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Propagation of High-Energy Laser Beams Through the Earth's Atmosphere
Editor(s): Peter B. Ulrich; LeRoy E. Wilson

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Volume Number: 1221
Date Published: 1 May 1990

Table of Contents
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Twenty-five years of thermal blooming: an overview
Author(s): Frederick G. Gebhardt
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Instabilities of atmospheric laser propagation
Author(s): Thomas J. Karr
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Complete predictive theory for the correctability of thermal blooming in the presence of turbulence
Author(s): Robert Myers
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Linear theory of thermal blooming in turbulence
Author(s): David H. Chambers; Thomas J. Karr; James R. Morris; P. Cramer; James A. Viecelli; A. K. Gautesen
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Atmospheric thermal blooming and beam clearing by aerosol vaporization
Author(s): Vladimir B. Krapchev
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SRRS effects of N2 in the earth's atmosphere
Author(s): Zhiping Hu; Shixiao Le; Junbo Wang
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Analysis and modeling of thermal blooming compensation
Author(s): Jonathan F. Schonfeld
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Ground-based laser atmospheric propagation analysis--the Omega code
Author(s): Douglas P. Crawford; Eugene J. Sigal; Robert K. Tyson; Rick James Morgan
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Adaptive optics system considerations for ground-to-space propagation
Author(s): Robert K. Tyson; Douglas P. Crawford; Rick James Morgan
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Effects of a realistic adaptive optics system on the atmospheric propagation of a high-energy laser beam
Author(s): Ramji V. Digumarthi; Naresh C. Mehta; Ross M. Blankinship
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Turbulence thermal blooming interactions: static
Author(s): David L. Fried; Roque K. Szeto
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Method for inclusion of low-frequency contributions in numerical representation of atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Bruce J. Herman; Lisa A. Strugala
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Propagation studies in a disturbed ionospheric environment
Author(s): Joseph D. Huba; Thomas Goldring
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Turbulent mixing effects in models of thermal blooming
Author(s): David H. Chambers; James A. Viecelli; Thomas J. Karr
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Effect of a random wind field on thermal blooming instabilities
Author(s): James R. Morris; James A. Viecelli; Thomas J. Karr
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Two-dimensional turbulent diffusion calculations for application to atmospheric laser propagation
Author(s): Charles Lim Yee
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High-energy laser meteorology
Author(s): Thomas H. Pries
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Sensitivity of HEL far field intensity calculations to choice of turbulence models and parameters
Author(s): Larrene K. Harada; Aaron E. Naiman; Lawrence W. Carlson
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Atmospheric characterization issues for high-energy laser propagation through the atmosphere
Author(s): Steven D. Westerman; Naresh C. Mehta
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Thermal blooming due to aerosols
Author(s): Clinton W. Allen
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Measurement of the stimulated thermal Rayleigh scattering instability
Author(s): Thomas J. Karr; Michael C. Rushford; John R. Murray; James R. Morris
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Laser atmospheric phase and amplitude measurement
Author(s): Till Wolfgang Liepmann
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Laser beam propagation in the atmosphere at 1.3 um
Author(s): Susan L. Bragg; J. Daniel Kelley
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Cloud hole-boring with long pulse CO2 lasers
Author(s): Gerard P. Quigley; Robert B. Webster; George W. York
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Turbulence produced by injection of heated jets
Author(s): Karol Waichman; James P. Moran; E. C. Gozewski
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Experimental measurements of the optical path difference of a 4-m dual aerocurtain
Author(s): H. A. Klein; Michael M. Malley; Odell L. Sapp; Dean Shough; George W. Sutton; J. H.-Y. Yu
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Airborne telescope with large aperture
Author(s): Pade Offer; Yehuda Nachshon
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High-speed interferometric measurement of aerodynamic phenomena
Author(s): Dean Shough; Osuk Y. Kwon; David F. Leary
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Experimental and theoretical investigation of small-scale blooming
Author(s): Steven M. Ebstein; Carolyn Duzy; Robert Myers
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Laser beam degradation by a tenuous ionized plasma containing a highly localized spatial frequency source
Author(s): Thomas Goldring
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Perturbative approach to the small-scale physics of thermal blooming
Author(s): S. Enguehard; Brian Hatfield
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