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Solid State Lasers
Editor(s): George Dube
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Volume Number: 1223
Date Published: 1 April 1990
Softcover: 31 papers (315) pages
ISBN: 9780819402646

Table of Contents
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Software system for laser design and analysis
Author(s): Patricia L. Cross; Norman P. Barnes; Elizabeth D. Filer
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Database for solid state laser, optical, and nonlinear materials
Author(s): Patricia L. Cross; Elizabeth D. Filer; Norman P. Barnes; Milton W. Skolaut
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Renormalization of the Bloch-electron picture in coherent light
Author(s): Ahmet Elci; David A. Depatie
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Solid state laser reliability, producibility, and maintenance issues for x-ray lithography applications
Author(s): Joseph A. Abate
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Nd:YAG laser marker utilizing a liquid-crystal device mask
Author(s): Kouji Kuwabara; M. Yano; M. Fujimoto; Kazuya Saito
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Blue upconversion thulium laser
Author(s): Dinh C. Nguyen; George E. Faulkner; Michael E. Weber; Michael Dulick
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Materials for high-power second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Jacek K. Tyminski; George Frangineas; Edward J. Reed; William K. Bischel
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KD*P frequency doubler for high-average-power applications
Author(s): Mary A. Norton; David Eimerl; Christopher A. Ebbers; Stephan P. Velsko; Charles S. Petty
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Properties and performance of the LiCaAlF6:Cr3+ laser material
Author(s): Stephen A. Payne; Lloyd L. Chase; L. Jeffrey Atherton; John A. Caird; Wayne L. Kway; Michelle D. Shinn; Robert S. Hughes; Larry K. Smith
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Development of a large-scale Nd:YAG growth process
Author(s): E. Wayne O'Dell; David J. Nelson; D. Narasimhan; Robert C. Morris; John E. Marion
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Lasers on the basis of the double molybdates and tungstates
Author(s): Valerii S. Gulev; A. A. Pavlyuk; L. P. Kozeeva; Vladimir F. Nesterenko
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Generation of laser using alexandrite grown by horizontally directed crystallization
Author(s): Valerii S. Gulev; V. V. Gurov; Alexander M. Yurkin
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Diode-array side-pumped Nd:YLiF4 laser
Author(s): Richard A. Utano; Douglas A. Hyslop; Toomas H. Allik
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Diode-pumped monolithic Nd:YLF 1.053-um minilaser and its application to injection seeding
Author(s): Jerome M. Auerbach; Randal L. Schmitt
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Billion-shot flashlamp for spaceborne lasers
Author(s): Linda J. Richter; Felix Schuda; John J. Degnan
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Absolute-intensity, high-resolution spectrum of the Vortek arc lamp and its spectral match to Nd:YAG bands
Author(s): Luis E. Zapata; Alexander J. Pertica
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Ground-state depleted laser in neodymium-doped yttrium orthosilicate
Author(s): Raymond J. Beach; George F. Albrecht; Richard W. Solarz; William Franklin Krupke; Brian J. Comaskey; Scott C. Mitchell; Charles David Brandle; George W. Berkstresser
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Active frequency stabilization of diode-laser-pumped nonplanar ring oscillators
Author(s): Timothy Day; Eric K. Gustafson; Robert L. Byer
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Q-switched Nd:YAG ring laser pumped by laser diodes
Author(s): Richard Scheps; Joseph F. Myers
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Laser-diode-pumped tunable solid state laser
Author(s): Richard Scheps; Bernard M. Gately; Joseph F. Myers; Donald F. Heller; Jerzy S. Krasinski
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Monolithic unidirectional planar ring oscillators
Author(s): David G. Scerbak
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Fully stabilized single-frequency Ti:Al2O3 laser oscillator
Author(s): Charles E. Hamilton; K. W. Kangas; Clifford H. Muller; Dennis D. Lowenthal; Thomas D. Raymond
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Flash-pumped, room-temperature 2-um laser with 5% slope efficiency
Author(s): Gregory J. Quarles; Annette Rosenbaum; Charles L. Marquardt; Leon Esterowitz
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Tunable cw solid state laser action in the 2-um region
Author(s): Robert C. Stoneman; Leon Esterowitz
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Laser performance, thermal focusing, and depolarization effects in Nd:Cr:GSGG and Nd:YAG
Author(s): Julie A. Williams-Byrd; Norman P. Barnes
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Design and performance of a high-power modelocked Nd:YLF laser
Author(s): Edward J. Reed; George Frangineas
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Performance of a 500-W Nd:GGG zigzag slab oscillator
Author(s): Luis E. Zapata; Kenneth R. Manes; David J. Christie; James M. Davin; James A. Blink; J. Penland; Robert D. Demaret; G. Dallum
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Solid state lasers for reproduced picosecond and femtosecond light pulses
Author(s): Konstantin P. Komarov; Aleksandr S. Kuch'yanov; Vladimir D. Ugozhayev
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Comparison of compact visible laser technologies
Author(s): Gary T. Forrest
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Close-coupled pumping of an intracavity-doubled lithium neodymium tetraphosphate laser
Author(s): George Jeff Dixon; Larry S. Lingvay; Richard H. Jarman
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Multiwavelength upconversion lasers in fluoride crystals
Author(s): Ross A. McFarlane; M. Robinson; S. A. Pollack
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