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Nonlinear Optics
Editor(s): Robert A. Fisher; John F. Reintjes

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Volume Number: 1220
Date Published: 1 May 1990

Table of Contents
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Properties and applications of photorefractive GaAs
Author(s): Li-Jen Cheng; Duncan Tsuen-Hsi Liu
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Growth and characterization of organic crystal: 4-(N,N-dimethyl-amino)-3-acetamidonitrobenzene DAN grown by Bridgman method
Author(s): Jui Teng Lin; Gong-Fan Huang; Ming-Yi Hwang; Siew W. Chong
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Degenerate transient beam combination
Author(s): James F. Scholl; Tsae-Pyng Janice Shen; Daniel N. Rogovin; Tracy E. Dutton; Peter M. Rentzepis
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Four-wave mixing in nonlinear waveguides and waveguide arrays for optical phase conjugation
Author(s): Jia-ming Liu; Thomas B. Simpson
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Novel cavity design for a high-efficiency, high-energy near-infrared p-BaB204 parametric generator
Author(s): Dean R. Guyer; Dennis D. Lowenthal
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Microwave phase conjugation via degenerate four-wave mixing in an artificial Kerr medium
Author(s): Robert Shih; Harold R. Fetterman; William W. Ho; Robert M. McGraw; Daniel N. Rogovin; Bradley L. Bobbs
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Generation of deep-UV sources (160-250 nm) by frequency mixing in lithium-triborate crystal
Author(s): Jui Teng Lin; Kiyoshi Kato
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Self-pumped phase conjugation with external ring cavity in Cu:SBN crystal
Author(s): Haiying Xu; Yang Yong Yuan; Youlong Yu; Kebin Xu; Yuhuan Xu; Huanchu Chen; Quanzhong Jiang
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Coherent beam combination in optical waveguides
Author(s): Tsae-Pyng Janice Shen; Daniel N. Rogovin; Allan D. Boardman
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High-efficiency Raman frequency conversion into blue-green region
Author(s): Qihong Lou; Takashi Yagi; Kaoru Igarashi; Hideaki Saito
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Phase-conjugate pointing error sensing
Author(s): Jerold B. Lisson
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Real-time associative memory with photorefractive crystal KNSBN and liquid-crystal optical switches
Author(s): Haiying Xu; Yang Yong Yuan; Youlong Yu; Kebin Xu; Yuhuan Xu; De-Rui Zhu
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Noise in nonlinear optics
Author(s): Robert M. McGraw; Daniel N. Rogovin
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Optical phase conjugation in KNSBN, Pr-doped KNSBN, and Cu-doped SBN
Author(s): Yang Yong Yuan; Haiying Xu; Youlong Yu; Kebin Xu; Yuhuan Xu; De-Rui Zhu; Huanchu Chen; Qinglun Zhang
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Nonlinear optical processes at long wavelengths utilizing magnetostatic waves
Author(s): Daniel N. Rogovin; Tsae-Pyng Janice Shen
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Optical regeneration based on transitory behavior of a Fabry-Perot semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): R. Jane; Sergio Ruiz-Moreno; J. Perez-Sanjuan
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Fourth harmonic conversion of 1.06u in BBO and KD*P
Author(s): Steven C. Matthews; James S. Sorce
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Beam quality degradation in broadband noncollinear Raman amplifiers
Author(s): Bradley L. Bobbs; Charles Warner; F. H. White; Robert L. Carman
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Photorefractive optical switch
Author(s): R. Andrew Motes; Ronald W. Gallegos; Jin J. Kim; George A. Brost
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Effect of acoustical streaming on SBS wavefront reversal
Author(s): Dwight M. Walsh; Bruce S. Masson
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Acoustically pumped optical phase conjugation
Author(s): Daniel N. Rogovin
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Phase-conjugate characteristics of SF6 by degenerate four-wave mixing at 10.6 um
Author(s): Bangwei Cai; Baida Lu; Xiang Zhou; Shengbiao Tang
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Signal-to-noise ratio in nonlinear optical amplification process
Author(s): Maria Jose Soneira; Sergio Ruiz-Moreno; Jordi Guitart
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Processing of polymers for nonlinear optical devices
Author(s): Mark A. Druy; Lawrence H. Domash; Paras N. Prasad
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