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Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Fiber Sensors

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Volume Number: 1172
Date Published: 13 February 1990

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Evaluation Of An FTIR/Fluoride Optical Fiber System For Remote Sensing Of Combustion Products
Author(s): Steven J. Saggese; Mahmoud R. Shahriari; George H. Sigel
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Infrared Fiber Optic Sensors For The Remote Detection Of Hydrocarbons Operating In The 3.3 To 3.36 Micron Region
Author(s): Bradley S. Matson; Jeffrey W. Griffin
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A Fiber Optic Detection System For Determination Of An Infrared Beam Spectrum In An Adverse Environment
Author(s): W. D. Turley; C. E. Iverson; S. S. Lutz; R. L. Flurer; J. R. Schaub; S. W. Allison; J. S. Ladish; S. E. Caldwell
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Normal And Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering With Optical Fibers
Author(s): M. L. Myrick; S. M. Angel
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Fiber Optic Absorbance And Fluorescence Measurements In High Temperature Liquid Chromatography
Author(s): Robert E. Synovec; Curtiss N. Renn; Leslie K. Moore
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Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensing With Infrared-Transmitting Optical Fiber
Author(s): Richard D. Driver; Garett M. Leskowitz; Lawrence E. Curtiss
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Evanescent-Wave Coupling Of Fluorescence Into Guided Modes: FDTD Analysis
Author(s): D. Christensen; J. Andrade; J. Wang; J. Ives; D. Yoshida
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Distributed Chemical Sensing Utilising Evanescent Wave Interactions
Author(s): Frank Kvasnik; Andrew D. McGrath
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Spectroscopy Of Fluids Using Evanescent Wave Absorption On Multimode Fiber
Author(s): V. Ruddy; B. MacCraith; J. A. Murphy
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Use Of Time-Resolved Spectral Fluorometry For Improving Specificity Of Fiber Optic-Based Chemical Sensors
Author(s): S. H. Lieberman; S. M. Inman; G. A. Theriault
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Fiber Optic Spectrochemical Emission Sensors: A Detector For Chlorinated And Fluorinated Compounds
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Griffin; Bradley S. Matson; Khris B. Olsen; Thomas C. Kiefer; Connor J. Flynn
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Development Of A Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor For The Monitoring Of Trichloroethylene In Drinking Water
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Oxenford; Stanley M. Klainer; Teresa M. Salinas; Lewis Todechiney; James A. Kennedy; Dileep K. Dandge; Kisholoy Goswami
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Dual-Wavelength Absorption Optrode For Trace Level Measurements Of Trichloroethylene And Chloroform
Author(s): S. M. Angel; M. N. Ridley
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Field Determination Of Ground Water Contamination Using Laser Fluorescence And Fiber Optics
Author(s): Wayne Chudyk; Kenneth Pohlig; Lisa Wolf; Rita Fordiani
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Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor For Jet Fuel
Author(s): D. K. Dandge; T. Salinas; S. M. Klainer; K. Goswami; M. Butler
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Effect Of Amine Content On Stability And Response Of TNT Sensitive Membranes
Author(s): Yunke Zhang; Donald C. Sundberg; W. Rudolf Seitz
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Fiber Optical Sensor System Using A Tunable Laser For Detection Of PAHs On Particles And In Water
Author(s): Reinhard Niessner; Wilfried Robers; Andreas Krupp
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Porous Polymer Optical Fiber For Carbon Monoxide Detection
Author(s): Quan Zhou; George H. Sigel
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On-Line Analysis Of Extruded Polymers Via Fiber-Optic Coupled Fourier Transform Near-Ir Spectroscopy.
Author(s): S. Farquharson; P. B. Arnoudse; M. H. Wyckoff; P. T. Keillor
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Gradient-Index (GRIN) Matrices Based On Mosaic Assembling Technology (MAT) For Multichannel Fiberoptic Environmental Sensors
Author(s): Jan Buzniak; Ryszard S. Romaniuk; Longin Kociszewski; Ryszard Stepien
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Fibre-Optic Remote Gas Sensor With Diode Laser FM Spectroscopy
Author(s): Arman Mohebati; Terence A. King
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Real-Time Distributed Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensing In The Process Environment
Author(s): Michael A. Marcus; Arthur H. Hartog; Connie F. Purdum; Adrian P. Leach
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Renewable Reagent Fiber Optic Based Ammonia Sensor
Author(s): Richard J. Berman; Lloyd W. Burgess
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Design Of Transition Metal Complexes As Luminescence Probes
Author(s): J. N. Demas; B. A. DeGraff
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A Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor For Carbon Dioxide Dissolved In Sea Water
Author(s): Kisholoy Goswami; James A. Kennedy; Dileep K. Dandge; Stanley M. Klainer; John M. Tokar
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An Accurate, Low-Cost, Easily-Manufacturable Oxygen Sensor
Author(s): Henry K. Hui; Skip Divers; Terry Lumsden; Tom Wallner; Steve Weir
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Comparisons Between Two Dye-Immobilization Techniques On Optodes For The Ph - Measurement By Absorption And Reflectance
Author(s): Gilbert Boisde; Bruno Biatry; Benoit Magny; Bernard Dureault; Floreal Blanc; Bernard Sebille
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Design And Characterisation Parameters Of An Optical Fibre Ph Sensor
Author(s): S. H. Alabbas; D. C. Ashworth; R. Narayanaswamy
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A Fiberoptic Antibody-Based Biosensor With Time-Resolved Detection
Author(s): T. Vo-Dinh; T. Nolan; Y. F. Cheng; J. P. Alarie; M. J. Sepaniak
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Fundamentals Of Enzyme Substrate Determinations By Fiber Optics Spectroscopy
Author(s): J. Polster; W. Hobel; A. Papperger; H.-L. Schmidt
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A New Type Of Fiber Optic Biosensor Based On The Intrinsic Fluorescence Of Immobilized Flavoproteins
Author(s): Otto S. Wolfbeis; Wolfgang Trettnak
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Fast Responding Oxygen Sensor For Respiratorial Analysis
Author(s): H. Karpf; H. W. Kroneis; H. J. Marsoner; H. Metzler; N. Gravenstein
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A New Fiber Optic Catheter-Tip Blood Pressure Transducer And Factors Determining Its Performance
Author(s): Weimin Shi; Kun Shen; John K-J. Li; George H. Sigel
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