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Imaging Workstations
Editor(s): Roger R. A. Morton

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Volume Number: 1074
Date Published: 24 July 1989

Table of Contents
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PARAGON-IPS: A Portable Imaging Software System For Multiple Generations Of Image Processing Hardware
Author(s): John Montelione
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Object Oriented Imaging For Visual Workstation Environments
Author(s): Richard Miner; Francis Drake; Patrick Krolak
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Method Registration: A Technique For Developing Extensible Application Environments
Author(s): Richard Carling
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An Execution Environment For Image Application Development
Author(s): Thomas D. Williams; Ralf R. Kohler
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Engineering Workstations-An Overview
Author(s): Carl Machover
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A New-Generation Imaging Platform With Integrated Pixel-Polygon Processing: The Titan Graphics Supercomputer
Author(s): Thomas L. Steding
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Evaluating The Usability Of Your Workstation
Author(s): Kathleen M. Potosnak
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Developments In Engineering Workstations For Visualization Performance
Author(s): Don Hershiser
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Scanners As Image Input Devices
Author(s): James P. McNaul
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High Resolution Displays In The Apple Macintosh And IBM PC Environments
Author(s): Steven Winegarden
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A Medium Grained Parallel Computer For Image Processing
Author(s): Ronald S. Cok
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Geometry And Imaging - Distinctions And Measures
Author(s): Alvy Ray Smith
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Graphics, Image Processing, And The Stellar Graphics Supercomputer
Author(s): Lawrence M. Gelberg; Jeffrey F. MacMann; Craig J. Mathias
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Experience With A Programmable Imaging Accelerator
Author(s): Nick England
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Higher Performance Networking For Interactive Visualization
Author(s): Donald Craig; Donald Zurstadt
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Pc-Based Floating Point Imaging Workstation
Author(s): C. J. Guzak; R. M. Pier; P. Chinn; Y. Kim
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Image Computing Architectures For Now And For The Future
Author(s): David M. Pfeiffer
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Using The SCSI Bus And Command Set As A Scanner Interface
Author(s): Gregory W. De Rosa
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Functional Extensions To High Performance Document Scanners
Author(s): W. B. Green; L. M. Chansky; R. A. Land; R. C. Van den Heuvel; E. J. Kraemer; L. W. Steele; C. J. Sherrill
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A High Resolution Desktop Color Scanner For 35 mm Transparencies
Author(s): James F. Dunn
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Progress In Automatic Reading Of Complex Typeset Pages
Author(s): Philippe Vincent
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Enhancement Of Reading Accuracy By Multiple Data Integration
Author(s): Kangsuk Lee
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Knowledge-Based Interpretation Of Scanned Business Letters
Author(s): Joachim Kreich; Achim Luhn; Gerd Maderlechner
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New Approach For Handheld Scanner Design
Author(s): Yair Kipman
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Complete Document Recognition
Author(s): James R. Fruchterman
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Developing A General Purpose Optical Character Recognition System
Author(s): I. Marosi; E. Kovacs
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Optics For Scanners
Author(s): Philip Chen
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Controlling Image Reproduction In A Desktop Publishing Environment
Author(s): James M. McCurdy
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Page Recognition: Quantum Leap In Recognition Technology
Author(s): Larry Miller
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