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Fiber Optic Systems for Mobile Platforms III
Editor(s): Norris E. Lewis; Emery L. Moore
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Volume Number: 1173
Date Published: 13 February 1990
: 21 papers (208) pages
ISBN: 9780819402097

Table of Contents
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Shipboard Needs For Fiber Optics
Author(s): Richard A. Fairman
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Shipboard Application Challenges For The Fiber-Optic Community
Author(s): R. A. Johnston; R. M. Morais
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Why So Long For Standards?
Author(s): Ellis U. Speed
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Survivable, Fiber Optic Networks For Military Applications
Author(s): Richard Bailly
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Data Links For Marine Control Systems
Author(s): Greg McGar
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Fiber Optic Cable Systems For Shipboard Tests And Trials
Author(s): Joseph P. Ingold
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Fiber Optics - An Aegis Experience
Author(s): Vance Saige
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Fiber Optic Systems For Mobile Platforms - A Naval Radar Installation
Author(s): Rick York
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Optical Control Panel For Automotive Applications
Author(s): Michel F. Sultan; Michael J. O'Rourke
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Low Cost Binary Proximity Sensor For Automotive Applications
Author(s): L. B. Maurice; D. H. Crowne; J. R. Harrington; F. G. Hoff
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Passive Star Based Optical Network For Automotive Applications
Author(s): L. K. Di Liello; G. D. Miller; R. E. Steele
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Optical Fiber Sensor For Measuring Gas Pressure In Cylinder Of Car
Author(s): Zhang Yue-ching; Wu Sheng-li
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Architecture For Fiber-Optic Sensors And Actuators In Aircraft Propulsion Systems
Author(s): W. L. Glomb
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Fiber Optic Sensor System Readiness For Aircraft
Author(s): D. Varshneya; W. L. Glomb
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A Microphone Headset Compatible With Power By Light
Author(s): A. J. Mendez; T.- C. Yao; E. Garmire; B . D. Sherman
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Wavelength Division Multiplexed Fiber Optic Sensors For Aircraft Applications
Author(s): Norris E. Lewis; Michael B. Miller
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Development Of Fly-By-Light Systems
Author(s): John R. Todd
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Fiber Optic Based Inertial Measurement Unit
Author(s): A. Matthews
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Fault Tolerant Architecture For A Fly-By-Light Flight Control Computer
Author(s): Kevin Thompson; John Stipanovich; Brian Smith; Mahesh Reddy
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Optically Powered Sensors For EMI Immune Aviation Sensing Systems
Author(s): Paul Bjork; Jim Lenz; Bill Emo; Bob Biard
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Infrared Fiber-Optic Fire Sensors: Concepts And Designs For Space Station Applications
Author(s): Ralph M. Tapphorn; Alan R. Porter
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