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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1218

Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies II
Editor(s): David L. Begley; Bernard D. Seery
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Volume Number: 1218
Date Published: 1 July 1990
Softcover: 60 papers (694) pages
ISBN: 9780819402592

Table of Contents
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Optical intersatellite link experiment between the earth station and ETS-VI
Author(s): Motokazu Shikatani; Shin Yoshikado; Yoshinori Arimoto; Yoshiaki Suzuki; Yasuhiro Takahashi; Tadashi Aruga
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Goddard optical communications program
Author(s): Bernard D. Seery
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European SILEX project: concept, performance, status, and planning
Author(s): Gotthard Oppenhauser; Manfred E. Wittig
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Mass, prime power, and volume estimates for reliable optical intersatellite link payloads
Author(s): Robert G. Marshalek; Dilip K. Paul
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Lightweight user terminal for an optical data relay satellite
Author(s): Michael A. Grant; Christopher I. Beard; Stuart Taylor
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Technologies and techniques for lasercom terminal size, weight, and cost reduction
Author(s): Robert T. Carlson
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Using fiber optics to simplify free-space lasercom systems
Author(s): Eric A. Swanson; Roy Sidney Bondurant
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Study of a 1-Gbit 0.84-um heterodyne system for ISL application
Author(s): Cecile Dreze; David Atkinson; A. Waksberg
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Laser beam acquisition and tracking system for ETS-VI laser communication equipment
Author(s): Kouichi Komatsu; Seiji Kanda; Keiichi Hirako; Toshiro Ohashi; Motokazu Shikatani; Yoshinori Arimoto; Tadashi Aruga
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Analog dividers for acquisition and tracking signal normalization
Author(s): Daniel N. Harres
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Fine pointing mechanism using multi-layered piezo-electric actuator for optical ISL system
Author(s): Koichi Shiratama; Takehide Hamuro; Yoshio Ohgushi; Motoh Shimizu; Hiroshi Arikawa; Yasumasa Hisada; Hiroshi Anegawa
Analysis of SILEX tracking sensor performance
Author(s): Rajul P. Mathur; Christopher I. Beard; David J. Purll
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New telescope concept for space communication
Author(s): Peter Henneberg; Hermann Schubert
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Telescope considered as a very high gain antenna
Author(s): Michel Detaille; Patrice Houmault
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Design of compact transceiver optical systems for optical intersatellite links
Author(s): Kenichi Araki; Keizo Inagaki; Koji Yasukawa
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Ultra-lightweight optics for laser communications
Author(s): Daniel Vukobratovich
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Highly sensitive measurement method for straylight and retroreflected light
Author(s): Hans Joachim Juranek; Frank Stefan Hoeller
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Depolarization effects on freespace laser transceiver communication systems
Author(s): Frank Stefan Hoeller; Hans Joachim Juranek
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Diode-pumped Nd:host laser transmitter for intersatellite optical communications
Author(s): Ulrich A. Johann; Wolf Seelert
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Single-frequency diode-pumped lasers for free-space communication
Author(s): Thomas J. Kane; Emily A. P. Cheng; David C. Gerstenberger; Richard W. Wallace
SILEX beacon equipment
Author(s): Pierre-Jean Crepin; Pierrick Leblay; Regine Haller; Isabelle Tremillon; Jean-Pierre Sonon
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Test results of a diffraction grating beam combiner
Author(s): Jonathan A. R. Rall; Paul L. Spadin; Robert K. Zimmerman; William L. Maynard
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Single-mode high-power diode laser array for optical communication
Author(s): S. C. Wang; Richard J. Stone
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Potential phased-array semiconductor laser source for coherent laser communications
Author(s): David K. Probst; Robert R. Rice
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High-power optical transmitter package for free-space optical communication
Author(s): Ulrich Hildebrand; Bodo Menke; Theo J. Wiesmann; Gerhard Ohm
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Structures and characteristics of commercially available 1.5-um InGaAsP distributed-feedback laser diodes
Author(s): Anthony L. Cook; Herbert D. Hendricks; Ivan Ladany
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Frequency modulation characteristics of laser diodes in external cavities
Author(s): Eric R. Anderson; G. Stephen Mecherle; H. A. Sayadian
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Foward error correction and its impact on high-data-rate, free-space laser communication system design
Author(s): Farhad Hemmati; Robert G. Marshalek; Dilip K. Paul
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Configuration and performance of optical modulator/demodulator for optical intersatellite communications
Author(s): Koji Yasukawa; Koji Goto; Kanshiro K. Kashiki; Kenichi Araki; Masaru Nagai; Motoh Shimizu
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Prediction of the required received optical power for bipolar raised cosine modulation
Author(s): Kenneth E. Wilson
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Experimental results of an optical 20-Mbps bipolar coded raised cosine digital communications link
Author(s): Randy Durrant; William P. Kennedy
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50-Mbps free-space direct detection laser diode optical communication system with Q=4PPM signaling
Author(s): Xiaoli Sun; Frederic M. Davidson; Christopher T. Field
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System test bed for demonstration of the optical space communications feasibility
Author(s): Remi Dumas; Bernard Laurent
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Free-space laser communication test-bed based on coherent diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser technology
Author(s): Ulrich A. Johann; Heinz Sontag
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Intermountain laser communication tests
Author(s): Domingo Ruiz; Reinhard H. Czichy; Javier Bara; Adolfo Comeron; Aniceto Mounta Belmonte; Pedro Menendez-Valdes; Fernando Blanco; C. Pedreira
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Laser communication transceiver for space station freedom
Author(s): Michael W. Fitzmaurice; Ronald C. Bruno
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Free-space optical communications in support of future manned space flight
Author(s): Elaine M. Stephens
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Deep-space optical communications: a program update
Author(s): James R. Lesh
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Wide field-of-view multichannel intersatellite laser communications
Author(s): Kepi Wu
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Atmospheric turbulence effects on the performance of multigigabit downlink PPM laser communications
Author(s): Arun K. Majumdar; William C. Brown
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Unique multiaccess laser communications transciever system
Author(s): Monte Ross
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TRW laser communication simulations
Author(s): G. Stephen Mecherle
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Laser drivers for free-space optical communication
Author(s): Peter Greulich; Bernd Hespeler; Theo J. Wiesmann; Gerhard Ohm
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DBM technologies for free-space laser communications
Author(s): Charles S. Ih; Robert G. Hunsperger; XiaoLu L. Wang; John J. Kramer; K. Kissa; Rongsheng Tian; John Charles Butler; X. C. Du; W. Y. Gu; David P. Kopchik
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Improved avalanche photodiode and hybrid preamplifier for 1064-nm wavelength
Author(s): Sam D. Hammond
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Point-ahead mechanism for ETS-VI optical ISL experiment
Author(s): Motoh Shimizu; Koichi Shiratama; Yoshio Ohgushi; Motokazu Shikatani; Yoshinori Arimoto; Tadashi Aruga
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Beams control in multiple-aperture transmitting systems
Author(s): Zhiping Hu; Shixiao Le; Hongyian Zhou
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Simultaneous tracking and low-data-rate communications with high-speed array detectors for optical communications network management
Author(s): David L. Clark; Michael A. Cosgrove; Ralph C. Short; Mike Thielk; Randy C. Van Vranken; Timothy D. Thomas
Coherent detection in optical space communication based on diode-pumped Nd lasers technology
Author(s): Antonio Della Torre; Andrea E. Marini; P. Musetti; Giancarlo De Marchis
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140-Mbit/s heterodyne ASK data transmission with diode-pumped Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Walter R. Leeb; Arpad L. Scholtz; Klaus Pribil
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Full-scale laboratory breadboard model of a free-space laser transceiver package
Author(s): Peter Huber; Werner Reiland; Volker Klein; Alexandru F. Popescu
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In-orbit measurements of microaccelerations of ESA's communication satellite Olympus
Author(s): Manfred E. Wittig; L. van Holtz; D. E. L. Tunbridge; Herman C. Vermeulen
High-performance laser-diode transmitter for optical free-space communication
Author(s): Ulrich Hildebrand; Klaus W. Hildebrand; Gerhard Ohm; E. Voit; Theo J. Wiesmann
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