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Laser Communication and Propagation through the Atmosphere and Oceans VII
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Volume Number: 10770
Date Published: 30 November 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10770
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measuring and modeling the air-sea interface and its impact on FSO systems
Author(s): Omar Alharbi; Wentao Xia; Minghao Wang; Peng Deng; Tim Kane
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Propagation of laser beams through air-sea turbulence channels
Author(s): Minghao Wang; Xiuhua Yuan; Omar AlHarbi; Peng Deng; Tim Kane
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Secure free space communication with vortex beams
Author(s): Judy Kupferman; Shlomi Arnon
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Deep learning for free space optics in a data center environment
Author(s): Laialy Darwesh; Shlomi Arnon
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Optical test bench experiments for 1-Tb/s satellite feeder uplinks
Author(s): K. Elayoubi; A. Rissons; A. Belmonte
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Modeling and experiment verification of non-line-of-sight ultraviolet overwater communication channel
Author(s): Tian Lang; Edwin Torres; Arvel Dean Reeves II; Silvino Cerillo-Marchan; Richard Carrasco; Ramiro Rodriguez; Albert Wang; Gang Chen
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Terabit per second optical wireless links for virtual reality technology
Author(s): Olivier Bouchet; Marc Lanoiselée; Dominic O'Brien; Ravinder Singh; Mir Ghoraishi; Rafael Perez; Víctor Guerra; Suat Topsu; Jorge Garcia-Marquez
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Two-way time transfer method using optical communication links based on single photon counting
Author(s): Pavel Trojanek; Ivan Prochazka
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Characteristics of the USLP based beacon for laser beam control
Author(s): Vladimir Markov; Joshua Isaacs; Phillip Sprangle; Anatoliy Khizhnyak; Michael Helle; Joseph Penano
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The effect of laser noise on the propagation of laser radiation in dispersive and nonlinear media
Author(s): Joshua Isaacs; Phillip Sprangle
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Characterization of spatio-temporal dynamics of deformable mirrors
Author(s): Vladimir Markov; Anatoliy Khizhnyak; James Kilpatrick; Peter Morrison; Glenn Osborne ; John Siegenthaler; Joni Pentony
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The influence of different parameters on the variation in the index of refraction
Author(s): Miranda van Iersel; Daniel A. Paulson
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Observations of optical turbulence in the marine atmospheric surface layer during CASPER-West
Author(s): Benjamin Wauer; Qing Wang; Oswaldo Alvarenga; Ryan Yamaguchi; John Kalogiros; Denny P. Alappattu; Galen Cauble
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A multi-aperture laser transmissometer for detailed characterization of laser propagation over long paths through the turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Daniel A. Paulson; Chensheng Wu; John R. Rzasa; Jonathan Ko; Miranda Van Iersel; Joseph Coffaro; Christopher Smith; Robert Crabbs; Christopher C. Davis
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Near ground surface turbulence measurements and validation: a comparison between different systems
Author(s): Chensheng Wu; Daniel A. Paulson; Miranda Van Iersel; Joseph Coffaro; Melissa Beason; Christopher Smith; Robert F. Crabbs; Ronald Phillips; Larry Andrews; Christopher C. Davis
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Near ground measurements of beam shaping and anisotropic turbulence over concrete runway and grass range
Author(s): Melissa Beason; Frank Sanzone; Joseph Coffaro; Christopher Smith; Jonathon Spychalsky; Bruce Berry; Franklin Titus; Robert Crabbs; Larry Andrews; Ronald Phillips
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Analysis of optical turbulence evolution over the Space Shuttle Landing Facility
Author(s): Joseph T. Coffaro; Melissa Beason; Christopher A. Smith; Ronald L. Phillips; Larry C. Andrews; Robert F. Crabbs
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Improving optical atmospheric propagation models with numerical weather prediction and lidar
Author(s): Stephen Hammel; David Flagg; Mayra I. Oyola; Eric Hallenborg; James R. Campbell
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A machine learning approach for forecasting the refractive index structure parameter
Author(s): Joshua J. Rudiger; Kevin Book; John S. deGrassie; Stephen Hammel; Brook Baker
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Simulation of light fields captured by a plenoptic camera using an equivalent camera array
Author(s): Eisa Hedayati; Jeremy P. Bos
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Comparing woofer-tweeter control methods through deep turbulence: A simulation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Abbie Tippie Watnik; Dennis F. Gardner Jr.; Mark F. Spencer
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Detection of multiple coaxial optical vortices with a Shack-Hartman sensor in atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Jaime Cisternas; Gustavo Funes; Jaime A. Anguita
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Evaluation of curvature adaptive optics for airborne laser communication systems
Author(s): Juan C. Juarez; Andrew J. Goers; John E. Malowicki; Robert J. Dimeo; Vijit Bedi
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Global tilt removal on a Hartmann turbulence sensor
Author(s): Jack E. McCrae; Santasri R. Bose-Pillai; Christopher A. Rice; Steven T. Fiorino
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Limits on wave optics simulations in non-Kolmogorov turbulence
Author(s): Stephen Grulke; Jeremy P. Bos
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A detailed comparison of non-Kolmogorov and anisotropic optical turbulence theories using wave optics simulations
Author(s): Daniel A. Paulson; Chensheng Wu; Christopher C. Davis
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Optimal conditions for the formation of high-intensity light bullets in a femtosecond filament
Author(s): E. D. Zaloznaya; V. P. Kandidov
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Performance of DPSK free-space optical communication with spatial diversity
Author(s): Chenzhe Lao; Jianfeng Sun; Zhiyong Lu; Yu Zhou; Guo Zhang; Guangyuan Li; Bo Zhang; Mengmeng Xu; Hongyu He
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Investigation of mode demultiplexer for Laguerre-Gaussian mode multiplexing in free space
Author(s): Ayano Sakamoto; Kayo Ogawa
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