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Emerging Digital Micromirror Device Based Systems and Applications XI
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Volume Number: 10932
Estimated Publication Date: 7 March 2019

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Hyperspectral chemical imaging enabled by spatial light modulators
Author(s): Masud Arnob; Wei-Chuan Shih
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Exploiting digital micromirror device for holographic micro-endoscopy
Author(s): Sergey Turtaev; Ivo T. Leite; Kevin J. Mitchell; Miles J. Padgett; David B. Phillips; Tomáš Čižmár
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Non-contact optical wavefront shaping for focusing light and high-resolution imaging inside and behind biological scattering medium
Author(s): Abhijit Sanjeev; Yuval Kapellner; Nadav Shbero; Eran Gur; Zeev Zalevsky
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Development of a high-resolution high-sensitivity compressive Raman microscope (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Benneth Sturm; Fernando Soldevila; Enrique Tajahuerce; Sylvain Gigan; Hilton B. de Aguiar
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Digital micromirror device-based high-speed and high-resolution quantitative phase imaging
Author(s): Cheng Zheng; Renjie Zhou
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3D printing for lab-on-a-chip devices with 20 μm channels
Author(s): Gregory P. Nordin; Hua Gong; Matthew Viglione; Kent Hooper; Adam T. Woolley
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Neural networks for predictive laser machining capabilities (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ben Mills; Daniel J. Heath; James A. Grant-Jacob; Yunhui Xie; Benita S. Mackay; Robert W. Eason
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High-throughput additive manufacturing of thiol-based, oxygen-insensitive photoresins with digital micromirror devices (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Walter Voit; Benjamin Lund; Stephen Kay; Caleb Lund
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PLLA-infused citric acid-based bioresorbable vascular scaffolds 3D printed via microCLIP (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Henry Oliver T. Ware; Banu Akar; Cheng Sun; Guillermo Ameer
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Vortex symmetric Airy beam
Author(s): Zhaoxiang Fang; Rongde Lu
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Alternative sampling functions for single-pixel imaging with a digital micromirror device
Author(s): Susana Burnes-Rudecino; Lluís Martínez-León; Pere Clemente; Enrique Tajahuerce; Ma. Araiza-Esquivel
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A programmable dark-field detector for imaging two-dimensional materials in the scanning electron microscope
Author(s): Benjamin W. Caplins; Jason D. Holm; Robert R. Keller
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Motion induced error compensation method for digital fringe projection system
Author(s): Yajun Wang; Beiwen Li; Song Zhang
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High-speed high dynamic range 3D shape measurement with digital micro-mirror device
Author(s): Vignesh Suresh; Beiwen Li
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Generating high-precision grayscale line profiles using DLP at maximum speed
Author(s): Roland Höfling; Frank Leischnig; Sören Gärtner; Petra Aswendt
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Structured light smart camera for spatial augmented reality applications
Author(s): Matthew P. Ruffner; Ying Yu; Daniel L. Lau
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Three-dimensional structured light profilometry using a bandwidth-limited projector
Author(s): Cheng Jiang; Patrick Kilcullen; Xianglei Liu; Tsuneyuki Ozaki; Jinyang Liang
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Structured light 3D measurement of reflective objects using multiple DMD projectors
Author(s): Jeremy Gribben; Alan R. Boate
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3D scanning by means of dual-projector structured light illumination
Author(s): Ying Yu; Daniel L. Lau; Matthew P. Ruffner
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High-speed projector and its applications
Author(s): Masatoshi Ishikawa
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Imaging and non-imaging illumination of DLP for high resolution headlamps
Author(s): Peer-Phillip Ley; Roland Lachmayer
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Concepts of inhomogeneous illumination of area-based light modulators for high-resolution headlamps
Author(s): Yang Li; Marvin Knöchelmann; Roland Lachmayer
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Super resolution projection: leveraging the MEMS speed to double or quadruple the resolution
Author(s): Molly N. Sing; Terry A. Bartlett; William C. McDonald; Jeffrey M. Kempf
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Adapting Texas Instruments DLP technology to demonstrate a phase spatial light modulator
Author(s): Terry A. Bartlett; William C. McDonald; James N. Hall
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Prototyping a compressive line sensing hyperspectral imaging sensor
Author(s): Bing Ouyang; Michael Twardowski; Frank Caimia; Fraser Dalgleish; Cuiling Gong; Yanjun Li
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The effects of gamma radiation on digital micromirror devices
Author(s): Kathleen Oram; Dmitry Vorobiev; Zoran Ninkov; Alexis Irwin; Jonathan A. Pellish; Martin Carts; Stephen K. Brown
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