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Laser Radar V
Editor(s): Richard J. Becherer

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Volume Number: 1222
Date Published: 1 May 1990

Table of Contents
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Active-passive detection of multipixel targets
Author(s): Stephen M. Hannon; Jeffrey H. Shapiro
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Laser radar angular tracking
Author(s): Alan L. Kachelmyer
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Laser radar speckle and glint statistics: illustrations using AMOR data
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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Convex set estimation from support line measurements and applications to target reconstruction from laser radar data
Author(s): Avinash S. Lele; Sanjeev R. Kulkarni; Alan S. Willsky
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Signal isolation capability of rotating-wave-plate type electro-optic modulators
Author(s): Richard S. Eng
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Ti:Al2O3 laser amplifier design study
Author(s): Charles I. Miyake; Steven Chase Tidwell; Dennis D. Lowenthal; Richard D. Romea
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Design and performance measurements of an airborne aerosol backscatter lidar
Author(s): Robert T. Menzies; David M. Tratt; Alan M. Brothers; Stephen H. Dermenjian; Carlos Esproles; David A. Haner; Michael S. Shumate
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Pulsed coherent solid-state 1.06-um and 2.1-um laser radar systems for remote velocity measurement
Author(s): Sammy W. Henderson; Robert Milton Huffaker; Michael J. Kavaya; Charley P. Hale; James R. Magee; Lawrence E. Myers
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Low-cost cw CO2 lidar system for low-level wind shear detection
Author(s): Gregory J. Fetzer; Madison J. Post
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Design of a high pulse repetition rate CO2 Doppler lidar for atmospheric monitoring
Author(s): Guy N. Pearson; Barry J. Rye; R. Michael Hardesty
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Doppler ladar on a polar orbiting platform: relativistic correction required?
Author(s): Eric W. Young
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Mechanical design of a lidar system for space applications LITE
Author(s): Sharon K. Crockett
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Optimization of the alexandrite laser tuning elements for a water vapor lidar
Author(s): Patrick L. Ponsardin; N. Scott Higdon; Benoist E. Grossmann; Edward V. Browell
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Airborne water vapor DIAL system development
Author(s): N. Scott Higdon; Edward V. Browell; Patrick L. Ponsardin; Benoist E. Grossmann
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Multiwavelength CO2 differential-absorption lidar system designed for quantitative concentration measurement
Author(s): Joseph Leonelli; Jan E. Van der Laan; Peter L. Holland; Leland Fletcher; Russell E. Warren; David McPherrin; Jack Comeford
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Lidar system for measuring atmospheric pressure and temperature
Author(s): Mark Dombrowski; Geary K. Schwemmer; C. Laurence Korb
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