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Current Developments in Optical Engineering and Commercial Optics
Editor(s): Robert E. Fischer; Harvey M. Pollicove; Warren J. Smith
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Volume Number: 1168
Date Published: 22 December 1989
Softcover: 46 papers (445) pages
ISBN: 9780819402042

Table of Contents
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Support For The U.S. Precision Optics Manufacturing Base Center For Optics Maufacturing
Author(s): Robert H. Leshne
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Replicated Optics - Summary And Update
Author(s): Max J. Riedl
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Manufacture Of Optical Interference Coatings By Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
Author(s): Donald Z. Rogers
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Large Optics Fabrication: Technology Drivers And New Manufacturing Techniques
Author(s): David Pileri
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An Ion Figuring System For Large Optic Fabrication
Author(s): Lynn N. Allen; Robert E. Keim
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A Simplified Approach To The Control System On A 4-Axis Curve Generator
Author(s): Wayne Langdon
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Computer Integration For Optical Fabrication
Author(s): Dave Barrett; Walt Czajkowski
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Processing, Properties And Applications Of Sol-Gel Silica Optics
Author(s): Jean-Luc R. Nogues; Anthony J. LaPaglia
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Current Trends In Binary Optics At Perkin-Elmer
Author(s): James Logue; Thomas McHugh
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New Technology For Beryllium Mirror Production
Author(s): Roger A. Paquin
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The Search For A Global Minimum In Optical Design
Author(s): Doron Sturlesi; Donald C. O'Shea
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Camera For Conical Peripheral And Panoramic Photography
Author(s): Andrew Davidhazy
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Design Examples Of Hybrid Refractive-Diffractive Lenses
Author(s): L. D. Foo; S. P. Clark; R. I. Mercado
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Three-Dimensional (3-D) Vision System
Author(s): Johnny L. Berg
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Optical Sensor Designs For The Detection Of Cracks In Optical Materials
Author(s): J. R. Hodor; H. J. Decker; J. Barney
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Retroreflector Field Of View Properties For Open And Solid Cube Corners
Author(s): Stephen F. Somerstein; Joseph Fuller; Roger Kennedy
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Sensitivity Analysis Of Optical Systems Using The Angle Characteristic.
Author(s): C. H.F. Velzel; J. L.F. de Meilere
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Optical Design Analysis Incorporating Actual System Interferometric Data
Author(s): Gilbert Willey; Rory Patchin
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Effects Of Wedge And Surface Power On Transmitted Wavefront As A Function Of The Window Tilt Angle
Author(s): Murty V. Mantravadi; R. J. von Handorf
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Correction Of Misalignment Dependent Aberrations Of The Hubble Space Telescope Via Phase Retrieval
Author(s): Louis D. Grey; Richard G. Lyon
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Overall Design On Optical Lens Data Base (OLDB)
Author(s): Jiang Huilin; Yang Daren; Fang Xiangrong; Han Sen; Wu Shijun; Ken Tao; Liu Jiong
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Rugate Broadband Antireflection Coating Design
Author(s): R. R. Willey
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On The Photo-Emission From Ultrathin Films Of Optical Materials
Author(s): K. P. Ghatak; A. Ghoshal; S. N. Biswas
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Basic Radiometry Review For Seeker Test Set
Author(s): Martin Wolk
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New Optical System For Projection TV With Very Short Projection Distance
Author(s): Kyohei Fukuda; Kouji Hirata; Hiroki Yoshikawa; Masayuki Muranaka; Isao Yoshizaki
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Development Of HUD Combiner For Automotive Windshield Application
Author(s): Akimasa Hattori; Kensuke Makita; Shigeru Okabayashi
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How Head-Up Display Affects Recognition Of Objects In Foreground In Automobile Use
Author(s): Shigeru Okabayashi; Masao Sakata; Masamitsu Furukawa; Toyohiko Hatada
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Optical Head Using Astigmatic Micro PBS For 3.5 Inch Magneto-Optical Disk Drives
Author(s): Yasuo Otsuka; Tohru Sasaki; Nobuhiro Konuma; Michio Miura; Yukio Fukui
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Thermal Nondestructive Testing In The USSR : History, Present Situation And Perspectives
Author(s): Vladimir Vavilov
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In-Situ Monitoring Of D-Type Fiber Etching
Author(s): Richard H. Selfridge; Gregg T. Pugmire; Michael Curtis
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Novel Method For Producing Diffraction Gratings In Optical Fibers
Author(s): Richard H. Selfridge; Jim D. Freeze; John Curtis
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Planar Integration Of Free-Space Optical Components
Author(s): Jurgen Jahns
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Binocular Performance And Design
Author(s): Daniel Vukobratovich
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Electrically Controllable Liquid Crystal Fresnel Lens
Author(s): G. Williams; N. J. Powell; A. Purvis; M. G. Clark
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Physical Optics Analysis Of Gradient Index Optics
Author(s): Shiow-Hwei Hwang; George N. Lawrence
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Radiation Effects On Visible Optical Elements
Author(s): Steve Horchem; Shep Weinswig
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Producing Holograms Using A Refitted Michelson Interferometer
Author(s): Yong-Kang Guo; Hai-Tao Cai
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Nonlinear Simulation Of Efficiency For Large-Orbit Nonwiggler Free Electron Lasers
Author(s): Shi -Chang Zhang
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Error Analysis Of Measuring Planeness For Large Terrace By Laser Collimator
Author(s): Han Sen; Yang Daren; Li Xueyuan
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Optical Compound Eye Lens
Author(s): Shizhe Shang
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Increasing Numerical Aperture Of Setfoc Lens: Physieal Approach
Author(s): Chang Yaomin; Chen Yue; Zhou Shigiong
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Comparison Between Classical And Ion-Assisted Deposition On ZrO2 Layer For Optical Coating
Author(s): Gao Yang; Zhou Pengfei
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Methods Of Improving The Performance Of CdS0.5Se0.5 Photoconductive Cells
Author(s): K. Nagaraja Rao; C. V. Suryanarayana
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The Study of Laser-Produced-Plasma on Dielectric Thin Films
Author(s): Ni Xiaowu; Lu Jian; He Anzhi; Ma Zi; Zhou Jiulin
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Miniature Photon Correlation Spectrometer
Author(s): R. Ramnarine; E. R. Pike; M. Daniels
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Wide Dynamic Range CCD Photodetector Area Array
Author(s): W. D. Washkurak; S. G. Chamberlain
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