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Digital Image Processing Applications
Editor(s): Ying-Wei Lin; Ram Srinivasan
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Volume Number: 1075
Date Published: 5 April 1989
Softcover: 50 papers (449) pages
ISBN: 9780819401106

Table of Contents
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CCD Imager Digital Data Processing: Concepts and Hardware
Author(s): Paul E. Dangler
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CCD-Based Film Scanner With Extended Dynamic Range
Author(s): Michael H. Davis
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Time-Varying Color Image Processing System Based on a Reconfigurable Pipeline Architecture
Author(s): Tomomitsu Murano; Shigeru Sasaki; Tohru Ozaki; Yoshiyuki Ohta; Masatoshi Komeichi
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New Direct Color Mapping Method for Reducing the Storage Capacity of Look-Up Table Memory
Author(s): Hiroaki Ikegami
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Parallel Processing Correlator For High Speed Capture Utilizing Multiple Array Segments
Author(s): Israel Sheinberg; Henry Reinsch
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A Comprehensive Software System For Image Processing And Programming
Author(s): John Rasure; Stephanie Hallett; Ramiro Jordan
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Minimum MSE LPT Estimation with an Application to Images
Author(s): E. H. Feria
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Multi-Temporal Classification Of Remote Sensed Data In Image Processors With A Pipeline Architecture
Author(s): J. M. Rebordao; M. C. Proenca
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Survey Of Lossless Image Coding Techniques
Author(s): Paul W. Melnychuck; Majid Rabbani
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The Standardization Of Color Photographic Image Data Compression
Author(s): Joan L. Mitchell; William B. Pennebaker; Cesar A. Gonzales
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Improvements To The PCS Algorithm For Binary Images
Author(s): Ronald B. Arps; Richard C. Pasco
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A Performance Evaluation of LZ and CCITT Compression Techniques
Author(s): T. M. Holladay
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Realtime Video Transmission over a Fast Packet-Switched Network
Author(s): Robert J. Moorhead; Joong S. Ma; Cesar A. Gonzales
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Interframe Coding Via Nonhomogeneous Progressive Transmission
Author(s): Howard M. Dreizen
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A New ADPCM Image Compression Algorithm and the Effect of Fixed-Pattern Sensor Noise
Author(s): James R. Sullivan
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Real-Time Architecture For Error-Tolerant Color Picture Compression
Author(s): Yusheng T. Tsai
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The Optimal Compression Of Digital Images Using Graphic Signal Processors
Author(s): David R. Ahlgren; Hasan Gadjali
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Implementing International Standards On Still-Frame Image Compression Systems
Author(s): Shrikant Acharya; David Ahlgren
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Low Bit Rate Television On ISDN
Author(s): Hamid Gharavi
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Full Color Printer Of Sublimation Dye Thermal Transfer
Author(s): Hideshi Tanaka
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Displaying Photographic Images On Computer Monitors With Limited Colour Resolution
Author(s): John D. McFall; Joan L. Mitchell; William B. Pennebaker
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Color Appearance Simulation Algorithms for Design System, Using Surface Reflection and Absorption Models
Author(s): Johji Tajima; Takako Mugitani
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Progressive Presentation Of Transformed Images
Author(s): Sharaf E. Elnahas; Zhigang Fan
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Full-Color Imaging On Amplitude-Quantized Color Mosaic Displays
Author(s): R. I. Feigenblatt
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Image Processing In Visual Systems For Flight Simulation
Author(s): Venkat Devarajan
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Three Approaches To Terrain Rendering
Author(s): Timothy Butler
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Linear Scanning For High Resolution, High Dynamic Range, Low Distortion Film Image Digitizing
Author(s): William C. Oelfke
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Preparing Data Bases For Perspective Scene Generation
Author(s): Arliss E. Whiteside
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Windowing Hardware For Image Viewing Applications
Author(s): Jonathan Bernard
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Real Time Perspective Image Generation
Author(s): Myron L. Nack; Michael P. Battaglia; Andrew Nathan
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The New Color Image Processing Techniques for Hardcopy
Author(s): Hiroaki Kotera; Katsuhiro Kanamori
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Resampling Algorithms for Image Resizing and Rotation
Author(s): Joseph Ward; David R. Cok
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Halftone Processing In The Xerox 7650 Image Scanner
Author(s): Leon C. Williams; Ying-wei Lin
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Assessment Of Motion Parameters Of A Moving Object Through Image Processing
Author(s): D. Wolf; J. Ciccotelli; O. Horn; R. Husson
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Restrictive Correlation Evaluation Of Processing Times In Target Tracking
Author(s): O. Horn; J. Ciccotelli; R. Husson
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A Comparison Of Projection Techniques For Image Restoration
Author(s): C. I. Podilchuk; R. J. Mammone
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Edge Detection In Cytology Using Morphological Filters
Author(s): J. Barba; L. Yuan; J. Gil
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A Hybrid Correspondence Algorithm For Motion Estimation From Range Images
Author(s): N. Kehtarnavaz; S. Mohan
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Integrated System for Neural Network based Pattern Recognition
Author(s): S. Mohan; Ram Srinivasan
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Two-Dimensional Discrete Gaussian Markov Random Field Models for Image Processing and Analysis
Author(s): R. Chellappa
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Application Of Hierarchical Networks In Analog Pattern Categorization
Author(s): Thomas W. Ryan; L. D. Sanders
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A Sensor Algorithm Expert System
Author(s): Doug Morgan; Tom Miltonberger; Greg Orr
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Present Status and Future Needs for Automatic Target Recognizers
Author(s): Walter H. Delashmit
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Custom Integrated Circuit For Enhanced Real-Time Road Traffic Monitoring
Author(s): M. Seed; S. P. Harrison; A. D. Houghton; N. L. Seed
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Judging The Effectiveness Of Wool Combing By The Entropy Of The Images Of Wool Slivers
Author(s): F. Carvalho Rodrigues; Fernando D. Carvalho; J. Pinto Peixoto; M. Santos Silva
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Measuring Timber Truck Loads With Image Processing In Paper Mills
Author(s): M. Santos Silva; Fernando D. Carvalho; F. Carvalho Rodrigues; Ana Nobre R. Goncalves
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The Detection and Measurement of Colour Change in Paintings by Digital Image Processing
Author(s): David Saunders
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A High-Speed Processor for Large Imagery
Author(s): Christopher C. Walker; Christopher R. Steres
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Percent Cloud Cover Determination Using Electromagnetic Scattering
Author(s): Carol L. Emrich
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The Applicability of Image Processing to the Study of Energetic Materials
Author(s): Ian B. Macintyre
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