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High Power Lasers for Fusion Research V
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Volume Number: 10898
Estimated Publication Date: 7 March 2019

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LMJ status: Fifth bundle commissioning and PW class laser coupling
Author(s): M. Nicolaizeau; J-L. Miquel
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Recent development of the Orion Laser Facility and future perspectives
Author(s): N. W. Hopps; D. A. Egan; S. P. Elsmere; M. T. Girling; E. J. Harvey; D. I. Hillier; D. Hussey; J. J. McLoughlin; S. J. F. Parker; R. Penman; P. A. Treadwell; D. N. Winter
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Tunable UV upgrade on OMEGA EP
Author(s): B. E. Kruschwitz; J. Kwiatkowski; C. Dorrer; M. Barczys; A. Consentino; D. H. Froula; M. J. Guardalben; E. M. Hill; D. Nelson; M. J. Shoup; D. Turnbull; L. J. Waxer; D. Weiner
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A change of paradigm for visual defects specification in high power lasers
Author(s): F. Tournemenne; S. Bouillet; C. Rouyer; C. Leymarie; J. Iriondo; A. Baudier; B. Battelier
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kJ-10 PW class laser system at 1 shot a minute (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gilles Chériaux; Erhard Gaul; Roman Antipenkov; Ted Borger; Jonathan Tyler Green; František Batysta; Gavin Friedman; Axel Jochmann; Daniel Kramer; Bedrich Rus; Pavel Trojek; Štepan Vyhlídka; Todd Ditmire
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Key issues of damage resistance of final optics for ICF high power laser facility
Author(s): Jianqiang Zhu; Mingying Sun; Zhaoyang Jiao; Yajing Guo; Chong Liu; Xingchen Pan; Hua Tao; Cheng Liu; Xuejie Zhang; Xue Dong; Bei Cheng
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Implementation of static wavefront correctors in Orion's long pulse beamlines
Author(s): J. McLoughlin; P. Treadwell; D. Egan; N. Hopps
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Wide aperture high resolution stacked-actuator deformable mirror for high power laser beam correction
Author(s): Vladimir Toporovsky; Alexis Kudryashov; Vadim Samarkin; Julia Sheldakova; Alexey Rukosuev
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Power balance on the OMEGA 60 laser (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Siddharth Sampat; Tanya Kosc; Katelynn Bauer; Mark Romanofsky; Amy Rigatti; Joseph Kwiatkowski; Richard Dean; William Donaldson; Leon Waxer; Robert Moshier; John H. Kelly
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In-tank, on-shot characterization of the OMEGA laser system focal spot
Author(s): L. J. Waxer; K. A. Bauer; E. C. Cost; M. Heimbueger; J. H. Kelly; V. Kobilansky; S. F. B. Morse; D. Nelson; R. Peck; R. Rinefierd; S. Sampat; M. J. Shoup; D. Weiner; G. Weselak; J. Zou
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Comparison of on-shot, in-tank, and equivalent-target-plane measurements of the OMEGA Laser System focal spot
Author(s): K. A. Bauer; M. Heimbueger; S. Sampat; L. J. Waxer; E. C. Cost; J. H. Kelly; V. Kobilansky; J. Kwiatkowski; S. F. B. Morse; D. Nelson; D. Weiner; G. Weselak; J. Zou
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Learning-based predictive models: A new approach to integrating large-scale simulations and experiments (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Brian K. Spears
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Using convolutional neural networks to classify static x-ray imager diagnostic data at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): William Leach; James Henrikson; Robert Hatarik; Judy Liebman; Nathan Mundhenk; Nathan Palmer; Matthew Rever
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The development of a 5-cm aperture ceramic Yb:YAG edge-pumped disk laser amplifier
Author(s): John Vetrovec; David M. Filgas; Drew A. Copeland; Roger R. Thibault; Suraj J. Thiagarajan; Eldridge Briscoe
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A kW-class nanosecond DPSSL operating at 100 J, 10 Hz for high energy density research at the European XFEL (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): P. Jonathan Phillips; Paul Mason; Klaus Ertel; Jodie Smith; Mariastefania De-Vido; Thomas Butcher; Steph Tomlinson; Jorge E. Suarez-Merchan; Andrew Lintern; Billy Costello; Ian Hollingham; Andrew Norton; Michael Tyldesley; Cristina Hernandez-Gomez; Chris Edwards; John Collier; Hauke Höppner; Toma Toncian; Ulf Zastrau; Dominik Möller
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Thermal effects in a high repetition rate 88 W average power OPCPA system at 800 nm
Author(s): Katalin Mecseki; Matthew K. R. Windeler; Joseph S. Robinson; James M. Fraser; Alan R. Fry; Franz Tavella
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High-efficiency, large-aperture fifth-harmonic: Generation of 211-nm pulses in ammonium dihydrogen phosphate crystals for fusion diagnostics
Author(s): I. A. Begishev; M. Romanofsky; S. Carey; R. Chapman; G. Brent; M. J. Shoup; J. D. Zuegel; J. Bromage
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Co-timing UV and IR laser pulses on the OMEGA EP laser system
Author(s): W. R. Donaldson; A. Consentino
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Deconvolution uncertainty for power sensors at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Dominic M. Carrano; Ryan D. Muir
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Broadband amplification in Nd3+ phosphate glass: Single effective oscillator model and beyond
Author(s): Thomas E. Lanier; Jean-Michel G. Di Nicola; Richard A. Sacks; Paul J. Wegner
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Longitudinally excited CO2 laser with a spike pulse width of 100 ns to 300 ns
Author(s): Kohei Sakamoto; Kazuyuki Uno; Takahisa Jitsuno
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