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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1226

Intense Microwave and Particle Beams
Editor(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Volume Number: 1226
Date Published: 1 April 1990
Softcover: 49 papers (523) pages
ISBN: 9780819402677

Table of Contents
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Influence of beam loading on the operation of the relativistic klystron amplifier
Author(s): Moshe Friedman; Victor Serlin; Denis G. Colombant; Jonathan Krall; Yue Ying Lau
Gain and efficiency studies of a high-power traveling-wave-tube amplifier
Author(s): Donald A. Shiffler; John A. Nation; J. D. Ivers; G. Kerslick
Relativistic O-type oscillator-amplifier systems
Author(s): Charles B. Wharton; Jennifer M. Butler
Operation of a long-pulse relativistic magnetron in a phase-locking system
Author(s): Shien Chi Chen; George Bekefi; Richard J. Temkin
Initial operation of a compact phase-locked module of relativistic magnetrons
Author(s): Jerrold S. Levine; James N. Benford; Bruce D. Harteneck; Steve Montalvo
Design of a compact phase-locked module of relativistic magnetrons
Author(s): Jerrold S. Levine; Norm Aiello; James N. Benford
Linear theory of high-power cylindrical magnetron
Author(s): Han Sup Uhm; H. C. Chen; Robert A. Stark; Howard E. Brandt
Simulation studies of the relativistic magnetron
Author(s): Robert A. Stark; H. C. Chen; Han Sup Uhm
Two-dimensional self-consistent simulation of the relativistic magnetron
Author(s): Chiping Chen; Hei-Wai Chan; Ronald C. Davidson; George L. Johnston
Models of driven relativistic magnetrons with nonlinear frequency-shift and growth-saturation effects
Author(s): George L. Johnston; Shien Chi Chen; George Bekefi; Ronald C. Davidson
Master-oscillator-driven phase-locked vircator array
Author(s): Henry M. Sze; David Price; Bruce D. Harteneck; N. J. Cooksey
Stability of mutually coupled oscillators
Author(s): David Price; Henry M. Sze
Reflex-diode high-power microwave source on Aurora
Author(s): George A. Huttlin; Michael S. Bushell; D. B. Conrad; David P. Davis; K. L. Ebersole; Daniel C. Judy; P. A. Lezcano; Marc S. Litz; Nino R. Pereira; Brian G. Ruth; Douglas M. Weidenheimer; Forrest Jack Agee
MIT 35-GHz cyclotron autoresonance maser amplifier
Author(s): A. DiRienzo; George Bekefi
High-power CARM for high-gradient RF linac
Author(s): Qinsong Wang; David B. McDermott; Anthony T. Lin; Neville C. Luhmann; Kwo Ray Chu
Bragg resonator for selective feedback in overmoded oscillators
Author(s): Chae K. Chong; M. M. Razeghi; David B. McDermott; Neville C. Luhmann; Malcolm Caplan; Bernhard Kulke
Operation of an x-band dielectric Cherenkov maser amplifier
Author(s): Eusebio P. Garate; Hiroyuki Kosai; William Peter; Amnon Fisher; William T. Main; James Weatherall; Randall Cherry
Pulsed sources and currents for acoustic and electromagnetic bullets
Author(s): Harry E. Moses; Reese T. Prosser
Digital transmitter array for producing enhanced ionization
Author(s): Clayton V. Stewart; Peter Koert; Robert Short; Ramy A. Shanny; Larry Marple
Progress in the development of the NRL modified betatron accelerator
Author(s): Lek K. Len; Tab J. Smith; Jeffry Golden; Kevin C. Smith; S. J. Marsh; Demos Dialetis; Joseph Mathew; Peter Loschialpo; Jeng-Hsien Chang; Christos A. Kapetanakos
Stellatron experiment at UC Irvine
Author(s): Hiroshi Ishizuka
Transport studies for the spiral line induction accelerator
Author(s): Michael G. Tiefenback; Vernon L. Bailey; John A. Edighoffer; Joseph P. Lidestri; Sidney D. Putnam
Electron accelerators driven by modulated intense relativistic electron beams
Author(s): Moshe Friedman; Victor Serlin; Yue Ying Lau; Jonathan Krall
Crystal accelerator
Author(s): Toshi Tajima; Barry S. Newberger; M. Cavenago
Beam breakup in low-emittance accelerator cavities
Author(s): M. L. Sloan; James R. Thompson
Fast magnetization of a low- to high-beta plasma beam
Author(s): Frank J. Wessel; Jin-Joo Song; Norman Rostoker; Gung Yur; Hafiz-ur Rahman
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Intense H- beam production in a magnetically insulated ion diode
Author(s): Amnon Fisher; Robert M. Prohaska; Haim Lindenbaum; G. Sheperd; Norman Rostoker
Tunable 200-GHz electron cyclotron maser
Author(s): Stephen N. Spark; Alan D.R. Phelps
Plasma-filled dielectric Cherenkov maser
Author(s): Hiroyuki Kosai; Eusebio P. Garate; Amnon Fisher
Plasma waveguide
Author(s): Hao-Ming Shen

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