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Micro-Optics and MOEMS
Editor(s): Yuelin Wang; Huikai Xie
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Volume Number: 10848
Date Published: 14 December 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10848
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Intensifier performance test technology development
Author(s): Bin Liu; WenGang Hu; XiShan Wu
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Orbital rotation of multi-particle arrays in a dual-fiber optical trap
Author(s): Kunshan Liu; Yuanyuan Li; Guangzong Xiao; Xinqi Wang; Lijun Zhang; Hengnian Li
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Refractive index detection of nanolitre samples in a microfluidic chip with a Michelson interferometer
Author(s): Yangcheng Luo; Huiqing Chen; Kun Liu; Changyong Zhu; Junshan Liu
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Monte Carlo investigation of cell defects on detection properties in radial packed square-pore micro-channel optics
Author(s): Hua Cai; Kangsheng Huang; Jiuwang Wang; Yong Sun; Hui Liu; Tiezhu Bo; Qing Li; Xiaoxuan Shi; Chang Liu; Caili Wang; Juan Liu; Shiyong Xie; Jinsheng Jia
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Spoof surface plasmons on the corrugated metal surface with gradient groove depths
Author(s): Yong-Qiang Liu; Liangsheng Li; Hongcheng Yin
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Study on angle detection capability of silicon waveguide grating coupler
Author(s): Yang Gao; Yanfei Liu; Jiali Liao; Jun Xu; Zhanrong Zhou; Qiyun Sun
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Low loss terahertz devices based on polymer substrate
Author(s): Liangping Xia; Hongyan Mao; Xinqun Zhang; Suihu Dang; Wenjuan Yan; Songbai Li
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Micro-scanning mechanism design based on dynamic model
Author(s): Li-wei Huang; Guang-li Sun; Jiang-peng Song; Shi-xun Fan
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Research on the graphene oxide's dielectric constant at the microwave frequency of 9.231GHz
Author(s): Keqin Zhao; Xiu Li; Yunting Chu; Tianyi Jiao; Changmin Yu; Chuang Wu; Guiying Yu; Xiuyan Chen
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Ultra-sensitive fluorescence detection based on helical micro optical fiber
Author(s): Qinnan Chen; Xuecui Mei; Ke Fang; Daoheng Sun
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Split nanofocusing spots beyond diffraction limit via a new near-field plasmonic structure
Author(s): Zhe Guo; Yanqiu Li; Yanjun Chen
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Design and analysis of a novel connective locking mechanism for future space mirrors assembly
Author(s): Xupeng Li; Wei Wang; Jinfeng Shi; Yanjun Qu; Xuewu Fan
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Resonance characteristics of TE mode in slotted photonic crystal microring resonator
Author(s): Xueping Wang; Mei Kong; Yameng Xu; Xin Liu
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Estimating relative extent of scattering loss due to sidewall roughness in slot waveguides by nw model
Author(s): Yu Wang; Mei Kong
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Optical design and analysis of a high resolution MOEMS accelerometer based on diffraction grating
Author(s): Yuan Yao; Debin Pan; Anbing Geng; Haitao Wang; Jian Bai; Qianbo Lu; Peiwen Chen; Weidong Fang
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Progress in atomic layer deposition based microchannel plate
Author(s): Tao Xu; Qing Li; Yanglei Xu; Jiao Lian; Hui Liu
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