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Metro and Data Center Optical Networks and Short-Reach Links II
Editor(s): Atul K. Srivastava; Madeleine Glick; Youichi Akasaka
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Volume Number: 10946
Date Published: 7 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10946
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hyperscale data center applications of optoelectronics
Author(s): Katharine Schmidtke
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Photonic integrated WDM cross-connects for optical metro and data center networks
Author(s): N. Calabretta; K. Prifti; N. Tessema; X. Xue; B. Pan; R. Stabile
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Latest standardization status and its future directions for high speed optical transceivers
Author(s): Hideki Isono
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Silicon photonic-enabled bandwidth steering for resource-efficient high performance computing
Author(s): Yiwen Shen; Madeleine Strom Glick; Keren Bergman
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VCSEL-based sliceable bandwidth/bitrate variable transceivers
Author(s): Michela Svaluto Moreolo; Laia Nadal; Josep M. Fabrega; F. Javier Vilchez; Christian Neumeyr; Alberto Gatto; Paola Parolari; Pierpaolo Boffi
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Challenges and opportunities in system-level evaluation of photonics
Author(s): George Michelogiannakis; Jeremiah Wilke; Min Yee Teh; Madeleine Glick; John Shalf; Keren Bergman
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VCSEL-based broadband optical switch for ultra-wide high-speed traffic routing in Datacom
Author(s): G. M. Isoe; S. Wassin; A. W. R. Leitch; T. B. Gibbon
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Resilience of state-of-the-art 1300nm In(Ga)As/GaAs quantum-dot lasers to external optical feedback (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Soroush A. Sobhani; David T. Childs; Keizo Takemasa; Kenichi Nishi; Mitsuru Sugawara; Richard A. Hogg
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2.24 Tbit/s PAM-4 transmission by an InAs/InP quantum dot mode-locked laser
Author(s): Zhenguo Lu; Jiaren Liu; Linda Mao; Chun-Ying Song; John Weber; Daniel Poitras; Philip Poole
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Digital-coherent PSK Y-00 quantum stream cipher for secure fiber-optic transmission
Author(s): Ken Tanizawa; Fumio Futami
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Novel network architecture enabling quasi-Nyquist wavelength-division multiplexing
Author(s): Ryuta Shiraki; Shuhei Yamaoka; Yojiro Mori; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Ken-ichi Sato
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Experiment-based detection of service disruption attacks in optical networks using data analytics and unsupervised learning
Author(s): Marija Furdek; Carlos Natalino; Marco Schiano; Andrea Di Giglio
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ROF-OFDM system within terahertz-wave frequency range from 350GHz to 510GHz
Author(s): Mingming Zhao; Kaihui Wang; Jimmy Yu; Can Wang; Jiangnan Xiao; Li Zhao; Miao Kong; Jianjun Yu
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Supporting QoE/QoS-aware end-to-end network slicing in future 5G-enabled optical networks
Author(s): Rafael Montero; Albert Pagès; Fernando Agraz; Salvatore Spadaro
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Network resource abstraction for 5G radio access network
Author(s): Kenichi Nakura; Takeshi Suehiro; Akiko Nagasawa; Yukio Hirano ; Kazuyuki Ishida; Junichi Nakagawa
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Demonstration of a polar-coded optical wireless integration system at K-band
Author(s): Kaihui Wang; Jiao Zhang; Guangshi Li; Can Wang; Mingming Zhao; Jianjun Yu
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DBSCAN-based decision technique for 60Gbps PAM-8 IM/DD system
Author(s): Jiao Zhang; Penqi Gou; Xingyu Lu; Kaihui Wang; Miao Kong; Jianyang Shi; Can Wang; Kaibo Fang; Li Zhao; Jianjun Yu
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Demonstration of 160Gbps optical duo-binary signal generation and transmission
Author(s): Miao Kong; Jianjun Yu; Junwen Zhang; Kaihui Wang; Mingming Zhao; Li Zhao; Can Wang; Jiao Zhang
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Benefits of optical transceivers employing intentionally nonuniform quantization for advanced modulation formats
Author(s): Stefanos Dris; André Richter
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Compensation of modulators nonlinearities for higher order modulation formats
Author(s): L. Chorchos
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Co-propagating distributed Raman amplifier utilizing incoherent pumping
Author(s): Masahito Morimoto; Haruki Ogoshi; Junji Yoshida; Shigehiro Takasaka; Akihide Sano; Yutaka Miyamoto
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PAM-6 generation using 32-QAM constellation
Author(s): L. Chorchos
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All-optical wavelength reservation for flexible spectrum networks using amplifier saturation and VCSEL injection
Author(s): Shukree Wassin; George M. Isoe; Andrew W. R. Leitch; Tim B. Gibbon
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Cascaded VCSEL-to-VCSEL all-optical injection for spectral defragmentation and switching using optical transmitter cross gain modulation
Author(s): Phumla P. Dlamini; George M. Isoe; Duncan Kiboi Boiyo; Andrew W. R. Leitch; Timothy B. Gibbon
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All-optical regeneration of multiple WDM channels (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michael Vasilyev; Pallavi G. Patki; Lu Li; Taras I. Lakoba
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