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Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems XVII
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Volume Number: 10875
Date Published: 7 June 2019

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Front Matter: Volume 10875
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-throughput thermal replication of transparent fused silica glass
Author(s): F. Kotz; A. Striegel; N. Schneider; M. Worgull; B. E. Rapp
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Pure proteinaceous high-aspect-ratio microstructures made by femtosecond laser multiphoton cross-linking
Author(s): D. Serien; K. Sugioka
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Structuring unbreakable and autoclavable hydrophobic barriers in paper via direct printing and mask-based photolithography
Author(s): Tobias M. Nargang; Robert Dierkes; Julia Bruchmann; Nico Keller; Kai Sachsenheimer; Frederik Kotz; Dorothea Helmer; Bastian E. Rapp
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LIDE: high aspect ratio glass processing technology for the mass production of microfluidic devices for biomedical applications
Author(s): Robin A. Krüger; Malte Schulz-Ruhtenberg; Bernd Rösener; Oktavia Ostermann; Roman Ostholt; Norbert Ambrosius
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Multifunctional microfluidic devices from tailored photopolymer formulations
Author(s): Max J. Männel; Niclas Weigel; Julian Thiele
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Suspended liquid subtractive lithography: printing three dimensional channels directly into uncured polymeric matrices
Author(s): Dorothea Helmer; Stephan Voss; Kai Sachsenheimer; Frederik Kotz; Bastian E. Rapp
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Support-free direct 3D-printing of millifluidic and microfluidic chips with tunable stiffness through computed axial lithography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Hossein Heidari; Brett Kelly; Indrasen Bhattacharya; Hayden Taylor
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3D printing of highly fluorinated methacrylates for the rapid prototyping of transparent and chemically-resistant microfluidic devices
Author(s): Patrick Risch; Frederik Kotz; Dorothea Helmer; Bastian E. Rapp
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Automated laser-assisted synthesis of microarrays for infectious disease research
Author(s): G. Paris; J. Heidepriem; A. Tsouka; M. Mende; S. Eickelmann; F. F. Loeffler
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Microfluidic mixing and jetting devices based on SU8 and glass for time-resolved molecular imaging experiments
Author(s): Majid Hejazian; Eugeniu Balaur; Leonie Flueckiger; Lilian Hor; Connie Darmanin; Brian Abbey
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Confocal Raman thermometer for microfluidic devices
Author(s): Guillermo D. Brinatti Vazquez; Oscar E. Martinez; Juan Martín Cabaleiro
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Holographic imaging for tracking and phase retrieval in acoustophoresis platforms
Author(s): T. Cacace; P. Memmolo; V. Bianco; M. Paturzo; M. Vassalli; M. Fraldi; G. Mensitieri; P. Ferraro
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Electrohydrodynamic cell concentration for biofabrication of agar-based 3D microtissues
Author(s): Abishek Vembadi; Anoop Menachery; Mohammad A. Qasaimeh
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Multiplexed detection of CRP-SAA1 using laser direct-write-fabricated multiple flow-path lateral flow devices (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Peijun He; Ioannis Katis; Panos Galanis; Jessica Teeling; Clive Holmes; Robert Eason; Collin Sones
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Dual dielectrophoresis controller and fluorescence analysis platform for capillary-driven microfluidics on a portable device
Author(s): Ricardo Luis Ohta; André de Oliveira Botelho; Jaione Tirapu-Azpiroz; Claudius Feger; Mathias Bernhard Steiner
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Exact solution for laser-induced thermo-capillary force on a 3D microbubble in a liquid
Author(s): Yunyang Li; Partha Banerjee; Ujitha Abeywickrema
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An adaptive mesh refinement based simulation for pressure-deformability analysis of a circulating tumor cell
Author(s): Mohammad Abul Hashem; Xiaolin Chen; Hua Tan
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Handy-LOC: a lab-on-a-chip system with integrated ink-jet printed organic semiconductor detection elements (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sebastian Schattschneider; Falk Kemper; Erik Beckert; Zhe Shu; Peter Miethe; Andreas Willems; Holger Becker; Claudia Gärtner
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Patterning of DNA hydrogels by photodecomposition with visible light (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Suguru Shimomura; Takahiro Nishimura; Yusuke Ogura; Jun Tanida
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Zinc-oxide nanowires growth in-situ in microfluidic chamber
Author(s): Mazen Erfan; Martine Gnambodoe-Capochichi; Marie Le Pivert; Frédéric Marty; Yasser M. Sabry; Tarik Bourouina; Yamin Leprince-Wang
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Laser-direct-writing to enable filtration in paper-based devices
Author(s): Panagiotis P. Galanis; Peijun J. W. He; Ioannis N. Katis; Michael R. Thomas; Yunlei Xianyu; Molly M. Stevens; Robert W. Eason; Collin L. Sones
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Development of a robotic 3D bioprinting and microfluidic pumping system for tissue and organ engineering
Author(s): Kowther Kahin; Zainab Khan; Malak Albagami; Sadaf Usman; Sarah Bahnshal; Hibatallah Alwazani; M. A. Majid; Sakandar Rauf; Charlotte Hauser
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Integrated microfluidic probes for cell manipulation and analysis
Author(s): Ayoola Brimmo; Ayoub Glia; Pavithra Sukumar; Roaa Alnemari; Anoop Menachery; Muhammedin Deliorman; Mohammad A. Qasaimeh
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Merging micro and nano: study of transport of gold nanoparticles inside a tumor microenvironment-on-a-chip
Author(s): Karolina P. Valente; Sapanbir S. Thind; Afzal Suleman; Alexandre G. Brolo
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3D printing hydrogels with orthogonally tunable mechanical properties (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Asais Camila Uzcategui; Archish Muralidharan; Yangyi Yu; Karin Payne; Virginia L. Ferguson; Stephanie J. Bryant; Robert R. McLeod
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3D imaging in microfluidics: new holographic methods and devices
Author(s): V. Bianco; L. Miccio; P. Memmolo; F. Merola; B. Mandracchia; T. Cacace; M. Mugnano; M. Paturzo; M. Villone; P. L. Maffettone; P. Ferraro
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Breaking the trade-off between sensitivity and Q-factor for high-Q slot mode photonic crystal nanobeam cavity biosensors with optomechanical feedback
Author(s): Mertcan Erdil; Serdar Kocaman
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Design and analysis of optical ring resonator for bio-sensing application
Author(s): Shwetha M.; Sampritha Niranjan Swamy; Vijeth M. Sarashetti; Narayan K.
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Microfluidics for health monitoring applications
Author(s): Javier L. Prieto
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Microring resonator biosensing platform for sensitive detection of thrombin
Author(s): Geert A. J. Besselink; Douwe H. Geuzebroek; Frederik Schreuder; Floris Falke; Arne Leinse; René G. Heideman
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Laser-induced liquid micro-jets for needle-free injection into biological tissue (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jan Krizek; Paul Delrot; Christophe Moser
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Estimation of permeability from optical observations in a model system of 3D ovarian cancer nodules subjected to fluidic shear stress (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sepideh Afshar; Imran Rizvi; Walfre Franco
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Integrated photonics and automated microfluidics: advanced platforms for point of care biosensing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Arnan Mitchell
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Optical fiber based light scattering detection in microfluidic droplets
Author(s): Shulin Wohlfeil; Sundar Hengoju; Anne-Sophie Munser; Miguel Tovar; Oksana Shvydkiv; Martin Roth; Sven Schröder; Erik Beckert; Ramona Eberhardt; Andreas Tünnermann
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High throughput optical analysis and sorting of cells and particles in microfluidic systems
Author(s): Daniel Geiger; Tobias Neckernuss; Jonas Pfeil; Patricia Schwilling; Othmar Marti
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Studying the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans using microfluidic chips
Author(s): Martin A. M. Gijs
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Laser direct-write patterned paper-based devices for detection of bacterial pathogens (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Peijun He; Ioannis Katis; Catherine Bryant; Charles Keevil; Bhaskar Somani; Robert Eason; Collin Sones
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A 3D printed centrifugal microfluidic platform for solid-phase-extraction and fluorescent detection of spilled oil in water
Author(s): Yong Zhang; Jiwen Xiang; Yunxia Wang; Zheng Qiao; Wanjun Wang
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Immuno-capture of cells in open microfluidics: microfluidic probes integrated with herringbone micro-mixers
Author(s): Ayoub Glia; Pavithra Sukumar; Ayoola T. Brimmo; Muhammedin Deliorman; Mohammad A. Qasaimeh
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3D printed micro-electro-fluidic probe (MeFP) for single cell electroporation
Author(s): Ayoola Brimmo; Anoop Menachery; Mohammad A. Qasaimeh
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