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Multichamber and In-Situ Processing of Electronic Materials
Editor(s): Robert S. Freund

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Volume Number: 1188
Date Published: 15 February 1990

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Multi-Chamber Deposition System And Its Application To Vlsi Manufacturing Process
Author(s): Kenji Numajiri; Tetsuo Ishida; Nobuyuki Takahashi
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Multichamber And In-Situ Processing System Design And Control
Author(s): Su-shing Chen
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Vacuum Mechatronics And Insvection For Self-Contained Manufacturing
Author(s): Steve Belinski; Majid Shirazi; Thomas Seidel; Susan Hackwood
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Ni Substrate Processing Using In-Vacuo Wafer Transfer To Integrate Surface Characterization, Surface Cleaning, And Ni-Cu Epitaxial Alloy Growth
Author(s): R. P. Burn; R. A. Rudder; M. J. Mantini; J. B. Posthill; R. J. Markunas
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A Multichamber Integrated-Processing UHV System For The Formation Of Silicon Heterostructures On Three-Inch Wafers
Author(s): J. T. Fitch; J. J. Sumakeris; G. Lucovsky
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Process Integration: The Future of Chipmaking
Author(s): David N. K. Wang
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Effects Of Multichamber Processing On Reliability Of Submicron Vias
Author(s): Takafumi Tokunaga; Nobuo Owada
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In Situ Planarization Of Dielectric Surfaces Using Boron Oxide
Author(s): Jeffrey Marks; Kam Law; David Wang
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Characterization Of A Multiple-Step In-Situ Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) Tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS) Planarization Scheme For Submicron Manufacturing
Author(s): Jeannine M. Perchard; Howard E. Smith; Robert O'Connor; Jeff Olsen; Kam Law
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Cluster Processing For 16-Mb DRAM Production
Author(s): Albert Bergendahi; David Horak
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In-Situ Cluster Processing For Advanced Semiconductor Technologies
Author(s): Edward Matuszak; Craig Hill; David Horak
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Recent Applications Of Finely Focused Eb/Ib Tecindlogies For Multichamber And In-Situ Processing
Author(s): H. Sawaragi; H. Kasahara; R. Mimura; M. Obata; R. Aihara; W. B. Thompson; M. H. Shearer
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Effects Of HCl Gas And Hydrogen Mixture Etching On In Situ Cleaning Of GaAs Substrates In Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Author(s): Junji Saito; Kazuo Kondo
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Contamination Of Remote Plasma Processes Upon Addition Of Hydrogen As A Downstream Reagent Gas
Author(s): R. A. Rudder; S. V. Hattangady; J. B. Posthill; G. C. Hudson; M. J. Mantini; R. J. Markunas
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Electron Beam Excited GaAs Maskless Etching Using C12 Nozzle Installed FIB/EB Combined System
Author(s): Norikazu Takado; Yuichi Ide; Kiyoshi Asakawa
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Formation Of Silicon-Based Heterostructures In Multichamber Integrated-Processing Thin-Film Deposition Systems
Author(s): G. Lucovsky; S. S. Kim; D. V. Tsu; G. N. Parsons; J. T. Fitch
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AEMPES: An Expert System For In-Situ Diagnostics And Process Monitoring
Author(s): Su-sing Chen
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In-Situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Investigation Of Ion Beam Damage: A Kinetic Study
Author(s): J. W. Andrews; Y. Z. Hu; E. A. Irene
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Design Of A New In Situ Spectroscopic Phase Modulated Ellipsometer
Author(s): B. Drevillon; J. Y. Parey; M. Stchakovsky; R. Benferhat; Y. Josserand; B. Schlayen
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Optical Emission Spectroscopy For In-Situ Diagnostics In RIBE And RIE: Velocity Selective Detection Of Particles In Broad Ion Beams And A New Method For Etch Rate And Endpoint Determination
Author(s): F. Heinrich; H. P. Stoll; H. C. Scheer; P. Hoffmann
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