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Ultraviolet Technology III
Editor(s): Robert E. Huffman

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Volume Number: 1158
Date Published: 28 December 1989

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Ultraviolet Limb Imaging Experiment
Author(s): R. R. Conway; D. E. Anderson. Jr.; S. A. Budzien; P. D. Feldman
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Spatial Characteristics Of Airglow And Solar Scatter Radiance From The Earth's Atmosphere
Author(s): R. Huguenin; M. Wohlers; M. Weinberg; R. Huffman; R. Eastes; F. Delgreco
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Estimated UV Clutter Levels At 10-100 Meter Sensor Pixel Resolution Extrapolated From Recent Polar Bear Measurements
Author(s): M. Wohlers; R. Huguenin; M. Weinberg; R. Huffman; R. Eastes; F. Delgreco
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Comparison Of The LOWTRAN 7 Code And S3-4 Satellite Measurements Of UV Radiance
Author(s): R. E. Huffman; L. A. Hall; F. J. LeBlanc
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UV Ionospheric Remote Sensing With The Polar Bear Satellite
Author(s): F. P. DelGreco; R. W. Eastes; R. E. Huffman
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Limb Profiles From Low Earth Orbit
Author(s): J. F. Carbary; C. I. Meng
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Analysis Of UV Limb Data From Low Earth Orbit
Author(s): D. J. Strickland; R. P. Barnes; R. J. Cox; D. E. Anderson Jr.; J. F. Carbary; C. I. Meng
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Earth Limb Radiances, Transmissivities, And Clutter
Author(s): W. Malkmus; J. P. Filice; C. B. Ludwig
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Photon Counting Using Microchannel Plate Intensified Electrographic Cameras
Author(s): K. F. Dymond; R. P. McCoy
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Evaluation Of Large Format Electron Bombarded Virtual Phase CCDs As Ultraviolet Imaging Detectors
Author(s): Chet B. Opal; George R. Carruthers
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MAMA Detector Systems: A Status Report
Author(s): J. Gethyn Timothy; Jeffrey S. Morgan; David C. Slater; David B. Kasle; Richard L. Bybee; H. Ed Culver
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Performance Characteristics Of A Curved-Channel Microchannel Plate With A Curved Input Face And A Plane Output Face
Author(s): David C. Slater; Jeffrey S. Morgan; J. Gethyn Timothy
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Results Of Aynamic Range Measurements On Muitianoae Microchannel Array Detectors
Author(s): Vic S. Argabright; Richard L. Bybee
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Design Issues Of Confined Quantum State Photomultipliers
Author(s): Kevin F. Brennan
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Ultraviolet Spectrographs Using Linear Array Technology
Author(s): J. S. Hansen; G. H. Fountain; S. A. Gary; T. J. Harris; K. L. Harrison; S. E. Hawkins III
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Fast-Scanning, Autoranging Spectroradiometer For The Vacuum Ultraviolet Region
Author(s): F. G. Sherrell; D. W. Neese; K. M. Anspach
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Short Recovery Time, Multianode, Microchannel Plate Photomultiplier For Plasma Diagnostics.
Author(s): L. Giudicotti; M. Bassan; A. Sardella; E. Perdon
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Signal Processing For Mama Detector Readout
Author(s): Edward H. Cole; Larry G. Smeins
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Neutral Density Filters For The Ultraviolet That Obey Beer's Law
Author(s): David H. Cushing; John C. Simorns
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Design And Description Of The Ultraviolet Plume Instrument (UVPI)
Author(s): Louis H. Reynolds; William D. Ramsey; H. D. Wolpert; Herbert W. Smathers; Donald Horan
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Calibration And Performance Of The Ultraviolet Plume Instrument (UVPI)
Author(s): Herbert W. Smathers; George R. Carruthers; William D. Ramsey; George B. Steiner; W. Louissaint
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UV Observations During The STARLAB Space Shuttle Mission
Author(s): Kenneth P. Bechis
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Magnetic Focus MCP Image Tube Evaluation
Author(s): J. L. Lowrance; A. D. Cope; C. R. Stergis
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Image Intensification And Control Using A Digicon
Author(s): Michael Urbach; Robert Ginaven; Erik Odeen
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Development Of Large CCD Arrays With Enhanced UV Performance
Author(s): Richard H. Varian; A. Russell Schaefer; John Cover; James R. Janesick; Richard Bredthauer
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Low Temperature Multi-Alkali Photocathode Processing Technique For Sealed Intensified CCD Tubes
Author(s): D. L. Doliber; E. E. Dozier; E. A. Beaver; R. G. Hier; H. Wenzel
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Spectral Response Of A UV Flame Sensor For A Modern Turbojet Aircraft Engine
Author(s): William E. Schneider; George L. Minott
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High Resolution Decoding Techniques And Single-Chip Decoders For Multi-Anode Microchannel Arrays
Author(s): David B. Kasle
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Role Of UV Stellar Intensity Measurements In Atmospheric Transmissions Modelling
Author(s): A. V. Dentamaro; C. G. Stergis; V. C. Baisley
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Calibration Of UV Imagers
Author(s): D. F. Collins
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Images From An Ultraviolet Solar-Blind Photon-Counting Camera
Author(s): C. B. Johnson; R. J. Hertel
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Ultraviolet Narrowband Filters With Both High Transmittance And Superior Rejection For Imaging Situations
Author(s): John C. Simons; David H. Cushing
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Design And Preparation Of Polarizers Used In High Power Laser Systems
Author(s): Peifu Gu; Jingfa Tang
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Measurements Of Tropospheric Attenuation In The Solar Blind UV Spectral Region And Comparison With LOWTRAN-7 Code
Author(s): E. Trakhovsky; A. Ben-Shalom; A. D. Devit
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