume; Hans Roehrig; Michael P. Browne; Tinglan Ji
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Signal-to-noise ratio and maximum information content of images displayed by a CRT
Author(s): Hans Roehrig; Tinglan Ji; Michael P. Browne; William J. Dallas; Hartwig R. Blume
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Whole-leg display techniques for digital peripheral angiography studies
Author(s): David L. Wilson; Wolfgang P. Koenig; John L. Lundberg
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Surface representation in three dimensions using the symmetrical axis tranform
Author(s): Chris Percival; Raj S. Acharya
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Transparent volume imaging
Author(s): Steve E. Wixson
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3-D construction of soft tissue from MR and CT
Author(s): Yoshihiro Goto; Kazuhiro Sato; Yoshihisa Nakano; Kotaro Minato
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SOFTVU: a software package for multidimensional medical image analysis
Author(s): Sai Prasad Raya
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Three-dimensional display of cortical anatomy and vasculature: MR angiography versus multimodality integration
Author(s): Christopher J. Henri; Gordon Pike; D. Louis Collins; Terence M. Peters
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Display of 3-D anatomy with stereolithographic models
Author(s): Nicholas J. Mankovich; Andrew M. Cheeseman; Noel G. Stoker
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PC software package to confront multimodality images and a stereotactic atlas in neurosurgery
Author(s): Christian Barillot; Didier Lemoine; Bernard Gibaud; P. J. Toulemont; Jean-Marie Scarabin
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Application of a voice-actuated computer system for reconstructing and displaying magnetic resonance imaging data
Author(s): John S. Meadow; Alfonso Pujol; Patrick L. Sherley
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Cost-effective personal workstation
Author(s): In K. Mun
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Physician acceptance of the IRIS user interface during a clinical trial at the Ottawa Civic Hospital
Author(s): Marjorie Coristine; Carolyn Beeton; Jo W. Tombaugh; J. Ahuja; Garry Belanger; Richard F. Dillon; Shawn Currie; E. Hind
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FilmPlane2: design and implementation
Author(s): Jonathan G. Walker; David Volk Beard
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Neuroradiology viewing station
Author(s): Shyhliang A. Lou; Robert B. Lufkin; Daniel J. Valentino; H. K. Huang; William Hanafee; Bradly Jabour; John R. Bentsen; Gary R. Duckwiler; Jacques E. Dion
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Multimodality image display station
Author(s): H. Joseph Myers
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Multidimensional biomedical image representation using a linear hypertree
Author(s): Djaffer Ibaroudene; Raj S. Acharya
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Determination of the relative visibility thresholds for basis functions of the Frazier-Jawerth transform
Author(s): John B. Zimmerman; Rosalie J. Hagge; Karin M. Hartzell
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ACR-NEMA standards activity: an update
Author(s): Steven C. Horii; David G. Hill; Hartwig R. Blume; David E. Best; Bob G. Thompson; Cindy A. Fuscoe; David R. Snavely
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High-speed reconstruction of compressed images
Author(s): Jerome R. Cox; Stephen M. Moore
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Image splitting and remapping method for radiological image compression
Author(s): Shih-Chung Benedict Lo; Ellen L. Shen; Seong Ki Mun
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Three-dimensional transform compression of images from dynamic studies
Author(s): Kelby K. Chan; Christina C. Lau; Shyhliang A. Lou; Alek S. Hayrapetian; Bruce Kuo Ting Ho; H. K. Huang
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Comparison of lossy coding techniques for digitized radiographic images
Author(s): Morris Goldberg; Sethuraman Panchanathan; Limin Wang
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Image compression for dermatology
Author(s): John P. Cookson; Charles Sneiderman; Joseph Colaianni; Antoinette F. Hood
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Creation of a wire-frame model for three-dimensional registration of raster image regions of interest
Author(s): Robert L. Galloway; Charles A. Edwards; Gerald L. Haden; Robert J. Maciunas
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Low-cost image analysis workstation which is menu driven and extensible
Author(s): Michael S. Mort; Robert J. Fontana
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Teaching station for MR technologists
Author(s): In K. Mun; Charles DeSchamps
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Compression of digital chest x-rays
Author(s): Michael Cohn; Martin Trefler; Tzay S. Young
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Comparative performance of pyramid data structures for progressive transmission of medical imagery
Author(s): Limin Wang; Morris Goldberg
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Vector quantization by neural network
Author(s): Yu He; Qianren Zhang; Yizheng Ye; Zhong-Rong Li
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Restoration of images transmitted through coherent fiber bundles
Author(s): Robert Gazerro; Norman P. Katz; Mark R. Nelson
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High-performance floating-point image computing workstation for medical applications
Author(s): Karl S. Mills; Gilman K. Wong; Yongmin Kim
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ROC comparison of compressed images to original analog film and digital hardcopy
Author(s): Alek S. Hayrapetian; Denise R. Aberle; Kelby K. Chan; Bruce Kuo Ting Ho; H. K. Huang
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Recursive filters for fast B-spline interpolation and compression of digital images
Author(s): Michael A. Unser
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Lossy image compression for digital medical imaging systems
Author(s): Paul S. Wilhelm; David R. Haynor; Yongmin Kim; Alan C. Nelson; Eve A. Riskin
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