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Real-Time Signal Processing XII
Editor(s): J. P. Letellier
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Volume Number: 1154
Date Published: 6 December 1989
Softcover: 28 papers (232) pages
ISBN: 9780819401908

Table of Contents
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Automatic Mapping Of Large Signal Processing Systems To A Parallel Machine
Author(s): Harry Printz; H. T. Kung; Todd Mummert; Paul Scherer
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Programming Methods For Crystallography
Author(s): Louis Auslander; Michael Cook; Myoung Shenefelt
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Novel Coding Approach To High Throughput Rate FIR Filter Implementation
Author(s): A. H. Tewfik; G. E. Sobelman
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Two-Dimensional Adaptive Beamforming Techniques
Author(s): T. V. Ho; J. Litva
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A Real-Time Multi-Processor System For Knowledge-Based Target-Tracking
Author(s): P. D.S. Irwin; S. A. Farson; A. J. Wilkinson
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An Efficient Algorithm For Predicting The Response Of A Laterally Inhibited Neural Network
Author(s): B. V.K. Vijaya Kumar; Michael Lemmon
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Neural Net Classifier For Millimeter Wave Radar
Author(s): Joe R. Brown; Sue Archer; Mark R. Bower
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Application Of Selective Linear Predictive Coding (SLPC) In Enhancing Cross-Range Resolution Of Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR)
Author(s): D. Nandagopal; D. Longstaff; G. Nash; D. J. Heilbronn; B. Haywood; N. Martin
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The Square Root In Signal Processing
Author(s): R. W. Stewart; R. Chapman; T. S. Durrani
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Linear Array For Efficient Execution Of Partitioned Matrix Algorithms
Author(s): Jaime H. Moreno; Tomas Lang
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Fast Mapping Of Gravity Equations On A Linear Array
Author(s): R. S. Baheti; V. J. Karkhanis; D. R. O'Hallaron; M. Wilson
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Mutual information and estimative consistency
Author(s): R. C. McCarty
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Fast Algorithms To Compute Multidimensional Discrete Fourier Transform
Author(s): I. Gertner; R. Tolimieri
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Optimizing Architectures For Parallel FFT Processing
Author(s): R. Keith Bardin; J. Daryl Sisk
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Computing The Two Dimensional Fast Fourier Transform On A General Purpose Mesh Connected Multiprocessort
Author(s): E. M. Johansson; A. J. De Groot; S. R. Parker
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Parallel Algorithms For Automatic Target Identification Using CO2 Laser Radar Imagery
Author(s): Arthur V. Forman; Daniel J. Sullivan
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Pattern Recognition Using A Double Layer Associative Memory
Author(s): David T.Y. Lam; John E. Carroll
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A VLSI Electro-Optical Crossbar For Signal Processing
Author(s): Mehrnoosh Mary Eshaghian; V. K. Prasanna Kumar
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Systolic Implementation Of Kalman Filters Using Programmable Real - Time Incoherent Matrix Multiplier
Author(s): S. Barua
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Recursive Optical Notching Filter
Author(s): Robert W. Brandstetter; Philip G. Grieve
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Self-Aligned Optical Holographic Clock Distribution Networks
Author(s): Freddie Lin; Eva M. Strzelecki
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LiNbO3 Channel Waveguide Mode Annihilation Switching Array And Its Applications
Author(s): Ray T. Chen
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Adaptive Signal Processing Using A Liquid Crystal Television
Author(s): Stephen T. Welstead; Michael J. Ward; Denise M. Blanchard; George A. Brost; Sandra L. Halby
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Hybrid Digital-Optical Processors: A Performance Assessment
Author(s): Eugene Pochapsky; David Casasent
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Electro-Optical Implementations For 2-D Array Neural Nets
Author(s): Fathi M. A. Salam; Yiwen Wang
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Radar Imaging Using The Wigner-Ville Distribution
Author(s): B. Boashash; O. P. Kenny; H. J. Whitehouse
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Spatial Redundancy Reduction In High Spectral Resolution Images Using Parametric Modeling
Author(s): C. Mailhes; F. Castanie; P. Vermande
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A VLSI Centroid Extractor For Real-Time Target Tracking Applications
Author(s): T. S. Axelrod; T. F. Tassinari; G. O. Barnes; K. Cameron
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