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Optical Radiation Measurements II
Editor(s): James M. Palmer

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Volume Number: 1109
Date Published: 26 September 1989

Table of Contents
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Radiometric Imaging In The Ultraviolet
Author(s): George R. Carruthers
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Radiometric Correction For An Imaging Radiometer
Author(s): S. P. Braim; L. G. Shadrake
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Methods In Calibration And Error Analysis For Imaging Radiometers
Author(s): Douglas S. Fraedrich
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Dual Color Radiometer Imagery And Test Results
Author(s): Alan Silver; Frank Carlen; David Link; Ferdinand Zegel
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A New Diode Array Radiometer
Author(s): M. W. Kendall-Tobias
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A Radiometer For Precision Coherent Radiation Measurements
Author(s): Douglas B. Thomas; Edward F. Zalewski
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Instrumentation For Detector Spectral / Spatial Uniformity Measurements
Author(s): Ronald W. Craft; Robert M. Bronson
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Development of a New Reference Spectrophotometer
Author(s): J. C. Zwinkels; D. S. Gignac
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Integrating Sphere Calibration Sources For Remote Sensing Imaging Radiometers
Author(s): Kevin F. Carr
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Radiance Calibration Of Spherical Integrators
Author(s): James T. McLean; Bruce W. Guenther
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New Instrumentation For Measuring Spectral Goniometric Reflectance
Author(s): Bruce S. David; Deborah L. Griffith; David W. Allen
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A Novel Class Of Lambertian Reflectance Materials For Remote Sensing Application
Author(s): A. W. Springsteen
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A New Real Time Infrared Background Discrimination Radiometer (BDR)
Author(s): Z. Kopolovich; D. Cabib; R. A. Buckwald
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A Multi-Channel Radiometer For Measurement Of The Optical Properties Of The Atmosphere
Author(s): Theodore W. Cannon; Roland L. Hulstrom
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Field Level Calibration Of A System Of Low-Level Infrared Target Simulators
Author(s): John L. Grangaard
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UV Spectroradiometric Output Of An F404 Turbojet Aircraft Engine
Author(s): William E. Schneider; Gordon H. Spaberg
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Characterizations Of The Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) Scanning Radiometers
Author(s): Robert B. Lee; Bruce R. Barkstrom; Nesim Halyo; Michael A. Gibson; Lee M. Avis
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An Improved Electrothermal Model For The ERBE Nonscanning Radiometer: Comparison Of Predicted And Measured Behavior During Solar Observations
Author(s): Nour E. Tira; J. R. Mahan; Robert B. Lee
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Calibration Of The Shuttle Borne Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectrometer
Author(s): Richard P. Cebula; Ernest Hilsenrath; B. Guenther
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Total Radiation Thermometry
Author(s): J. E. Martin; T. J. Quinn
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A Further Intercomparison Of Two Cryogenic Radiometers
Author(s): N. P. Fox; J. E. Martin
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Comparison Between A Side-Viewing Cryogenic Radiometer And Self-Calibrated Silicon Photodiodes
Author(s): C. C. Hoyt; P. J. Miller; P. V. Foukal; E. F. Zalewski
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Current Status Of, And Future Directions In, Silicon Photodiode Self-Calibration
Author(s): Jon Geist
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Radiometric Quality Ge Photodiodes
Author(s): Dragan Grubisic; Theodore T. S. Wong
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Sensor Radiation Testing With Californium-252 Neutrons
Author(s): Robert Braasch
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