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Infrared Technology XV
Editor(s): Irving J. Spiro
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Volume Number: 1157
Date Published: 8 January 1990
Softcover: 47 papers (469) pages
ISBN: 9780819401939

Table of Contents
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Discussion Of Black Body Radiation And Entropy
Author(s): Christopher C. Jones; Peter C. Jones; Richard J. Jones
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Solar Sensor Subs Stems Alignment Check Using Solar Scans For The Halogen Occultation Experiment
Author(s): S. G. Jurczyk; A. S. Moore
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Liquid Helium Operation Of CMOS Multiplexer Circuits For Far Infrared Detector Arrays.
Author(s): B. Dierickx; S. Cos; J. Vermeiren; D. Engemann; R. Faymonville; R. Felten; O. Frenzl
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New Method For Thermal Testing Of Infrared Sensors
Author(s): Denys Gontard; David F. Rowe; Mark T. Biggie
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Absolute Reflectance Measurements Of Metallic Surfaces In The 0.8-5.5µm Region
Author(s): D. Sheffer; U. P. Oppenheim; A. D. Devir
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Infrared Mirror Coatings For Room And Cryogenic Temperatures
Author(s): S. Ungar; J. Mangin; G. Jeandel; B. Wyncke
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Infrared Target Acquisition Using An Adaptive Difference-Of-Boxes Filter
Author(s): Rami Guissin
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Study And Experiment On The Calibrating Errors Of An IR Thermometer
Author(s): He Ping; Gao Kuiming; Dong Zhe
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Military Systems Applications At Millimeter Wavelengths
Author(s): Robert W. McMillan
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Statistical Analysis Of Infrared Background: Status Report
Author(s): E. M. Winter
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Vacuum Ultraviolet Backgrounds From Space-Ten Years After
Author(s): R. E. Huffman; J. C. Larrabee; F. J. LeBlanc
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Laboratory Techniques For Assessment Of Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) Radiometric Models For Synthetic Scene Generation
Author(s): Carl Salvaggio; John R. Schott
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Performance Of A Linear Multiplexed MWIR FPA Featuring Buffered Direct Injection
Author(s): J. J. Forsthoefel; R. M. Davis; C. A. Niblack; J. E. Doles
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Initial Characterization Of A New 64 X 64 Multiplexed InSb FPA
Author(s): C. A. Niblack; H. A. Timlin; C. J. Martin; R. C. Fischer; C. Walmsley; C. Steele
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Atmospheric 14-16 Micron Band Radiance Measurements By Satellite-Borne Earth Sensors
Author(s): Ramani Seshamani; Y. K. Jain; J. A. Kamalakar
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Mitsubishi Thermal Imager Using The 512X512 PtSi Focal Plane Arrays
Author(s): Shotaro Fujino; Tetsuo Miyoshi; Masataka Yokoh; Teruyoshi Kitahara
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Development And Evaluation Of CoSi2 Schottky Barrier Infrared Detectors
Author(s): J. Kurianski; J. Vermeiren; C. Claeys; W. Stessens; K. Maex; R. De Keersmaecker
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Design Considerations For TV Compatible Platinum Silicide Sensors
Author(s): W. S. Ewing
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Aerodynamic Applications Of Infrared Thermography
Author(s): Kamran Daryabeigi; David W. Alderfer
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UK Thermal Imaging Common Modules Class II - An Update On Detector And Related Component Enhancements
Author(s): Ann P. Davis
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Stretch TICM - The UK Thermal Imaging Common Module Class II Enhancement Programme
Author(s): Glenn M. Cuthbertson
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An IR Imaging Simulation System
Author(s): Uri Bernstein; Anthony Stenger; Bruce Kaye
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Minimum Resolvable Temperature Predictions, Test Methodology, And Data Analysis
Author(s): Gerald C. Holst
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Failure And Yield Analysis Techniques For Readout Devices Tested In A High Throughput Automated Wafer Probing Environment
Author(s): Noel D. Jolivet; Lee D. Holoien
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Photodetector Arrays For Optical Processing
Author(s): Paul P. Suni
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A Linear 1024 Element High-Speed, Wide Dynamic Range CCD Photodetector Array
Author(s): Paul P. Suni; David C. Reaves; David D. Wen
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An Affordable 128 X 128 InSb Hybrid Focal Plane Array
Author(s): John Blackwell; Steve Botts; Adela Laband; Harold Arnold
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A Study On Pixel Defect Compensation For Staring Focal Plane Arrays
Author(s): Larry Rystrom
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IR-Detector-Types For Short Distance Seeker Ammunition Application
Author(s): R. Pleikies; D. Wittmer; F. W. Lindner
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Room-Temperature InGaAs Detector Arrays For 2.5 µm
Author(s): G. H. Olsen; A. M. Joshi; S. M. Mason; K. M. Woodruff; E. Mykietyn; V. S. Ban; M. J. Lange; J. Hladky; G. C. Erickson; G. A. Gasparian
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Theory And Method To Test Heterodyne Quantum Efficiency Distribution Function Of A HgCdTe Detector
Author(s): Li Ming
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Recent Infrared Study In Japan
Author(s): Eiso Yamaka
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Ceramics For 3-5 Micron IR Transmission
Author(s): K. Shibata; H . Nakamura; A. Fujii
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Research And Development Of Precision Earth Sensor
Author(s): Yasufumi Wakabayashi; Hiroyuki Nakamura; Shunsuke Tanaka; Fumiho Takahashi; Toshihira Kurii; Jun-ichi Aoyama; Kenji Hiraishi
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In-Situ Measurement Of Dew Point And CO Gas Concentration In High Temperature Furnace
Author(s): Tohru Iuchi; Taizo Hoshino
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Infrared Spectra Of Penetration Depth Into Water And Of Water Refraction-Index
Author(s): Mahito Ichikawa
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Feedback Direct Injection Current Readout For Infrared Charge-Coupled Devices
Author(s): K. Kubo; H. Wakayama; N. Kajihara; K. Awamoto; Y. Miyamoto
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Development Of JFET Amplified InSb Infrared Detector Array For Use At Liquid Helium Temperature
Author(s): K. Yamamoto; H. Fujisada; T. Matsumoto; H. Murakami
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Stabilization Of CO2 Laser By Using Lamb Dip From A Photo-Acoustic Cell
Author(s): Eiichi Sakuma; Tomizo Kurosawa; Atsushi Onae
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Special CCD Sensor Requirements Derived From An Optical Tracker For A Space Based Telescope
Author(s): Klaus Thormer
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Infrared Black Paints For Room And Cryogenic Temperatures
Author(s): S. Ungar; J. Mangin; M. Lutz; G. Jeandel; B. Wyncke
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Thermal Infrared Profiling Spectrometer (TIPS)
Author(s): Franz Lanzl; G. Miosga; F. Lehmann; R. Richter; V. Tank; H. R. Bohl
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Fast-Scan Spectroradiometry
Author(s): Gilbert Gaussorgues; Thierry Campos; Dag Holmsten
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SENTRAN - LOWTRAN Pre- And Post-Processing Utility
Author(s): Ken Tomiyama; Michael Hogan; Gail Anderson
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Wide Band Imaging Spectrometer
Author(s): Howard C. Borough; Michael Wilke
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A Parametric Study of IR and UV Optical Designs for Neutral Particle Beam (NPB) Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing (ATP) Applications
Author(s): Gary W. Wilkerson; S. K. Pitalo
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Dependence Of Horizon Radiance Slope On Locator Tangent Height
Author(s): Romani Seshamani; T. K. Alex
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