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Broadband Access Communication Technologies XIII
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Volume Number: 10945
Date Published: 7 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10945
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Graphene photonics for optical communications
Author(s): Marco Romagnoli
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Optical fiber for 1310nm single-mode and 850nm few-mode transmission
Author(s): Ming-Jun Li; Xin Chen; Kangmei Li; Jason E. Hurley; Jeffery Stone
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Microwave photonics for 5G
Author(s): Jianping Yao
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Integrated photonic and plasmonic technologies for microwave signal processing enabling mm-wave and sub-THz wireless communication systems
Author(s): Maurizio Burla; Yannick Salamin; Romain Bonjour; Felix Abrecht; Claudia Hoessbacher; Christian Haffner; Wolfgang Heni; Yuriy Fedoryshyn; Dominik Werner; Benedikt Baeuerle; Arne Josten; Tatsuhiko Watanabe; David Hillerkuss; Delwin Elder; Larry Dalton; Juerg Leuthold
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Optical burst-mode wavelength conversion for 10Gb/s NRZ optical signals
Author(s): A. Tsakyridis; M. Moralis-Pegios; C. Vagionas; K. Vyrsokinos; N. Pleros
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Compact photonic chip assisted by multi-core fiber for radio beamsteering in 5G
Author(s): Eduward Tangdiongga; Ailee M. Trinidad; Netsanet Tessema; Maria Morant; Roberto Llorente
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The 5G fronthaul and enabling silicon photonics technology
Author(s): Roberto Llorente; Maria Morant; Antoine Brimont; Pablo Sanchis
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Performance evaluation of OFDM and SC-QAM backhaul provision on FTTH optical access networks including multi-core fiber riser
Author(s): Maria Morant; Julián S. Bruno; Vicenç Almenar; Roberto Llorente
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5G optical transport networking: from photonic devices to processors
Author(s): Le Nguyen Binh; Spiros Mikroulis; David Hillerkuss; Ivan N. Cano; Stuart D. Walker; Manoj P. Thakur
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Option 9 function split for the next-generation fronthaul interface based on delta-sigma modulation
Author(s): Jing Wang; Zhensheng Jia; Luis Alberto Campos; Curtis Knittle
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Overloading 5G/IoT fronthaul networks (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Yuki Yoshida; Paikun Zhu; Ken'ichi Kitayama
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5G fronthauls with multicore fibers: CPRI signals performance degradation induced by intercore crosstalk
Author(s): João L. Rebola; Tiago M. F. Alves; Adolfo V. T. Cartaxo; André S. Marques
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Key technologies to enable terabit-scale digital radio-over-fiber systems
Author(s): Xiaodan Pang; Lu Zhang; Oskars Ozolins; Aleksejs Udalcovs; Rui Lin; Richard Schats; Shilin Xiao; Weisheng Hu; Sergei Popov; Gunnar Jacobsen; Jiajia Chen
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Photonic systems for tunable mm-wave and THz wireless communications
Author(s): Luis Gonzalez-Guerrero; Katarzyna Balakier; Manoj Thakur; Haymen Shams; Lalitha Ponnampalam; Chris S. Graham; Martyn J. Fice; Alwyn J. Seeds; Cyril C. Renaud
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Automatic bias control for radio-over-fiber-based train communication network system with single-sideband modulation
Author(s): Atsushi Kanno; Naokatsu Yamamoto; Kohei Fujiwara; Kouichi Tokita
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Quantum technology for optical wireless communication in data-center security and hacking
Author(s): Shlomi Arnon
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Optical wireless data center networks: potentials, limitations, and prospects
Author(s): Abdulkadir Celik; Basem Shihada; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
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Beamsteering for ultra-high data-rate optical wireless communications
Author(s): Dominic C. O'Brien
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Recent advances in the design of optical wireless data center networks
Author(s): Abdelbaset S. Hamza
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Application of free-space optics in future data centers (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Zabih Ghassemlooy; Hoa Le-Minh
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Beyond 5G - wireless data center connectivity
Author(s): Simon Rommel; Thiago R. Raddo; Ulf Johannsen; Chigo Okonkwo; Idelfonso Tafur Monroy
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Effective auto-alignment and tracking of transceivers for visible-light communication in data centres
Author(s): Fulin Liu; Minan Chen; Weibin Jiang; Xianqing Jin; Zhengyuan Xu
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Improvement of cross-talk of high-speed 2D photodetector array
Author(s): Ken Kusakata; Toshimasa Umezawa; Naokatsu Yamamoto; Tetsuya Kawanishi
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Throughput improvement in CAP based indoor VLC system using GMSK filters
Author(s): Rizwana Ahmad; Anand Srivastava
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Long-range visible light communication methodology and transceiver design for smart indoor service
Author(s): Yong Up Lee; Kyeong-Yoon Kang; Hyunwoo Lee
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Power and SER analysis of VLC- and RF-based links in indoor environment
Author(s): Anand Singh; Dil Nashin Anwar; Anand Srivastava; Vivek Ashok Bohara; G Subrahmanya VRK Rao
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