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Ocean Optics and Information Technology
Editor(s): Xuelong Li; Lixin Wu; Jianquan Yao; Hao Yin; Renhe Zhang; Zhongliang Zhu
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Volume Number: 10850
Date Published: 17 December 2018

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 10850
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Construction and application of ocean big data platform based on UAV system
Author(s): Dong Yan; Cheng Wang; Naien Zhou; Xiangrong You
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Comparing approaches of suppressing tow ship noise with a horizontal line array
Author(s): Nan Zou; Jia Feng; Guolong Liang; Yan Wang
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Research on the high-precision acoustic autonomous navigation technique of UUV based on sound ray revision
Author(s): Jin-Jin Wang; Tao Lin; Guang-Pu Zhang; Jin Fu
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Test method of 1553b bus based on real airborne environment
Author(s): Wei Yan; Gang Xu; Yuhu Zhu; Hui Gan; Siyuan Feng
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Investigation of laser impulse broadening of breaking wave by the Monte Carlo method
Author(s): Ling Xuan Zhu; Biao Wang; Xiao Bing Wang; Yi Wei Huo
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Research on Mach-Zehnder interference sensors based on the fused tapered optical fiber technology
Author(s): Mingshi Luo; Shichao Xu
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Research of nitrate concentration prediction based on GA
Author(s): Xueji Wang; Bingliang Hu; Tao Yu; Qingsong Liu; Hongbo Li; Yao Fan
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Development of automated observation radiometer for water-leaving radiance
Author(s): Sheng-li Chen; Xin Li; En-chao Liu
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Micro quasi-Michelson interferometric fiber optics hydrophone based on refractive index modulation
Author(s): Ruihua Pu; Wen Wang; Xueguang Qiao; Qiangzhou Rong
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Variations in the optical backscattering properties of phytoplankton of different cell sizes
Author(s): Lingling Jiang; Yanlong Chen; Lin Wang; Wang Xiang; Xiangyu Guo
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Analysis of submarine optical cable eavesdropping defense means
Author(s): Liang Zheng; Chang Shu; Xiu-Ling Li; Ying-Jian Wang
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3D information extraction algorithm of underwater target based on spatial mapping
Author(s): Ruiliang Zong; Xuyang Chen; Yuyao He; Baoqi Li; Yaohua Zhao
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Research and development of applications of the theory of polarization aberration
Author(s): Jiewei Yu; Xuemin Cheng; Maolin Li
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Underwater 3D reconstruction based on multi-view stereo
Author(s): Feifei Gu; Juan Zhao; Pei Xu; Shulan Huang; Gaopeng Zhang; Zhan Song
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Underwater target recognition algorithm under the influence of non-uniform illumination
Author(s): Xiawei Guan; Yaohua Zhao; Yuyao He; Baoqi Li; Xuyang Chen
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Simultaneous retrieval of aerosol optical thickness and exponent of Junge power-law from AATSR L1B
Author(s): Lin Zhu; Qingshan Xu; Xiongwei Sun; Chen Cheng; Chuanyu Fan; Lei Yang
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The mobile sensor nodes scheduling algorithm based on grid competition in UWSNs
Author(s): Yuan-ming Ding; Fang Liu; Na-na Li; Ran Zhang; Yang Yang
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Evaluation method of Coastal Zone Imager performance based on remote sensing data analysis
Author(s): Di Jia; Jianhua Zhu; Tongji Li; Bing Han; Zhen Tian
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Marine local communication technology based on solar-blind ultraviolet
Author(s): Dongdong Jin; Chunhen Ji; Xinbo Chu; Chonglei Pei; Bo Peng
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A low frequency denoising algorithm of optical fiber laser hydrophone based on wavelet transformation
Author(s): Yahan Yang; Geyang Hao; Bo Liu; Guojun Wu; Pei Lv
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An underwater binocular vision positioning method based on back-propagation neural networks
Author(s): Lei Feng; Jian Gao; Zuocheng Tang; Chen Li
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Field experimental studies of detecting the dissolved CO2/HCO3- using Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Ganshang Si; Dewang Yang; Jinjia Guo ; Qingsheng Liu; Zhao Luo; Ronger Zheng
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Spatial variation of CDOM and its influencing factors in tropical East Indian Ocean during summer
Author(s): Xiao-qing Cai; Xiao-yong Wang; Jie Meng; Da-yong Bi; Qing-wei Zhou
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Experimental study on underwater range-gated imaging system pulse and gate control coordination strategy
Author(s): Wei Liu; Qi Li; Ge-yang Hao; Guo-jun Wu; Pei Lv
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Comparison experiment of sun glint correction method for nearshore high-resolution multispectral satellite images
Author(s): Mengru Chu; Huaguo Zhang
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An approach for sensing underwater particles using digital holographic imaging
Author(s): Chao Liu; Xiaoping Wang; Yingtian Hu; Ming Tang; Zheng Shi
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Monte Carlo simulation of radiative transfer in polarized spherically coupled ocean-atmosphere system
Author(s): Wencai Cai; Qiankun Zhu; Xianqiang He; Difeng Wang; Fang Gong
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Simulations and measurements of polarization states changing in underwater laser transmission
Author(s): Buyu Guo; Guang Yuan; Jia Yu; Huiping Liu; Wenbin Xu; Rui Hou
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Miniaturized in situ dark-field microscope for in situ detecting plankton
Author(s): Buyu Guo; Jia Yu; Huiping Liu; Wenbin Xu; Rui Hou; Bing Zheng
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Marine plankton microscope system based on light field camera
Author(s): Wenbin Xu; Jia Yu; Huiping Liu; Buyu Guo; Rui Hou
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Remote sensing inversion of total suspended matter concentration in Oujiang River based on Landsat-8/OLI
Author(s): Xuebing Wang; Difeng Wang; Fang Gong; Xianqiang He
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Spectral characteristics of Sargassum horneri in seawater
Author(s): Xiaoguang Huang; Difeng Wang; Menglin Bao; Fang Gong; Yan Bai
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The deep-sea lamp design based on the light attenuation in water
Author(s): Xiang-qian Quan; Xiang-zi Chen; Ming Chen; Ke-lin Sun; Yi-dan Liu; Hai-long Zhang
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Underwater 3D imaging by a structured light system
Author(s): Juan Zhao; Zhao Song; Feifei Gu; Zhan Song
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The research on Modulation Transfer Function of underwater imaging system based on edge method
Author(s): Dailin Li; Guilei Li; Dan Yang; Yi Xing; Ning Wang; Huafeng Zhu; Zhiyong Jiao
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In-site chlorophyll-a fluorometer based on lock-in amplifier
Author(s): Zheng Shi; Ya Gao; Yingtian Hu; Chao Liu; Xiaoping Wang
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