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Human Vision, Visual Processing, and Digital Display
Editor(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz
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Volume Number: 1077
Date Published: 15 August 1989
Softcover: 40 papers (401) pages
ISBN: 9780819401120

Table of Contents
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Analysis and Measurement of the Visual Resolution from Shadow Mask CRT Displays
Author(s): H. Veron; J. P. O'Callaghan; R. V. Labonte; H. C. Masterman
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Visual Performance Evaluation For LCD Displays: Appropriate Methods For Measuring Luminance And Contrast
Author(s): J. Glasser; A. Rolland
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Threshold Measurements For Character Jitter On Video Display Terminals
Author(s): E. J. Casson; J. E. Farrell; C. R. Haynie
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Spatial Adaptation On Video Display Terminals
Author(s): Daniel S. Greenhouse; Ian L. Bailey; Peter A. Howarth; Samuel M. Berman
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Assessing The Focus Quality Of Television Pictures
Author(s): J. G. Lourens; T. C. Du Toit; J. B. Du Toit
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Gold-To-Lead? Graphics-To-Tv Standards Conversion By 2D Spatial Resampling
Author(s): David Oakley
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Consideration Of Vision And Picture Quality Psychological Effects Induced By Picture Sharpness
Author(s): Hideo Kusaka
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From A Physical Color Stimulus To A Psychological Color Percept
Author(s): Dan G. Sporea; Gunnar Tonnquist
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Brightness Contrast And Sharpness, Interactive Factors In Perceptual Image Quality
Author(s): Jacques A. J. Roufs
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The Square Root Integral (SQRI): A New Metric To Describe The Effect Of Various Display Parameters On Perceived Image Quality
Author(s): Peter G. J. Barten
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Visual Multipoles And The Assessment Of Visual Sensitivity To Displayed Images
Author(s): Stanley Klein
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The Full Range of Human Temporal Resolution
Author(s): Christopher W. Tyler
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A Suprathreshold Ferry-Porter Law: Implications for the Measurement of Display Flicker
Author(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz
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A spatio-temporal model of the human observer for use in display design
Author(s): Dick Bosman
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A Unification Of Brightness Theories
Author(s): Zhenhua Xie; Thomas G. Stockham
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Digital Processing Of Color Images
Author(s): Sanjit K. Mitra; Iraj Zarrinnaal; Yao Wang
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Using Color To Represent Low Spatial Frequencies In Speckle Degraded Images
Author(s): W. T. Mayo
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On Transparent Quality Image Coding Using Visual Models
Author(s): V. Ramamoorthy; N. S. Jayant
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Image Segmentation Using Human Visual System Properties With Applications In Image Compression
Author(s): Heidi A. Peterson; Sarah A. Rajala; Edward J. Delp
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Image Coding For Data Compression Using A Human Visual Model
Author(s): S. E. Budge; C. F. Barnes; L. A. Talbot; D. M. Chabries; R. W. Christiansen
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The Information Theoretical Significance of Spatial and Temporal Masking in Video Signals
Author(s): Bernd Girod
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Receptive Fields And Visual Representations
Author(s): Andrew B. Watson
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Psychophysical Rating Of Image Compression Techniques
Author(s): Charles S. Stein; Andrew B. Watson; Lewis E. Hitchner
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Multiple Channel Model For The Prediction Of Subjective Image Quality
Author(s): C. Zetzsche; G. Hauske
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Application of a Noise Adaptive Contrast Sensitivity Function to Image Data Compression
Author(s): Scott Daly
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Reconstructing Irregularly Sampled Images by Neural Networks
Author(s): Albert J. Ahumada; John I. Yellott
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Adaptive Sampling, Transmission, and Rendering of Images
Author(s): Ronald Blanford; James Painter; Kenneth Sloan
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AI And Early Vision - Part II
Author(s): Bela Julesz
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What The Statistics Of Natural Images Tell Us About Visual Coding
Author(s): David J. Field
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Visibility Of The Spatial Frequency Components Predicts The Perceived Orientational Structure Of A Visual Pattern
Author(s): C. Bonnet; H. Brettel; I. Cohen
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A New Paradigm For Testing Human And Machine Motion Perception
Author(s): Thomas V. Papathomas; Andrei Gorea
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Motion Perception Model With Interactions Between Spatial Frequency Channels
Author(s): Masami Ogata; Takao Sato
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Static Versus Dynamic Thresholds Under Optical Degradation
Author(s): Marcus D. Benedetto
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Application Of Visual Psychophysics To The Design Of Video Systems For Use In Space
Author(s): William E. Glenn; Karen G. Glenn
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Eleven Colors That Are Almost Never Confused
Author(s): Robert M. Boynton
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Strategies For Selecting A Fixed Palette Of Colors
Author(s): Nathaniel Jacobson; Walter Bender
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A Comparison Of Techniques For Color Gamut Mismatch Compensation
Author(s): Ronald S. Gentile; Jan P. Allebach; Eric Walowit
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The Role Of Simple Nonlinear Operations In Modeling Human Lightness And Color Sensations
Author(s): John J. McCann
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Reference White Standards for Video Display Units
Author(s): Michael H. Brill; Gunilla Derefeldt
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Unified Model For Human Color Perception And Visual Adaptation
Author(s): S. Lee Guth
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