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Science and Engineering of Medical Imaging
Editor(s): Max A. Viergever

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Volume Number: 1137
Date Published: 18 October 1989

Table of Contents
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Information Processing With Optical Interconnects
Author(s): Pierre Chavel
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Geometrical Transformations Of Density Images
Author(s): J. Michael Fitzpatrick; David R. Pickens; Hsuan Chang; Yaorong Ge; Mehmed Ozkan
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Fast Rubber Sheet Masking For Digital Subtraction Angiography
Author(s): Karel J. Zuiderveld; Bart M. ter Haar Romeny; Max A. Viergever
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Model Guided Automatic Frame-To-Frame Segmentation In Digital Subtraction Angiography
Author(s): J. H. Rong; R. Collorec; J. L. Coatrieux; C. Toumoulin
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Image Sequence Processing Using Factor Analysis And Compartmental Modelling
Author(s): Frederique Frouin; Jean-Pierre Bazin; Robert Di Paola
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Direct 3D Imaging Using Constrained Natural Voxel Decomposition
Author(s): L. Garnero; J. P. Hugonin; N. de Beaucoudrey
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3-D Reconstruction Of High Contrast Objects From Limited Conic X-Ray Projections
Author(s): Y. Trousset; A. Rougee; C. Picard; D. Saint-Felix
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Broadband Tomography System: Direct Time-Space Reconstruction Algorithm
Author(s): E. Biagi; L. Capineri; G. Castellini; L. Masotti; S. Rocchi
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Reconstruction Algorithms In Electrical Imaging
Author(s): R. Bourret; P. M. Marsili; G. Mounie; S. Soulere; V. Deluze; M. Granie; J. P. Morucci
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Positioning Error Induced By Axial Sampling In Positron Emission Tomography
Author(s): Bernard Bendriem; Stephen L. Dewey; David J. Schlyer
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Ringing Artefact Reduction By An Efficient Likelihood Improvement Method
Author(s): Miha Fuderer
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Volume Rendering For Display Of Multiple Organs, Treatment Objects, And Image Intensities
Author(s): Stephen M. Pizer; Marc Levoy; Henry Fuchs; Julian G. Rosenman
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Surface Triangulation By Linear Interpolation In Intersecting Planes
Author(s): Klaus D. Toennies
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Reconstruction And Display Of Biomedical Structures By Triangulation Of 3D Surfaces
Author(s): A. Ekoule; F. Peyrin; R. Goutte
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Rapid Three Dimensional Display Of Medical Data Using Ordered Surface List Representations
Author(s): C. J. Gibson
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Multiple-Feature Color Display For MR Images
Author(s): R. L. Kamman; H. J. C. Berendsen
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Implications Of Computer Assisted Radiology
Author(s): Heinz U. Lemke
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An Image Handling System For Medical Image Processing
Author(s): Florent Aubry; Herve Kaplan; Robert Di Paola
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Applications Of High Compression Coding To Dynamic Medical Image Series
Author(s): Virginie Chameroy; Robert Di Paola
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Interframe Vs. Intraframe Compression Of Image Sequences
Author(s): Paul Roos; Max A. Viergever
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Expert Systems For Handling Medical Images
Author(s): A. Todd-Pokropek
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Radionuclide Expert Images Of Cardiac Wall Motion Abnormalities
Author(s): J. J. Sychra; D. G. Pavel; E. Olea
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Automatic Microcalcifications Pattern Recognition From X-Ray Mammographies
Author(s): I. E. Magnin; M. El Alaoui; A. Bremond
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In Vivo Tumour Classification By Scatter Analysis Of Echograms
Author(s): R. L. Romijn; J. M. Thijssen
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Synthetic MR Images With Enhanced Tissue Contrast By Supervised Pixel Intensity Subspace Methods
Author(s): J. J. Sychra; K. Chan; V. Capek; M. Mafee
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On Sampling Statistics In Observer Performance Studies
Author(s): Arthur E. Burgess
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First Test Of A New High Resolution Positron Camera With Four Area Detectors
Author(s): E. Van Laethem; S. Kuijk; F. Deconinck; M. Van Miert; M. Defrise; D. Townsend; M. Wensveen
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Measurement Of Bone Density Of The Calcaneum With A New Imaging Area Detector
Author(s): F. Angelini; R. Bellazzini; A. Brez; M. M. Massai; M. C. Montesi; M. R. Torquati
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NIKOS II - A System For Non-Invasive Imaging Of Coronary Arteries With Synchrotron Radiation
Author(s): W.-R. Dix; K. Engelke; J. Heuer; W. Graeff; W. Kupper; M. Lohmann; I. Makin; T. Mochel; R. Reumann
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Active Microwave Imaging For Medical Applications: Prelimary Results
Author(s): Genevieve Gaboriaud; Jean Ch. Bolomey; Christian Pichot; Patrice Berthaud
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