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Real-time Photonic Measurements, Data Management, and Processing III
Editor(s): Ming Li; Bahram Jalali; Keisuke Goda; Kevin K. Tsia
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Volume Number: 10822
Date Published: 8 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10822
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multiple-dimensional photonic measurements based on mapping technology
Author(s): Jianji Dong; Hailong Zhou; Xinliang Zhang
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A photonic system for broadband microwave measurement
Author(s): Yihan Li; Naoya Kuse; Martin E. Fermann
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A real-time multichannel distributed acoustic sensing system with phase-sensitive optical domain reflectometry technology
Author(s): Shengwen Feng; Fang Li; Tuanwei Xu; Lilong Ma; Fei Li
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Dual-band LFMCW radar based on a photonic-assisted de-chirp processing receiver
Author(s): Jiming Cao; Wen Jiang; Ruoming Li; Jiyao Yang; Zhenwei Mo; Xiangpeng Zhang; Wangzhe Li
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A scanning near-field optical microscope applied to commercial environmental scanning electron microscopes
Author(s): Ping Gong; Liang Xie; Huixia Yang
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Photonic enabled RF self-interference cancellation for full-duplex communication
Author(s): Xiuyou Han; Xinxin Su; Shuo Wang; Yuchen Shao; Hanqiao Wang; Chao Wang; Mingshan Zhao
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High-quality microwave generation and frequency up-conversion by photonic integrated two-section DFB lasers
Author(s): Yuke Zhou; Linjie Zou; Zuye Lu; Jie Zeng; Yuechun Shi; Yunshan Zhang; Xiangfei Chen
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Optical frequency comb generator based on interference among parallel phase modulators
Author(s): Jun Wen; Ming Li; Ning Hua Zhu; Wei Li
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Particle classification based on polarized light scattering and machine learning
Author(s): Dongjian Zhan; Nan Zeng; Sirui Chen; Yonghong He; Hui Ma
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Chaos generation and regulation based on laser self-mixing of high-frequency electro-optical modulation
Author(s): Xuejie Mu; Zhi Yan; Yarong Yu; Haitao Yan; Daofu Han
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A real-time continuous auto-focus algorithm for stereo microscope cameras
Author(s): Rui Zhou; Hongyan Ding; Feihong Yu
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A Ka-band ultra-wideband microwave photonic imaging radar demonstrator
Author(s): Anle Wang; Junkai Zhang; Biao Zhao; Guanghua Dai; Jianghai Wo; Yong Zhu; Jin Zhang; Xiong Luo; Wenshan Cong; Lan Yu
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A simulation method for dual-comb spectroscopy with jitter noise
Author(s): Haoyang Yu; Kai Ni; Qian Zhou; Xinghui Li; Guanhao Wu
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Sagnac interferometer with polarization maintaining fiber for vector transversal loading measurement
Author(s): Xinying Chen; Weisheng Liu; Rui Wu; Shangwu Yang; Jin Yun; Hongyan Fu
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A fast human action recognition algorithm based on key frame pinning
Author(s): Hai Tan; Yin Xu; Gangbo Sun; Bo Lei
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A super-resolution reconstruction algorithm of infrared pedestrian images via compressed sensing
Author(s): Erbo Zou; Bo Lei; Nan Jing; Hai Tan
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Optical modulation format recognition for polarization-multiplexed coherent system using Chinese restaurant process
Author(s): Mengji Sun; Muguang Wang; Yuxiao Guo; Hongqian Mu; Beilei Wu; Shuisheng Jian
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