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Medical Imaging III: Image Capture and Display
Editor(s): Samuel J. Dwyer; R. Gilbert Jost; Roger H. Schneider
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Volume Number: 1091
Date Published: 8 May 1989
Softcover: 44 papers (401) pages
ISBN: 9780819401267

Table of Contents
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Reversible And Irreversible Image Data Compression Using The S-transform and Lempel-Ziv Coding
Author(s): Hartwig Blume; Aaron Fand
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Optimization of Trade-offs in Error-free Image Transmission
Author(s): Jerome R. Cox; Stephen M. Moore; G. James Blaine; John B. Zimmerman; Gregory K. Wallace
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Multiplanar Imaging System For Stereotaxic Neurosurgery
Author(s): L. A. DeSoto; H. S. Choi; D. R. Haynor; Y. Kim; K. J. Burchiel; T. S. Roberts
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Data Compression in the PACS Environment
Author(s): Jeffry R. Abramson; Brian H. Krasner
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A Mini-Max Error Criterion Based Algorithm For Image Adaptive Vector Quantization
Author(s): S. Panchanathan; M. Goldberg
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A Reversible Data Compression Scheme For CT Image Archiving
Author(s): Tsuneo Saito; Hiroyuki Kudo
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Performance of the ACR/NEMA Protocol
Author(s): Ursula M. Maydell; Michael H. MacGregor; Robert M. Gregorish
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Full-Frame Transform Coding of Cross-Sectional Images
Author(s): K. K. Chan; Shyh-Liang Lou; H. K. Huang
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Implementation of Automatic Digital Ultrasonic Image Acquisition on a Microcomputer
Author(s): Kwang S. Park; Raymond J. Madachy; Ricky K. Taira; Nicholas J. Mankovich
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Comparison of Interpolative versus Full-Frame Cosine Transform Image Compression of Digital Chest Radiographs
Author(s): Shyh-Liang Lou; K. K. Chan
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Image Quality Optimization for a Digital Video Fluorography System
Author(s): J. Chou; F. Elderbroom; R. Flatau; M. Ma
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Versatile Direct Memory Access Digital Camera Interface For IBM-AT Compatible Computers
Author(s): H. Iida; A. Hiruma; R. Gerson; M. Miwa
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Variable Rate Vector Quantization For Medical Image Compression With Applications To Progressive Transmission
Author(s): Eve A. Riskin; Tom Lookabaugh; Philip A. Chou; Robert M. Gray
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Evolving Design of a Radiology Workstation Using Time-Motion Analysis and the Keystroke Model
Author(s): David Beard; Jonathan Walker; Ira Bell; Robert Cromartie
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IMEX: A Tool For Image Display And Contour Management In A Windowing Environment
Author(s): Peter H. Mills; Henry Fuchs; Stephen M. Pizer; Julian G. Rosenman
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User Testing Of The Image Navigation System For A Radiological Workstation
Author(s): R. F. Dillon; M. Goldberg; E. Roger; M. Coristine; J. W. Tombaugh; G. Belanger; N. Hickey
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A Psychophysical Comparison of Two Methods for Adaptive Histogram Equalization
Author(s): John B. Zimmerman; Steve B. Cousins; Mark E. Frisse; Karin M. Hartzell; Michael G. Kahn
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ROC Analysis of Chest Radiographs Using Computed Radiography and Conventional Analog Films
Author(s): Craig Morioka; Kathy Brown; Alek Hayrapetian; Hooshang Kangarloo; S. Balter; H. K. Huang
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Environmental Designs for Reading from Imaging Workstations: Ergonomic and Architectural Features
Author(s): Steven C. Horii; Howard N. Horii; Seong Ki Mun; Harold R. Benson; Robert K. Zeman
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Low Cost Desktop Image Analysis Workstation With Enhanced Interactive User Interface
Author(s): Osman Ratib; H. K. Huang
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Multimedia Radiological Reports: Creation And Playback
Author(s): Cheryl Schramm; Morris Goldberg
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Three-Dimensional Rendering Of Medical Images: Surface And Volume Approach
Author(s): Henry Rusinek; Nolan Karp; Court Cutting
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Volumetric Display of Brain Function and Brain Anatomy
Author(s): D. J. Valentino; P. D. Cutler; J. C. Mazziotta; H. K. Huang; R. A. Drebin; C. A. Pelizzari
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Construction Of Polyhedral Surfaces From Serial Sections: Exact And Heuristic Solutions
Author(s): Alan Shaw; Eric L. Schwartz
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Development of Pictorial Directory Workstation for Rapid Image Presentation
Author(s): Shih-Chung Lo; Steve Horii; Seong Ki Mun; Robert Braudes; Brian Garra
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Experience With Phosphor Imaging Plates--Clinical Experience In Pediatric Radiology
Author(s): Rosalind B. Dietrich; M. Ines Boechat; Han K. Huang
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Scientific Assessment Of The Clinical Utility Of Phosphor Plate Computed Radiography
Author(s): Bruce J. Hillman; Laurie L. Fajardo
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The Effect Of Simultaneous Vs Sequential Viewing Of Digital Images On Comparative Judgment Performance
Author(s): Nancy L. Carboni; Jo W. Tombaugh; Richard F. Dillon
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Physical Evaluation Of CRT's For Use In Digital Radiography
Author(s): H. Roehrig; W. Dallas; T. L. Ji; R. D. Lamoreaux; D. Oikawa; R. Vercillo; D. Yocky
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Minimally Interactive Soft Tissue Segmentation for 3-D Display from Tomographic Images
Author(s): R. T. Fan; S. J. Zinreich; C. B. Quinn; L. L. Fellingham
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Oblique Reformatting Of Multislice MR Images For Improved Visualization Of Coronary Arteries
Author(s): Nola M. Hylton; William S. Chung; Elias H. Botvinick; Nelson B. Schiller; Phillip Sheldon; Leon Kaufman
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3-D Imaging Using Normalized Gradient Shading in CT and MRI
Author(s): Carl R. Crawford; Harvey E. Cline; William E. Lorensen; Bruce C. Teeter
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Quality Assurance For Image Display Devices In A Hospital-Wide IMACS Network
Author(s): William J. Davros; Jerry W. Gaskill; Seong K. Mun
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Cutting a 3-D object from its 3-D image
Author(s): Heang K. Tuy; Todd J. Krochta; James C. Ohman
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Image Organization And Navigation Strategies For A Radiological Workstation
Author(s): Etienne Roger; Morris Goldberg
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Digital Image Display Station Performance Requirements Based on Physician Experience with a Prototype System
Author(s): Paul Fisher; Brent Grover; Gerhard Brauer; Gordon Ritchie
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Integrated System Design for High-speed Image Decompression and Display
Author(s): Bruce K.T. Ho; Kelby K. Chan; H. K. Huang
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A Simple Imaging Workstation For Radiological Research
Author(s): P. L. Hofland; J. P.J. de Valk; H. M. Kroon; F. P. Ottes; A. M. Vossepoel; L. J. Schultze Kool; L. Schepers; B. M. ter Haar Romeny
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A Low-Cost PC-Based Image Workstation for Dynamic Interactive Display of Three-Dimensional Anatomy
Author(s): William A. Barrett; Sai P. Raya; Jayaram K. Udupa
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Peripheral Angiography Digital Image Acquisition Using Rapid Continuous Sweeps of a Moving Gantry
Author(s): David L. Wilson; Lawrence R. Tarbox; Gerhard Linke; David B. Cist; David D. Faul
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A Dynamical Multivariate Physical Data Display System Using an Improved Facial Method
Author(s): Masayuki Nakajima; Takeshi Agui; Norimasa Noguchi
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Evaluation Of VDU Displays In Radiological Diagnosis: A Preliminary Comparison Of Two Systems
Author(s): R M Dawood; J. O.M.C. Craig; J. H. Highman; J. Wadsworth; H. I. Glass; A. Todd-Pokropek; D. A. Cunningham; J. M. Stevens; A. Al-Kutoubi; R. W. Kerslake
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A New Technique Of Achieving Pseudocolor Medical Images
Author(s): Ding Pei-jun; Zheng Bo
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An Approach To Interactive Human Computer Interface Design
Author(s): Fang Sheng Liu
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