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Medical Imaging 2019: Ultrasonic Imaging and Tomography
Editor(s): Brett C. Byram; Nicole V. Ruiter
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Volume Number: 10955
Date Published: 17 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10955
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Deep 3D convolutional neural networks for fast super-resolution ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Katherine Brown; James Dormer; Baowei Fei; Kenneth Hoyt
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Independent component analysis-based tissue clutter filtering for plane wave perfusion ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Jaime E. Tierney; Don M. Wilkes; Brett C. Byram
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Accuracy improvement of echographic speckle tracking based on analysis of estimation error caused by acoustic pressure field
Author(s): Motochika Shimizu; Tomohiko Tanaka; Takashi Okada
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Morphological image processing for multiscale analysis of super-resolution ultrasound images of tissue microvascular networks
Author(s): Ipek Özdemir; Kenneth Hoyt
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A two-fold enhancement of ultrasound vessel images using a non-local based restoration and morphological filtering
Author(s): Saba Adabi; Siavash Ghavami; Mahdi Bayat; Mostafa Fatemi; Azra Alizad
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Compensation of 3D-2D model mismatch in ultrasound computed tomography with the aid of convolutional neural networks (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Joemini Poudel; Luca A. Forte; Mark A. Anastasio
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Open-source Gauss-Newton-based methods for refraction-corrected ultrasound computed tomography
Author(s): Rehman Ali; Scott Hsieh; Jeremy Dahl
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Employing methods with generalized singular value decomposition for regularization in ultrasound tomography
Author(s): Anita Carević; Ahmed Abdou; Ivan Slapničar; Mohamed Almekkawy
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Full waveform inversion for ultrasound computed tomography with high-sensitivity scan method
Author(s): Atsuro Suzuki; Yushi Tsubota; Wenjing Wu; Kazuhiro Yamanaka; Takahide Terada; Kenichi Kawabata
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Accelerating image reconstruction in ultrasound transmission tomography using L-BFGS algorithm
Author(s): Hongjian Wang; Hartmut Gemmeke; Torsten Hopp; Jürgen Hesser
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Correlation of ultrasound tomography to MRI and pathology for the detection of prostate cancer
Author(s): Reza Seifabadi; Alexis Cheng; Bilal Malik; Shun Kishimoto; James Wiskin; Jeeva Munasinghe; Ayele H. Negussie; Ivane Bakhutashvili; Murali C. Krishna; Peter Choyke; Peter Pinto; Arman Rahmim; Emad M. Boctor; Maria Merino; Mark Lenox; Baris Turkbey; Bradford J. Wood
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On the feasibility of quantifying mechanical anisotropy in transversely isotropic elastic materials using acoustic radiation force (ARF)-induced displacements
Author(s): Md Murad Hossain; Caterina M. Gallippi
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Axially-segmented cylindrical array for intravascular shear wave imaging
Author(s): Arsenii V. Telichko; Carl D. Herickhoff; Jeremy J. Dahl
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Classification of cardiac adipose tissue using spectral analysis of ultrasound radiofrequency backscatter
Author(s): Akhila Karlapalem; Amy H. Givan; Maria Fernandez-del-Valle; Miranda R. Fulton; Jon D. Klingensmith
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Tracking blood flow changes in the brains of neonates using angular-coherence-based power doppler
Author(s): Marko Jakovljevic; Byung Jason Yoon ; Lotfi Abou-Elkacem; Erika Rubesova; Jeremy Dahl
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An adaptive coherent flow power doppler beamforming scheme for improved sensitivity towards blood signal energy
Author(s): Kathryn A. Ozgun; Brett C. Byram
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High SNR emission method with virtual point source in ultrasound computed tomography
Author(s): Wenjing Wu; Yushi Tsubota; Atsuro Suzuki; Kazuhiro Yamanaka; Takahide Terada; Kenichi Kawabata; Hiroko Yamashita; Fumi Kato; Mutsumi Nishida; Megumi Satoh
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Experimental analysis of ray-based sound speed reconstruction algorithms for phase aberration corrected USCT SAFT imaging
Author(s): T. Hopp; F. Zuch; M. Zapf; H. Gemmeke; N. V. Ruiter
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3D full inverse scattering ultrasound tomography of the human knee (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): James W. Wiskin; Bilal Malik; Rajni Natesan M.D.; Nasser Pirshafiey; John Klock M.D.; Mark Lenox
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A high throughout, extensible and flexible ultrasonic excitation and acquisition system for ultrasound imaging
Author(s): Qiude Zhang; Junjie Song; Liang Zhou; Yang Peng; Quan Zhou; Shanshan Wang; Xia Sun; Mingyue Ding; Ming Yuchi
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CNN and back-projection: limited angle ultrasound tomography for speed of sound estimation
Author(s): Emran Mohammad Abu Anas; Alexis Cheng; Reza Seifabadi; Yixuan Wu; Fereshteh Aalamifar; Bradford Wood; Arman Rahmim; Emad M. Boctor
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Study on acceleration schemes in Fresnel volume tomography for sound speed reconstruction
Author(s): Xiaoyue Fang; Yun Wu; Junjie Song; Liang Zhou; Qiude Zhang; Quan Zhou; Yang Peng; Zhaohui Quan; Mingyue Ding; Ming Yuchi
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Coherent multi-transducer ultrasound imaging in the presence of aberration
Author(s): Laura Peralta; Alberto Gomez; Joseph V. Hajnal; Robert J. Eckersley
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High dynamic range ultrasound beamforming using deep neural networks
Author(s): Adam Luchies; Brett Byram
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Row-column beamforming with dynamic apodizations on a GPU
Author(s): Matthias Bo Stuart; Mikkel Schou; Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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Estimating signal and structured noise in ultrasound data using prediction-error filters
Author(s): Joseph Jennings; Marko Jakovljevic; Ettore Biondi; Jeremy Dahl; Biondo Biondi
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The impact of mid lag spatial coherence parameters on coherent target detection
Author(s): Rebecca Jones; Siegfried Schlunk; Jaime Tierney; Ryan Hsi; Brett Byram
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Left ventricular ejection fraction assessment: unraveling the bias between area- and volume-based estimates
Author(s): Dawei Liu; Isabelle Peck; Shusil Dangi; Karl Q. Schwarz; Cristian A. Linte
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3D ultrasound biomicroscopy (3D-UBM) imaging and automated 3D assessment of the iridocorneal angle for glaucoma patients
Author(s): Hao Wu; Ahmed Tahseen Minhaz; Rich Helms; Duriye Damla Sevgi; Taocheng Yu; Faruk Orge M.D.; David L. Wilson
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Ultrasound prostate segmentation based on 3D V-Net with deep supervision
Author(s): Yang Lei; Tonghe Wang; Bo Wang; Xiuxiu He; Sibo Tian; Ashesh B. Jani; Hui Mao; Walter J. Curran; Pretesh Patel; Tian Liu; Xiaofeng Yang
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Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy of ultrasound occult lesions using multimodality image co-registration and tissue displacement tracking
Author(s): Anton Nikolaev; Hendrik H. G. Hansen; Leon de Jong; Ritse Mann; Eleonora Tagliabue; Bogdan Maris; Vincent Groenhuis; Françoise Siepel; Marco Caballo; Ioannis Sechopoulos; Chris L. de Korte
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Three-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound simulation to mimic paravalvular regurgitation
Author(s): Sandro Queirós; Hang Gao; Gianluca De Santis; Alexandros Papachristidis; Jaime C. Fonseca; João L. Vilaça; Jan D'hooge
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Deep learning techniques for bone surface delineation in ultrasound
Author(s): Matija Ciganovic; Firat Özdemir; Mazda Farshad; Orcun Göksel
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3D inverse scattering in wholebody ultrasound applications (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Mark Lenox; John Klock M.D.; Cathy Ruoff D.V.M.; Nasser Pirshaifey; Robin Terry; Bilal Malik; James Wiskin
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Ultrasound backscattered tensor imaging of the brain: an ex vivo feasibility study
Author(s): Si Jia Li; Parvin Mousavi; Phillip Jason White
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Electroacoustic tomography (EAT): linear scanning with a single element transducer
Author(s): Ali Zarafshani; John A. Merrill; Siqi Wang; Mengxiao Wang; Bin Zheng; Liangzhong Xiang
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Automatic recognition processing in ultrasound computed tomography of bone
Author(s): Fradi Marwa; Wajih Elhadj Youssef; Mohsen Machhout; Philippe Petit; Cécile Baron; Régine Guillermin; Philippe Lasaygues
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Adaptive truncated total least square on distorted born iterative method in ultrasound inverse scattering problem
Author(s): Anita Carević; Xingzhao Yun; Mohamed Almekkawy
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Deep learning image reconstruction method for limited-angle ultrasound tomography in prostate cancer
Author(s): Alexis Cheng; Younsu Kim; Emran M. A. Anas; Arman Rahmim; Emad M. Boctor; Reza Seifabadi; Bradford J. Wood
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Image retrieval of breast masses on ultrasound images
Author(s): Chisako Muramatsu; Shunichi Higuchi; Takako Morita; Mikinao Oiwa; Tomonori Kawasaki; Hiroshi Fujita
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Improvement in transmission ultrasound tomography by refined dynamic programming and spatial filter
Author(s): Diego Armando Cardona Cardenas; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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Developing a quantitative ultrasound image feature analysis scheme to assess tumor treatment efficacy using a mouse model
Author(s): Seyedehnafiseh Mirniaharikandehei; Joshua VanOsdol; Morteza Heidari; Gopichandh Danala; Ashish Ranjan; Bin Zheng
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Electroacoustic tomography system with nanosecond electric pulse excitation source
Author(s): Ali Zarafshani; John Merrill; Siqi Wang; Bin Zheng; Liangzhong Xiang
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Neighborhood resonance phenomenon for cell imaging via scanning probe acoustic microscope
Author(s): Xiaoqing Li; Wenjie Deng; Mingyue Ding
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Deep 3D convolutional neural network for automatic cancer tissue detection using multispectral photoacoustic imaging
Author(s): Kamal Jnawali; Bhargava Chinni; Vikram Dogra; Saugata Sinha; Navalgund Rao
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