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34th European Mask and Lithography Conference
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Volume Number: 10775
Date Published: 25 September 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10775
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multi-trigger resist for electron beam and extreme ultraviolet lithography
Author(s): C. Popescu; A. McClelland; D. Kazazis; G. Dawson; J. Roth; Y. Ekinci; W. Theis; A. P. G. Robinson
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Photonic superlattice multilayers for EUV lithography infrastructure
Author(s): F. Kuchar; R. Meisels
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Performance validation of Mapper FLX-1200
Author(s): Jonathan Pradelles; Yoann Blancquaert; Stefan Landis; Laurent Pain; Guido Rademaker; Isabelle Servin; Guido de Boer; Pieter Brandt; Michel Dansberg; Remco Jager; Jerry Peijster; Erwin Slot; Stijn Steenbrink; Marco Wieland
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Feasibility of monitoring a multiple e-beam tool using scatterometry and machine learning: stitching error detection
Author(s): Guido Rademaker; Yoann Blancquaert; Thibault Labbaye; Lucie Mourier; Nivea Figueiro; Francisco Sanchez; Roy Koret; Jonathan Pradelles; Stéfan Landis; Stéphane Rey; Ronny Haupt; Barak Bringoltz; Michael Shifrin; Daniel Kandel; Avron Ger; Matthew Sendelbach; Shay Wolfling; Laurent Pain
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Application of rules-based corrections for wafer scale nanoimprint processes and evaluation of predictive models
Author(s): H. Teyssedre; P. Quemere; J. Chartoire; F. Delachat; F. Boudaa; L. Perraud; M. May
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Lithography technology and trends for More than Moore devices: advanced packaging and MEMS devices
Author(s): Amandine Pizzagalli
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CK-MASK semi-manual tool for mask inspection and blowing
Author(s): Andrea Leserri; Francesco Ferrario; Umberto Iessi; Andrea Gusmini
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The (almost) completely automated 12”-lithography
Author(s): Jens Seyfert; Lars Albinus; Jens Arnold; Silvio Fritsche; Steffen Habel; Michael Mitrach; Mario Stephan
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Fast local registration measurements for efficient e-beam writer qualification and correction
Author(s): Klaus-Dieter Roeth; Hendrik Steigerwald; Runyuan Han; Oliver Ache; Frank Laske
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Accurate determination of 3D PSF and resist effects in grayscale laser lithography
Author(s): Temitope Onanuga; Corinna Kaspar; Holger Sailer; Andreas Erdmann
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Curvilinear data processing methods and verification
Author(s): Clyde Browning; Serguei Postnikov; Matthieu Milléquant; Sébastien Bayle; Patrick Schiavone
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On the road to automated production workflows in the back end of line
Author(s): Gilles Tabbone; Kokila Egodage; Kristian Schulz; Anthony Garetto
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Measuring inter-layer edge placement error with SEM contours
Author(s): François Weisbuch; Jirka Schatz; Matthias Ruhm
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FEM simulation of charging effect during SEM metrology
Author(s): Duy Duc Nguyen; Jean-Herve Tortai; Mohamed Abaidi; Patrick Schiavone
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Deep supervised learning to estimate true rough line images from SEM images
Author(s): Narendra Chaudhary; Serap A. Savari; S. S. Yeddulapalli
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Microlens under melt in-line monitoring based on application of neural network automatic defect classification
Author(s): Julien Ducoté; Amine Lakcher; Laurent Bidault; Antoine-Regis Philipot; Alain Ostrovsky; Etienne Mortini; Bertrand Le-Gratiet
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Alternative absorber materials for mitigation of mask 3D effects in high NA EUV lithography
Author(s): F. J. Timmermans; C. van Lare; J. McNamara; E. van Setten; J. Finders
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Revival of grayscale technique in power semiconductor processing under low-cost manufacturing constraints
Author(s): Jens Schneider; Dieter Kaiser; Nicolo Morgana; Marcel Heller; Henning Feick
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Towards fab cycle time reduction by machine learning-based overlay metrology
Author(s): Faegheh Hasibi; Leon van Dijk; Maialen Larrañaga; Anne Pastol; Auguste Lam; Richard van Haren
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Fabrication of nanoparticles for biosensing using UV-NIL and lift-off
Author(s): Tina Mitteramskogler; Michael J. Haslinger; Astrit Shoshi; Stefan Schrittwieser; Joerg Schotter; Hubert Brueckl; Michael Muehlberger
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Machine learning methods applied to process qualification
Author(s): Mark Herrmann; Stefan Meusemann; Clemens Utzny
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Deposition durability of e-beam mask repair
Author(s): Thorsten Krome; Christian Holfeld; Tim Göhler; Pavel Nesladek
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Maximizing utilization of large-scale mask data preparation clusters
Author(s): Pascal Gilgenkrantz; Stephen Kim; Wooil Han; Minyoung Park; Min Tsao
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Plasmonic resonances in metal covered 2D hexagonal gratings fabricated by interference lithography
Author(s): Andrei A. Ushkov; Maxime Bichotte; Isabelle Verrier; Thomas Kampfe; Yves Jourlin
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Approach to combine electron-beam lithography and two-photon polymerization for enhanced nano-channels in network-based biocomputation devices
Author(s): G. Heldt; Ch. Meinecke; S. Steenhusen; T. Korten; M. Groß; G. Domann; F. Lindberg; D. Reuter; St. Diez; H. Linke; St. E. Schulz
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Limits of model-based CD-SEM metrology
Author(s): Jordan Belissard; Jérôme Hazart; Stéphane Labbé; Faouzi Triki
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Manufacturing of roughness standard samples based on ACF/PSD model programming
Author(s): Jérôme Reche; Maxime Besacier; Patrice Gergaud; Yoann Blancquaert
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Research on data augmentation for lithography hotspot detection using deep learning
Author(s): Vadim Borisov; Jürgen Scheible
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