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Autonomous Air and Ground Sensing Systems for Agricultural Optimization and Phenotyping III
Editor(s): J. Alex Thomasson; Mac McKee; Robert J. Moorhead
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Volume Number: 10664
Date Published: 1 August 2018
Softcover: 26 papers (296) pages
ISBN: 9781510618398

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Front Matter: Volume 10664
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Implications of sensor inconsistencies and remote sensing error in the use of small unmanned aerial systems for generation of information products for agricultural management
Author(s): Mac McKee; Ayman Nassar; Alfonso Torres-Rua; Mahyar Aboutalebi; William Kustas
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Ground-truthing of UAV-based remote sensing data of citrus plants
Author(s): Subodh Bhandari; Amar Raheja; Mohammad R. Chaichi; Robert L. Green; Dat Do; Mehdi Ansari ; Frank Pham; Joseph Wolf; Tristan Sherman; Antonio Espinas
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Quality assessment of radiometric calibration of UAV image mosaics
Author(s): Cody Bagnall; J. Alex Thomasson; Chao Sima; Chenghai Yang
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Correction of in-flight luminosity variations in multispectral UAS images, using a luminosity sensor and camera pair for improved biomass estimation in precision agriculture
Author(s): Jean-Marc Gilliot; Joël Michelin; Romain Faroux; Luis Mario Domenzain; Clément Fallet
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An initial exploration of vicarious and in-scene calibration techniques for small unmanned aircraft systems
Author(s): Baabak G. Mamaghani; Geoffrey V. Sasaki; Ryan J. Connal; Kevin Kha; Jackson S. Knappen; Ryan A. Hartzell; Evan D. Marcellus; Timothy D. Bauch; Nina G. Raqueño; Carl Salvaggio
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Behavior of vegetation/soil indices in shaded and sunlit pixels and evaluation of different shadow compensation methods using UAV high-resolution imagery over vineyards
Author(s): Mahyar Aboutalebi; Alfonso F. Torres-Rua; Mac McKee; William Kustas; Hector Nieto; Calvin Coopmans
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Studying CO2 from plant respiration in controlled and natural environment: How can plant breeding industry benefit from it? (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Magda Mandic; Mehmet Senbayram; Christoph Bauer; Nadine Ruehr; Jelka Braden-Behrens
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Detection of canola flowering using proximal and aerial remote sensing techniques
Author(s): Chongyuan Zhang; Wilson Craine; James B. Davis; Lav R. Khot; Afef Marzougui; Jack Brown; Scott H. Hulbert; Sindhuja Sankaran
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Vinobot and vinoculer: from real to simulated platforms
Author(s): Ali Shafiekhani; Felix B. Fritschi; Guilherme N. DeSouza
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Phenotyping of sorghum panicles using unmanned aerial system (UAS) data
Author(s): A. Chang; J. Jung; J. Yeom; M. Maeda; J. Landivar
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Calibrated plant height estimates with structure from motion from fixed-wing UAV images
Author(s): Xiongzhe Han; J. Alex Thomasson; Cody Bagnall; N. Ace Pugh; David W. Horne; William L. Rooney; L. Malambo; Anjin Chang; Jinha Jung; Dale A. Cope
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Inter-comparison of thermal measurements using ground-based sensors, UAV thermal cameras, and eddy covariance radiometers
Author(s): Alfonso Torres-Rua; Hector Nieto; Chistopher Parry; Manal Elarab; Wesley Collatz; Calvin Coopmans; Lynn McKee; Mac McKee; William Kustas
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A detailed study on accuracy of uncooled thermal cameras by exploring the data collection workflow
Author(s): Tiebiao Zhao; Haoyu Niu; Andreas Anderson; YangQuan Chen; Joshua Viers
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Image quality and accuracy of different thermal sensor at varying operation parameters (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ajay Sharda; Harman S. Sangha
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A low-cost method for collecting hyperspectral measurements from a small unmanned aircraft system
Author(s): Ali Hamidisepehr; Michael P. Sama
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Hyperspectral detection of methane stressed vegetation
Author(s): Margot Accettura; Tim Bauch; Nina Raqueño; Joe Mallia; Carl Salvaggio
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Multispectral remote sensing for yield estimation using high-resolution imagery from an unmanned aerial vehicle
Author(s): Mahyar Aboutalebi; Alfonso F. Torres-Rua; Niel Allen
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Disease detection and mitigation in a cotton crop with UAV remote sensing
Author(s): J. Alex Thomasson; Tianyi Wang; Xiwei Wang; Ryan Collett; Chenghai Yang; Robert L. Nichols
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An unmanned aerial system for the detection of crops with undergraduate project-based learning
Author(s): S. A. Wilkerson; A. D. Gadsden; S. A. Gadsden
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Experimental approach to detect water stress in ornamental plants using sUAS-imagery
Author(s): Ana I. de Castro; Joe Mari Maja; Jim Owen; James Robbins; Jose M. Peña
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Machine learning techniques for the assessment of citrus plant health using UAV-based digital images
Author(s): Dat Do; Frank Pham; Amar Raheja; Subodh Bhandari
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Unmanned aerial system based cotton genotype selection using machine learning (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jinha Jung; Akash Ashapure; Murilo Maeda; Juan Landivar; Anjin Chang; Junho Yeom; Steven Hague; Wayne Smith
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Evaluation of multispectral unmanned aerial systems for irrigation management
Author(s): José L. Chávez; Huihui Zhang; Maria Cristina Capurro; Ashish Masih; Jon Altenhofen
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UAV videos to extend research to producers
Author(s): W. Brien Henry; Robert Moorhead; John J. Williams; Louis Wasson
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A comparison of manned and unmanned aerial Lidar systems in the context of sustainable forest management
Author(s): Michael P. McClelland; D. Stuart Hale; Jan van Aardt
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Spatial analysis of multispectral and thermal imagery from multiple platforms
Author(s): Gregory Rouze; Haly Neely; Cristine Morgan; Chenghai Yang
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Evaluating the capabilities of Sentinel-2 and Tetracam RGB+3 for multi-temporal detection of thrips on capsicum
Author(s): Jayantrao Mohite; Arvind Gauns; Navin Twarakavi; Srinivasu Pappula
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Using hyperspectral sensors for crop vegetation status monitoring in precision agriculture
Author(s): Marius Cristian Luculescu; Luciana Cristea; Sorin Constantin Zamfira; Attila Laszlo Boer
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MoniSCAN: software for multispectral monitoring of the crops vegetation status
Author(s): Marius Cristian Luculescu; Luciana Cristea; Sorin Constantin Zamfira; Attila Laszlo Boer
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