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Practical Holography XXXIII: Displays, Materials, and Applications
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Volume Number: 10944
Date Published: 7 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10944
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Integration of volume holographic optical elements (vHOE) made with Bayfol® HX into plastic optical parts
Author(s): Friedrich-Karl Bruder; Sven Hansen; Tim Kleinschmidt; Roland Künzel; Christel Manecke; Enrico Orselli; Christian Rewitz; Thomas Rölle
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Azo-polymers for holographic recording: photo-assisted holography and surface relief gratings
Author(s): S. Moujdi; Y. Bougdid; A. Rahmouni; T. Mahfoud; D. Nesterenko; M. Halim; Z. Sekkat
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Dynamic electro-optic responses of holographically patterned polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kyung Min Lee; Vincent P. Tondiglia; Timothy J. White; Timothy J. Bunning; Michael E. McConney
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High efficiency diffractive optical element design and fabrication in a two-stage photopolymer
Author(s): John E. Hergert; David J. Glugla; Amy C. Sullivan; Marvin D. Alim; Robert R. McLeod
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Tunable holographic gratings based on cross-linked liquid-crystalline polymers in nematic liquid crystals (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kyung Min Lee; Vincent P. Tondiglia; Timothy J. Bunning; Timothy J. White; Michael E. McConney
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In situ acousto-optic 3D beam shaping
Author(s): Yasin Karimi; Matteo Giuseppe Scopelliti; Maysamreza Chamanzar
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Lasers for holographic applications: important performance parameters and relevant laser technologies
Author(s): Korbinian Hens; Jaroslaw Sperling; Ben Sherliker; Niklas Waasem; Allen Ricks; Jonathan Lewis; Gunnar Elgcrona
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Study of the behavior of diffraction gratings with twin grooves
Author(s): Arturo Olivares-Pérez; Joan Villa-Hernández; Israel Fuentes-Tapia; Santa Toxqui-López; Mauricio Ortiz-Gutiérrez; Nildia Yamilet Mejias-Brisuela
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Complex amplitude modulation metasurface with dual resonance in transmission mode
Author(s): Qiang Jiang; Zehao He; Guofan Jin; Liangcai Cao
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A comparative analysis of virtual-reality art-making software for the production of VR digital holograms
Author(s): Ioana Pioaru; David Taliesin Stokes
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A holographic representation of three-dimensional J9 space
Author(s): Prashant Jadav; Vivian Amos; Martin Richardson
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Design and implementation of a full-color holographic thaumatrope
Author(s): Philippe Gentet; Jinbeom Joung; Yves Gentet; Seung-Hyun Lee
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Manufacturable transparent holographic components for HUD applications
Author(s): Juan M. Russo; Seth Coe-Sullivan; Martin Sanchez; Joy Padiyar; Fedor Dimov
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Compact augmented-reality glasses using holographic optical element combiner
Author(s): Bongsu Shin; Sunil Kim; Vladislav Druzhin; Polina Malinina; Sergey Dubynin; Anastasiia Bolotova; Sergey Kopenkin; Andrey Putilin; Wontaek Seo; Chang-Kun Lee; Geeyoung Sung; Yun-Tae Kim; Juwon Seo; Jae-Seung Chung; Hong-Seok Lee
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Improving head-up display with waveguides and holographic optical elements
Author(s): Colton M. Bigler; Micah S. Mann; Craig Draper; Arkady Bablumyan; Pierre-Alexandre Blanche
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Proper autofocus for better particle measurements
Author(s): M. Zs. Kiss
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Three-dimensional particle localization with common-path digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Krisztian Neutsch; Lena Gö­ring; Marlon J. Tranelis; Martin R. Hofmann; Nils C. Gerhardt
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Holographic scanning microscope: simulation of hologram recording and wavefront reconstruction (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Maria Muravyeva; Yuri Zakharov
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Digital holographic camera for plankton monitoring
Author(s): V. V. Dyomin; I. G. Polovtsev; A. Yu. Davydova; A. S. Olshukov
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Holographic stereogram printing based on digitally computed content generation platform
Author(s): Erkhembaatar Dashdavaa; Anar Khuderchuluun; Young-Tae Lim; Seok-Hee Jeon; Nam Kim
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Multiplexed pixelated hologram recording process for retinal projection device
Author(s): Christophe Martinez; Basile Meynard; Yann Lee
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Expressible-depth control method in digital holographic display
Author(s): Sunggyun Ahn; Sungjin Lim; Mugeon Kim; Joonku Hahn
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Algorithm for phase-displacement conversion from reflection digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): Parsa Omidi; Hui Wang; Mamadou Diop; Jeffrey J. L. Carson
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Effect of point pitch on speckle noise in computer-generated hologram using point-based method
Author(s): Masaya Mitobe; Yuji Sakamoto
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Non-interferometric phase retrieval for phase-modulated holographic data storage (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Xiao Lin; Jianying Hao; Mingjie Zheng; Tiangui Dai; Hui Li; Xiaodi Tan
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Quasi noise-free reconstruction of long-wavelength digital holograms
Author(s): Vittorio Bianco; Pasquale Memmolo; Melania Paturzo; Andrea Finizio; Pietro Ferraro
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Kilohertz dynamic Fourier filter for synthetic-aperture binary hologram reconstruction
Author(s): B. Nelsen; A. Kabardiadi-Virkovski; T. Baselt; Ch. Taudt; P. Hartmann
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Experimental characterization of leaky-mode spatial light modulators fabricated via direct laser writing
Author(s): Sundeep Jolly; Bianca Datta; Vik Parthiban; Daniel Smalley; V. Michael Bove Jr.
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Simulating the effects of statistical characteristics of random phases on speckle noise in computer-generated hologram
Author(s): Kohei Tamagawa; Masaya Mitobe; Yuji Sakamoto
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Holographic camera for non-contact measurement of nanoscale surface heights
Author(s): Hui Wang; Parsa Omidi; Jeffrey J. L. Carson; Mamadou Diop
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Study of holographic gratings of ammonium dichromate varying the hydrolysis concentration of the PVA (poly (vinyl alcohol)
Author(s): María G. Conde-Cuatzo; Arturo Olivares-Pérez; Santa Toxqui-López; Israel Fuentes-Tapia
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Holographic gratings recorded with pineapple juice and artificial dye
Author(s): María G. Conde-Cuatzo; Arturo Olivares-Pérez; Santa Toxqui-López; Israel Fuentes-Tapia; Mario A. Ambrosio-González
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Fourier holograms in grenetina doped with potassium dichromate
Author(s): Beatriz Montaño-Flores; Mauricio Ortiz-Gutiérrez; Juan Carlos Ibarra-Torres; Mario Pérez-Cortés; Arturo Olivares-Pérez; Marco Antonio Salgado-Verduzco
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Three-dimensional wavefronts implementation
Author(s): Joan Manuel Villa Hernández; Arturo Olivares-Pérez
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3D image encryption based on computer-generated hologram in the fractional Fourier domain
Author(s): Mei-Lan Piao; Yan-Ling Piao; Nam Kim
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Near-eye holographic display device by simple optical system using HOE
Author(s): Kazuya Furuta; Hideyoshi Horimai; Toshihiro Kasezawa; Yuji Sakamoto
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Wide axial dynamic range digital holography using multicascade-linked synthetic wavelengths and optical wavelength
Author(s): M. Yamagiwa; T. Minamikawa; C. Trovato; T. Ogawa; D. G. A. Ibrahim; Y. Kawahito; R. Oe; K. Shibuya; T. Mizuno; E. Abraham; Y. Mizutani; T. Iwata; H. Yamamito; K. Minoshima; T. Yasui
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Nopal adhesive with natural pigment films for holographic recording
Author(s): S. Toxqui-López; A. Olivares-Pérez; A. L. Padilla-Velasco
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Image quality enhancement for digital holographic display using multiple wavefront recording planes method
Author(s): Yan-Ling Piao; Yu Zhao; Hui-Ying Wu; Anar Khuderchuluun; Erkhembaatar Dashdavaa; Jong-Rea Jeong; Nam Kim
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