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Optical Storage and Scanning Technology
Editor(s): Tony Wilson
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Volume Number: 1139
Date Published: 28 September 1989
: 29 papers (198) pages
ISBN: 9780819401755

Table of Contents
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Computer Phase Microscope For Submicron Structure Topology Monitoring
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky; Igor N. Masalov; Vladimir L. Pankov; Dmitry V. Ublinsky
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Lateral Superdiffraction Resolution Of Phase Objects By Means Of Computer Microscope
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky
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Localization Of Failures In Electronic Devices With A Laser Scan Microscope Using A Golden Device Test
Author(s): E. Ziegler
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Scanning Laser And Optical Beam Induced Current Methods For Failure Analysis Of Electronic Devices (#)
Author(s): Gaetano Grasso; Michele Muschitiello; Michele Stucchi; Enrico Zanoni
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Precision Measurement Of Micro-Images
Author(s): Lionel R Baker
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Micrometrology Of Thick Structures
Author(s): C. J. R. Sheppard; J. T. Sheridan
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Theoretical Aspects Of Semiconductor Imaging
Author(s): P. D. Pester; T. Wilson
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Infra-Red Microscopy Of Electronic Substrates
Author(s): Paul C Montgomery; Jean-Pierre Fillard; Pascale Gall; Michel Castagne
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Energy Resolved And Spatially Resolved Photoluminescence
Author(s): E. Ziegler
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Obic-Investigations Of Integrated Circuits Using A Laser Scanning Microscope With Different Excitation Wavelengths
Author(s): Harald Bergner; Tobias Damm
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Scanning Tunneling Optical Microscopy (STOM) Using A Stylus Sensor Application To Topography Analysis Of Guiding Surfaces
Author(s): Khaled Sarayeddine; Daniel Courjon; Michel Spajer
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Decay Of An Excited Molecule Near Small Roughness
Author(s): Daniel Van Labeke; Philippe Grossel; Jean-Marie Vigoureux
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An Evanescent Field Optical Microscope
Author(s): F. de Fornel; J. P. Goudonnet; L Salomon; E. Lesniewska
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Three-Dimensional Image Restoration In Fluorescence Confocal Scanning Microscopy
Author(s): M. Bertero; P. Boccacci; G. J. Brakenhoff; F. Malfanti; H. T. M. van der Voort
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The Application Of Polarized Confocal Microscopy For The Size Measurement Of Resist Structures
Author(s): S. Hell; R. W. Wijnaendts-van-Resandt
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Tandem Scanning Slit Microscope
Author(s): Stephen C. Baer
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Simultaneous Amplitude Modulation Contrast (SAMC) A New Optical Imaging Technique
Author(s): Burkhard Neumann
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Miniature Scanning Optical Microscope Based On Compact Disc Technology
Author(s): J. P. H. Benschop; M. Ossekoppele; G. E. Van Rosmalen
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Illumination And Detection Strategies For Confocal Microscopy
Author(s): G. J. Brakenhoff; H T. M. van der Voort
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Recent Laser Scanning Technology In Optical Information Systems
Author(s): Akira Arimoto
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Dynamic Readout Characteristics Of Ungrooved Magneto-Optical Storage Media
Author(s): Michael Vieth; Volker Weissenberger; Wolfgang Reim; Stefan Winkler
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Working Model Of An Optical Tomographic Memory
Author(s): Dejan V. Pantelic
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An Optically Switched Laser(OSL) Head For Optical Recording
Author(s): Hiroo Ukita; Yoshihiro Isomura; Hidenao Tanaka
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