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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1219

Laser Diode Technology and Applications II
Editor(s): Dan Botez; Luis Figueroa
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Volume Number: 1219
Date Published: 1 May 1990
Softcover: 60 papers (554) pages
ISBN: 9780819402608

Table of Contents
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InGaAs-GaAs strained-layer quantum well heterostructure lasers
Author(s): James J. Coleman; Pamela K. York; K. J. Beernink; Robert G. Waters
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Characteristics of high-power, InGaAs/AlGaAs laser diodes
Author(s): David F. Welch; Christian F. Schaus; Shang Zhu Sun; Max Cardinal; William S. Streifer; Donald R. Scifres
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Operating characteristics of strained InGaAs/AlGaAs quantum well lasers
Author(s): David P. Bour; Ramon U. Martinelli; Gary A. Evans; Nils W. Carlson; Dean B. Gilbert; Michael Ettenberg
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Strained-layer quantum well lasers grown by molecular beam epitaxy for longer wavelength high-speed applications
Author(s): William J. Schaff; Stephen D. Offsey; Paul J. Tasker; Lester Fuess Eastman; S. McKernan; C. B. Carter
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Monolithically stacked quantum well lasers
Author(s): Robert G. Waters; Y. C. Chen; Richard J. Dalby
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Low threshold current coplanar vertical injection laser diode for optoelectronic integrated circuits
Author(s): Shogo Takahashi; Katsuhiko Goto; H. Uesugi; Harumi Nishiguchi; Etsuji Omura; Hirofumi Namizaki
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High-power single emitters for coherent optical communication
Author(s): Emily S. Kintzer; Linden B. Mercer; Stephen B. Alexander
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High-power GaInAsP laser diodes on p-type substrate
Author(s): Hideaki Horikawa; Hiroshi Wada; Saeko Oshiba; Koji Yamada; Yoh Ogawa; Yoshio Kawai
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Impact of optical coating on InP/InGaAsP laser-diode performance at high power and high temperature
Author(s): Rajiv Agarwal; Ami Appelbaum; Klaus Dieter Buehring; Wood-Hi Cheng
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Reliability characteristics of high-power laser diodes
Author(s): David F. Welch; Hsing H. Kung; Masamichi Sakamoto; Erik P. Zucker; William S. Streifer; Donald R. Scifres
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High-power GaAlAs single-element lasers with nonabsorbing mirrors
Author(s): Ken Hamada; H. Naito; M. Kume; Masaaki Yuri; Hirokazu Shimizu
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Fundamental transverse mode 100-mW semiconductor laser with high reliability
Author(s): Takao Yamaguchi; Keiichi Yodoshi; Kimihide Minakuchi; Yasuaki Inoue; Koji Komeda; Norio Tabuchi; Yasuyuki Bessho; Kazushi Mori; Tatsuhiko Niina
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780-nm high-power laser diode fabricated by metal organic chemical vapor deposition technique
Author(s): Yoichiro Ohta; Tetsuya Yagi; Hitoshi Kagawa; Hideyo Higuchi; Kuniki Tamari; Yuzo Kashimoto
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Reliability test of high-power semiconductor laser for intersatellite link
Author(s): Nimia ChenShow Wang; K. G. Lu; Hossein Firouzi; K. Ouyang; C. J. Hwang; J. L. Stevenson; S. Akiba; Robert A. Peters
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High-power InGaAsP/InP superluminescent diodes
Author(s): Richard J. Fu; Eric Y. Chan; Dan J. Booher; Chi-Shain Hong
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Stabilized in-phase-mode operation from monolithic antiguided diode laser arrays
Author(s): Luke J. Mawst; Dan Botez; Phillip Hayashida; Michael Jansen; Gary L. Peterson; Thomas J. Roth; Jaroslava Z. Wilcox; Jane J. Yang
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Coherent radiation from a broad-area semiconductor laser in an external cavity
Author(s): Robert G. Waarts; Amos A. Hardy; David G. Mehuys; William S. Streifer; David F. Welch
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Lateral mode controlled wide-stripe-lasers by modal reflector
Author(s): K. Shigihara; Y. Nagai; Yoshihiro Kokubo; Hirosi Matsubara; Kenji Ikeda; Wataru Susaki
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High-power quasi-cw linear laser-diode arrays emitting in excess of 200 W of optical power
Author(s): Gary L. Harnagel; James M. Haden; Gerald S. Browder; Max Cardinal; John G. Endriz; Donald R. Scifres
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10-W cw, 5000-hour-lifetime monolithic AlGaAs laser-diode arrays
Author(s): Masamichi Sakamoto; David F. Welch; John G. Endriz; Erik P. Zucker; Donald R. Scifres
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10-amplifier coherent array based on active-integrated optics
Author(s): Mark S. Zediker; Howard R. Appelman; Bradford G. Clay; Jeffrey R. Heidel; Robert W. Herrick; John M. Haake; Joseph W. Martinosky; F. Streumph; Richard A. Williams
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Failure mechanisms in monolithic AlGaAs laser devices
Author(s): William J. Fritz; Thomas H. Faltus; Jack B. Yahl
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Recent developments in surface-emitting distributed-feedback arrays
Author(s): Steven H. Macomber; Jeffrey S. Mott; Harlan F. Chung; Thomas L. Paoli
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Coherent cw operation of 2-D grating surface-emitting diode laser arrays
Author(s): Michael Lurie; Gary A. Evans; Nils W. Carlson; David P. Bour; Robert Amantea; Jacob M. Hammer; Thomas F. A. Bibby; Dean B. Gilbert; So Kuen Liew
Optical characteristics of multiple grating surface-emitting semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Ross Parke; Robert G. Waarts; David F. Welch; Amos A. Hardy; William S. Streifer
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Grating-coupled surface emitters: sensitivity to length-induced phase variations
Author(s): Amos A. Hardy; David F. Welch; Ross Parke; Robert G. Waarts; David G. Mehuys; William S. Streifer; Donald R. Scifres
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High-power hybrid two-dimensional surface-emitting AlGaAs diode laser arrays
Author(s): Joseph P. Donnelly; Kurt Rauschenbach; Christine A. Wang; Robert J. Bailey; James N. Walpole; Leo J. Missaggia; John D. Woodhouse; Hong K. Choi; F. J. O'Donnell; Vicky Diadiuk
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Mode stability and spectral properties of resonant periodic gain surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): A. Mohammed Mahbobzadeh; M. Yasin Akhtar Raja; John Gerard McInerney; Christian F. Schaus; Steven R. J. Brueck
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Fabrication of microlenses in compound semiconductors and monolithic integration with diode lasers
Author(s): Zong-Long Liau; James N. Walpole; Vicky Diadiuk; Daniel E. Mull; Leo J. Missaggia
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Recent developments in optoelectronic device processing
Author(s): Ami Appelbaum
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Improvement of high-power characteristics of 780-nm AlGaAs laser diode by (NH4)2S facet treatment
Author(s): Hidenori Kawanishi; Hirotaka Ohno; Taiji Morimoto; Shinji Kaneiwa; Nobuyuki Miyauchi; Hiroshi Hayashi; Yoshiro Akagi; Yoshiharu Nakajima; Toshiki Hijikata
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Effect of active layer doping on static and dynamic performance of 1.3-um InGaAsP lasers with semi-insulating current blocking layers
Author(s): Wood-Hi Cheng; Klaus Dieter Buehring; Rong-Ting Huang; Ami Appelbaum; Daniel S. Renner; Chin B. Su
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U-groove distributed-feedback lasers
Author(s): Ching Long Jiang; David Wolf; Ami Appelbaum; Daniel S. Renner
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Stackable wafer-thin coolers for high-power laser-diode arrays
Author(s): Robert E. Hendron; C. C. Becker; Joseph L. Levy; John E. Jackson
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Nonlinear optical techniques for obtaining high brightness from diode lasers
Author(s): Ian C. McMichael; Pochi Yeh; Mohsen Khoshnevisan; Paul H. Beckwith; William R. Christian
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Ultrabroadband tunable external-cavity quantum well lasers
Author(s): David G. Mehuys; Lars Eng; Michael Mittelstein; Tirong R. Chen; Amnon Yariv
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External-cavity coherent operation of InGaAsP buried-hetereostructure laser array
Author(s): Vicky Diadiuk; Zong-Long Liau; James N. Walpole; J. W. Caunt; Richard C. Williamson
Effects of liquid crystals on diffractive coupling in a diode laser external cavity
Author(s): J. Michael Finlan; Scott M. Hamilton; James R. Leger
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Low wavefront aberration microcollimated laser diode
Author(s): Shiro Ogata; Masanobu Tanigami; Hiroshi Sekii; Tetsuo Maeda; Hiroshi Goto; Koichi Imanaka
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Design and optimization of high-frequency diode lasers
Author(s): Chin B. Su
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Experimental measurements of modal transients and theoretical thermal modeling of laser diodes
Author(s): Wendy L. Lippincott; Anne E. Clement; William C. Collins
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Polarization-dependent gain and gain saturation in strained semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Ben-mou Yu; Jia-ming Liu; Joanne S. LaCourse
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Mode control of broad-area semiconductor lasers using unstable resonators
Author(s): Michael L. Tilton; Gregory C. Dente; Alan H. Paxton
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Reflection, transmission, and scattering at an integrated diode laser-waveguide interface
Author(s): Gary L. Peterson
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Diode laser radar: applications and technology
Author(s): James Doyle McClure
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Applications of optical feedback in laser diodes
Author(s): Peter J. de Groot
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High-precision fiber-optic position sensing using diode laser radar techniques
Author(s): Gregory L. Abbas; W. Randall Babbitt; Michael de la Chapelle; Mark L. Fleshner; James Doyle McClure; Edward J. Vertatschitsch
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Proposed ranging technique with coherent optical radiation from laser diode using phase shift method
Author(s): Kenneth T. V. Grattan; Andrew W. Palmer; B. T. Meggitt
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Wavelength control of a diode laser for distance measuring interferometry
Author(s): Fitzroy Crosdale; Russell J. Palum
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High-power laser diodes for volume applications
Author(s): David L. Begley
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Switching technology from dc to GHz using 2-D semiconductor laser arrays
Author(s): Arye Rosen; Paul J. Stabile; W. M. Janton; A. M. Gombar; J. Delmaster; Richard Hurwitz; Peter R. Herczfeld; A. Bahasadri
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Differential absorption laser ranging at the oxygen A-band
Author(s): Robert J. Smith
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Phaselocking of a two-dimensional laser array with random detuning of eigenfrequencies
Author(s): A. A. Golubenzev; Vladimir V. Likhanskii; Anatoly P. Napartovich
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Light coupling between LD and optical fiber using high NA planar microlens
Author(s): Masahiro Oikawa; Hiroyuki Nemoto; Kenjiro Hamanaka; Takashi Kishimoto
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Vertical cavity surface-emitting semiconductor lasers with injection laser pumping
Author(s): Donald L. McDaniel; John Gerard McInerney; M. Yasin Akhtar Raja; Christian F. Schaus; Steven R. J. Brueck
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670-nm transverse-mode stabilized InGaAlP laser diodes
Author(s): Yutaka Uematsu; Gen-ichi Hatakoshi; Masayuki Ishikawa; Masaki Okajima
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Threshold current density dependence on p-doping in AlGaInP laser
Author(s): Toshitaka Aoyagi; T. Kimura; Naoto Yoshida; Tomoko Kadowaki; Takashi Murakami; Nobuaki Kaneno; Yoshito Seiwa; Kazuo Mizuguchi; Wataru Susaki
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Progress in self-locking, externally doubled diode lasers
Author(s): George Jeff Dixon
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Comparison of symmetric and asymmetric laser diodes for communication system
Author(s): Afshin S. Daryoush; Tsang-Der Ni
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Frequency upconversion of semiconductor diode lasers
Author(s): Wilfried Lenth; William J. Kozlovsky; Roger M. Macfarlane; William P. Risk
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