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Three-Dimensional Visualization and Display Technologies
Editor(s): Scott S. Fisher; Woodrow E. Robbins

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Volume Number: 1083
Date Published: 11 September 1989

Table of Contents
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Stereoscopic CAD and Environmental Sculpture: Enhancement of the Design Process in the Visual Arts
Author(s): Robert N. Fisher; Pier Luigi Bandini
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Stereo TV Improves Manipulator Performance
Author(s): Robert E. Cole; Donna L. Parker
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Experience with Stereoscopic Display Devices and Output Algorithms
Author(s): James S. Lipscomb
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Voice Controlled Stereographic Video Camera System
Author(s): Georgianna D. Goode; Michael L. Philips
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Exploring Virtual Worlds With Head-Mounted Displays
Author(s): J. C. Chung; M. R. Harris; F. P. Brooks; H. Fuchs; M. T. Kelley; J. Hughes; M. Ouh-young; C. Cheung; R. L. Holloway; M. Pique
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Low Cost Design Alternatives For Head Mounted Stereoscopic Displays
Author(s): Stephen W. Martin; Richard C. Hutchinson
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Chromostereoscopic Microscopy
Author(s): Richard A. Steenblik
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Computer-Generated Barrier-Strip Autostereography
Author(s): Daniel J. Sandin; Ellen Sandor; William T. Cunnally; Mark Resch; Thomas A. DeFanti; Maxine D. Brown
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Everyman's real-time real 3-D
Author(s): Homer B. Tilton
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Parallax Barrier 3DTV
Author(s): Ian Sexton; David Crawford
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Compatibility Of Stereoscopic Video Systems With Broadcast Television Standards
Author(s): Lenny Lipton
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Computer Generated Lenticular Stereograms
Author(s): Shaun Love; David F. McAllister
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Three-Dimensional Measurement, Display, and Interpretation of Fluid Flow Datasets
Author(s): Minami Yoda; Lambertus Hesselink
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Environment for Distributed Visualization
Author(s): H. Stephen Anderson; John Andrew Berton Jr.; Barbara Helfer Dean
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VERITAS: Visualization Environment Research In The Applied Sciences
Author(s): A. Giacalone; J. Heller; A. Kaufman; M. Kifer; P. M. Lewis; P. Mishra; I. V. Ramakrishnan; S. A. Smolka; D. S. Warren
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Statistical Characteristics of Stereoscopic Images for Image Coding
Author(s): Hiroyuki Yamaguchi; Yasushi Tatehira; Kenji Akiyama; Yukio Kobayashi
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Automated analysis of fluid flow topology
Author(s): James Helman; Lambertus Hesselink
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Visualization Of Complex Data
Author(s): Edward J. Farrell; Zaphiris D. Christidis
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Tools For 3D Scientific Visualization In Computational Aerodynamics At NASA Ames Research Center
Author(s): Gordon Bancroft; Todd Plessel; Fergus Merritt; Val Watson
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A Unified Approach To The Design Of Visualization Software For The Analysis Of Field Problems
Author(s): Robert R. Dickinson
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Three-dimensional Optical Tomographic Measurements of Mixing Fluids
Author(s): Ray Snyder; Lambertus Hesselink
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The Cube System As A 3D Medical Workstation
Author(s): A. Kaufman; R. Bakalash
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Using Electronic Stereoscopic Color Displays: Limits Of Fusion And Depth Discrimination
Author(s): Yei-Yu Yeh; Louis D. Silverstein
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Perceptual Issues In Scientific Visualization
Author(s): Mary K. Kaiser; Dennis R. Proffitt
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Optimal Display Factors in Stereoscopic TV Images for Human Stereoscopic Vision
Author(s): Yasushi Tatehira; Hiroyuki Yamaguchi; Kenji Akiyama; Yukio Kobayashi
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Visions of Visualization Aids: Design Philosophy and Observations
Author(s): Stephen R. Ellis
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UIMX: A User Interface Management System For Scientific Computing With X Windows
Author(s): Michael Foody
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Scientific Work Environments In The Next Decade
Author(s): Julian E. Gomez
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Alternative Representations of Visual Space
Author(s): Aries Arditi
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Digital Perspective Generation And Stereo Display Of Composite Ocean Bottom And Coastal Terrain Images
Author(s): Kirk G. Smedley; Barry K. Haines; David Van Vactor; Michael Jordan
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The Visualization Management System Approach To Visualization In Scientific Computing
Author(s): D. M. Butler; M. H. Pendley
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GeoRGE-3D: A Minicomputer-Based System For Interactive 3-D Rendering Of Digital Environmental Data Sets
Author(s): Thomas H. Vonder Haar; Donald L. Reinke; H. Shaz Naqvi
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Visualization Tools For Industrial Design Problems Applied to Electron Optics
Author(s): J. Alexander; D. Bechis; N. Winarsky; R. Alonso; D. Laur
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Alternative Views of a Hurricane
Author(s): Robert E. Marshall; Peter G. Carswell
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