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Optical Sensing, Imaging, and Photon Counting: From X-Rays to THz
Editor(s): Oleg Mitrofanov; Chee Hing Tan; José Luis Pau Vizcaíno; Manijeh Razeghi
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Volume Number: 10729
Date Published: 15 October 2018

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 10729
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Quantum dot THz detectors and its applications for imaging
Author(s): Kenji Ikushima
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Selective-area nanowire photodetectors: from near to mid-wavelength infrared (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Diana L. Huffaker; Dingkun Ren; Khalifa M. Azizur-Rahman; Hyunseok Kim
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Nanostructured epitaxial graphene for ultra-broadband optoelectronic detectors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Abdel El Fatimy; Luke St. Marie; Anindya Nath; Byoung Don Kong; Anthony K. Boyd; Rachael L. Myers-Ward; Kevin M. Daniels; M. Mehdi Jadidi; Thomas E. Murphy; D. Kurt Gaskill; Paola Barbara
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Graphene-based photodetector at room temperature
Author(s): V. X. Ho; Y. Wang; M. P. Cooney; Vinh Q. N.
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Engineering semiconductor nanowires for photodetection: from visible to terahertz
Author(s): Hannah J. Joyce; Jack Alexander-Webber; Kun Peng; Michael B. Johnston; Patrick Parkinson; H. Hoe Tan; C. Jagadish
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III-nitride nanowire photodetectors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Akhil Ajay; Maria Spies; Jonas Lähnemann; Jakub Polaczynski ; Martien den-Hertog; Eva Monroy
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Large-format image sensors based on custom Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode arrays
Author(s): Brian F. Aull; Erik K. Duerr; Jonathan P. Frechette; K. Alexander McIntosh; Daniel R. Schuette; Vyshi Suntharalingam; Richard D. Younger
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InGaAsP/InP Geiger-mode APD-based LiDAR
Author(s): Xudong Jiang; Samuel Wilton; Igor Kudryashov; Mark A. Itzler; Mark Entwistle; Jack Kotelnikov; Alexei Katsnelson; Brian Piccione; Mark Owens; Krys Slomkowski
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Analysis of negative differential conductance in a GaN/AlN multi-quantum-well avalanche photodiode
Author(s): Wangping Wang; Lai Wang; Mo Li; Qian Li; Jianbin Kang; Yi Luo; Jian Zhang
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Quantum light manipulation: a path towards efficient pure room-temperature single photon sources
Author(s): Hamza Abudayyeh; Boaz Lubotzky; Somak Majumder; Jennifer A. Hollingsworth; Ronen Rapaport
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Al0.85Ga0.15As0.56Sb0.44 avalanche photodiodes with high immunity to temperature fluctuation
Author(s): S. Abdullah; S. Zhang; J. S. Ng; C. H. Tan
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On-chip and remote sensing with quantum cascade laser and detector systems (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gottfried Strasser; Benedikt Schwarz; Borislav Hinkov; Rolf Szedlak; Hermann Detz; Aaron M. Andrews; Werner Schrenk
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Liquid crystal based tunable PIN-photodiodes for detection around 1.55-µm
Author(s): C. Levallois; C. Paranthoen; B. Boisnard; T. Camps; B. Sadani; S. Pes; S. Bouchoule; L. Dupont; J.-B. Doucet; M. Alouini; V. Bardinal
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Multi-color anti-reflection coating with silicon micro-lens photodiode for image sensor
Author(s): Han Li; Stan Micinski; Nirav Dharia; Ulrich Boettiger
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Sensitivity enhanced biophotonic sensor utilizing sub-wavelength gratings
Author(s): Mukesh Yadav; Jens Høvik; Dag Roar Hjelme; Astrid Aksnes
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Study of avalanche statistics in very low noise AlGaAsSb APDs using a multi-channel analyzer
Author(s): Lucas L. G. Pinel; Chee Hing Tan; Jo Shien Ng
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