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CubeSats and NanoSats for Remote Sensing II
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Volume Number: 10769
Date Published: 4 December 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10769
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A novel CubeSat payload for airglow measurements in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere
Author(s): Friedhelm Olschewski; Martin Kaufmann; Klaus Mantel; Martin Riese; Ralf Koppmann
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Architectures for Earth-observing CubeSat scatterometers
Author(s): M. Patrick Walton; David G. Long
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A GNSS receiver for small-sats enabling precision POD, radio occultations, and reflections
Author(s): Garth Franklin; Stephan Esterhuizen; Chad Galley; Byron Iijima; Kameron Larsen; Myron Lee; Jehhal Liu; Thomas Meehan; Larry Young
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Technology development in support of hyperspectral infrared atmospheric sounding in a CubeSat
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; Carlo Abesamis; Andres Andrade; Hartmut Aumann; Sarath Gunapala; Cate Heneghan; Robert Jarnot; Dean Johnson; Andy Lamborn; Yuki Maruyama; Sir Rafol; Nasrat Raouf; David Rider; Dave Ting; Dan Wilson; Karl Yee; Jerold Cole; Bill Good; Tom Kampe; Juancarlos Soto; Arn Adams; Matt Buckley; Richard Graham; Fred Nicol; Tony Vengel; John Moore; Thomas Coleman; Steve Schneider; Chris Esser; Scott Inlow; Devon Sanders; Karl Hansen; Matt Zeigler; Charles Dumont; Rebecca Walter; Joe Piacentine
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CubeSat active thermal management in support of cooled electro-optical instrumentation for advanced atmospheric observing missions
Author(s): L. Anderson; C. Swenson; R. Davidson; A. J. Mastropietro; E. Maghsoudi; S. Luong; S. Cappucci; I. Mckinley
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Overview of the NASA TROPICS CubeSat constellation mission
Author(s): W. J. Blackwell; S. Braun; B. Zavodsky; C. Velden; T. Greenwald; D. Herndon; R. Bennartz; M. DeMaria; G. Chirokova; R. Atlas; J. Dunion; F. Marks; R. Rogers; H. Christophersen; B. Annane
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Observing system simulation experiments to assess the potential impact of CubeSats and other small satellite constellations on numerical weather prediction (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Robert M. Atlas; Sid Boukabara; Jun Li
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Snow and Water Imaging Spectrometer (SWIS): CubeSat configuration and design
Author(s): Holly A. Bender; Pantazis Mouroulis; John M. Bellardo; Cole T. Gillespie; Grigory J. Heaton; Michael A. Fernandez; Nicholas N. Sizemore; Andres Andrade; Elliott H. Liggett; Peter Sullivan; Didier Keymeulen; Christopher D. Smith; Megan Gibson
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Hawkeye ocean color instrument: performance summary
Author(s): Alan Holmes; John M. Morrison; Gene Feldman; Fred Patt; Shihyan Lee
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Constellations of CubeSats to exploit signals-of-opportunity for Earth system science
Author(s): Rashmi Shah; Tony Freeman; James L. Garrison
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The Arkyd-6 mid-wave infrared instrument: ground testing, commissioning, and operations (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Kevin Lalli
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Nature of and lessons learned from Lunar Ice Cube and the first deep space cubesat 'cluster'
Author(s): Pamela Clark; Robert MacDowall; William Farrell; Cliff Brambora; Al Lunsford; Terry Hurford; David Folta; Benjamin Malphrus; Matt Grubb; Sarah Wilzcewski; Emily Bujold
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The Lunar Flashlight CubeSat instrument: a compact SWIR laser reflectometer to quantify and map water ice on the surface of the moon
Author(s): Udo Wehmeier; Quentin Vinckier; R. Glenn Sellar; Christopher G. Paine; Paul O. Hayne; Mahmood Bagheri; Mina Rais-Zadeh; Siamak Forouhar; Jessica Loveland; Jacob Shelton
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Overview of Phobos/Deimos Regolith Ion Sample Mission (PRISM) concept
Author(s): Pamela Clark; Michael Collier; Micah Schaible; William M. Farrell; David Folta; Kyle M. Hughes; John W. Keller; Ben Malphrus; Andrew S. Rivkin; Scott Murchie; Dana Hurley; Jasper Halekas; Richard Vondrak; Timothy Stubbs; Rosemary Killen; Menelaos Sarantos; Sarah L. Jones; Jared Espley; Gina Dibraccio
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Overview of Primitive Object Volatile Explorer (PrOVE) CubeSat or Smallsat concept
Author(s): Pamela Clark; Tilak Hewagama; Shahid Aslam; James Bauer; Michael Daly; Lori Feaga; Dave Folta; Nicolas Gorius; Kyle Hughes; Terry Hurford; Donald Jennings; Timothy Livengood; Michael Mumma; Conor Nixon; Jessica Sunshine; Geronimo Villanueva; Kevin Brown; Ben Malphrus; Aaron Zucherman
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A constellation of MicroSats to search for NEOs
Author(s): Michael Shao; Hanying Zhou; Slava G. Turyshev; Chengxing Zhai; Navtej Saini; Russell Trahan
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Inter-satellite omnidirectional optical communicator for remote sensing
Author(s): Jose E. Velazco; Joseph Griffin; Danny Wernicke; John Huleis; Andrew DeNucci; Ozdal Boyraz; Imam Uz Zaman
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A CubeSat mission for space-environment demonstration of Remote Laser-Evaporative Molecular Absorption (R-LEMA) spectroscopy sensor system concept
Author(s): Pedro Santos Moura; Bruno Serpa; Bruno Assis; Yan Moura; Vinicius P. Alves; Katryn A. Schenguer; Breno L. Tumelero; Ana Luz; Luiz G. C. Novaes; Amanda T. Cabral; Daniel V. Rotter; Nícolas Rossini; Pedro M. R. Santos; Thomas K. Bretzke; Melissa de Souza; Karina Morais; Daniel Champoski; Dayane Vieira; Gabriel Spricigo; Eduardo De Carli; Silvia L. S. Taglialenha; Gary B. Hughes
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Remote Laser Evaporative Molecular Absorption (R-LEMA) spectroscopy laboratory experiments
Author(s): Jonathan Madajian; Gary B. Hughes; Benton Miller; Yu Wang; Dane Brouwer; Alexander Cohen; Jessie Su; William Strickland; Prashant Srinivasan; Travis Brashears; Nicholas Rupert; Philip Lubin
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Experimental design for remote laser evaporative molecular absorption spectroscopy sensor system concept
Author(s): Amber Sucich; Tomas Snyder; Ricardo S. Bittencourt; Edinan H. Cirilo; Jonathan Madajian; Yu Wang; Benton Miller; Prashant Srinivasan; Philip Lubin; Gary B. Hughes
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Control system development for an R-LEMA testing CubeSat experiment
Author(s): Lucas Casaril; Bruno Lugnani de Souza; Luiz Felipe Pscheidt; Mairon de Souza Wolniewicz; Alexandro Garro Brito; Gary B. Hughes
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High-power laser subsystem for a 6U CubeSat mission
Author(s): Gabriel Jantsch; Gabriela C. L. Lopes; Paola N. Pienta; Gary B. Hughes
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Spectrometer subsystem for a CubeSat mission to test Remote Laser-Evaporative Molecular Absorption (R-LEMA) spectroscopy concept in the space environment
Author(s): Lillian Rodrigues; Yuri Winche; Gary B. Hughes
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Energy subsystem analysis for a 6U CubeSat mission utilizing high-power laser and FT-IR spectrometer
Author(s): Ricardo S. Bittencourt; Davi S. Albuquerque; Augusto R. Ferreira; Willians G. Cavalcante; Gabriel F. Marconcini Roberto; Gary B. Hughes
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Thermal control analysis on a 6U CubeSat equipped with a high-power laser
Author(s): Bárbara M. Franco; Guilherme L. Dornelles; Luis F. O. Riva; Jhônatas H. Garcia; Djulia L. Guarnieri; Kleber V. Paiva; Gary B. Hughes
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Preliminary studies of the impact on temperature of a high-power laser on-board a 6U CubeSat
Author(s): Edemar Morsch Filho; Rodrigo Santiago; Mateus M. B. Costa; Kleber V. Paiva; Talita S. Possamai; Renato Oba; Vicente P. Nicolau; Gary B. Hughes
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Analysis of a dual CubeSat communication system for a formation-flying experiment
Author(s): Antonio C. R. do Nascimento; Gabriel Teodoro; Jefferson Mika; Mateus M. B. Costa; Gary B. Hughes
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Evaluation of UV optics for triple tiny ionospheric photometers on CubeSat missions
Author(s): Andrew W. Stephan; Peter J. Marquis; Scott A. Budzien; Kenneth F. Dymond; Charles M. Brown; Kenneth D. Wolfram; Andrew C. Nicholas
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A small satellite mission for solar coronagraphy
Author(s): N. Gopalswamy; Qian Gong
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LetSat-1: a GPU technology demonstrator and AI navigation system
Author(s): Clifford N. White; Chandler J. Griscom; Prabodh M. Jhaveri; Elizabeth M. Keener; Byron K. Lichtenberg
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High performance CubeSat remote sensing platforms (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Daniel Hegel
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Deep space laser communication hardware driver (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jonathan A. Madajian; Nicholas Rupert; Victoria Rosborough; Steven B. Estrella; Henry Lee; Sergio Pinna; Joseph Fridlander; Philip Lubin; Jonathan Klamkin
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Advanced multi-mission operations system instrument toolkit: an open source instrument and small satellite operations toolkit
Author(s): Michael J. Joyce; Luke B. Dahl; Lorraine Sposto
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Omnidirectional optical transceiver design techniques for multi-frequency full duplex CubeSat data communication
Author(s): Imam Uz Zaman; Andrew Janzen; Rasul Torun; Michael Y. Peng; Jose Velazco; Ozdal Boyraz
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