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Compressive Sensing VII: From Diverse Modalities to Big Data Analytics
Editor(s): Fauzia Ahmad
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Volume Number: 10658
Date Published: 31 July 2018
Softcover: 21 papers (204) pages
ISBN: 9781510618275

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 10658
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Effect of chlorophyll concentration under different water situation and estimation model for Pinuse lliottii Engelm with hyperspectral data
Author(s): Wenmin Li; Shuxia Li
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Snapshot compressive spectral imaging based on adaptive coded apertures
Author(s): Xu Ma; Hao Zhang; Xiao Ma; Gonzalo R. Arce; Tingfa Xu; Tianyi Mao
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High frame-rate compressive spectral video system
Author(s): Xiao Ma; Chen Fu; Gonzalo R. Arce
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Compressed sensing and differential measurements in interferometry
Author(s): Pulak Sarangi; Piya Pal
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Robust decomposition of 3-way tensors based on L1-norm
Author(s): Dimitris G. Chachlakis; Panos P. Markopoulos
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Selective erasures for high-dimensional robust subspace tracking
Author(s): Daniel L. Pimentel-Alarcon
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Conformity evaluation of data samples by L1-norm principal-component analysis
Author(s): Ying Liu; Dimitris A. Pados
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Adaptive measurement design for direction of arrival estimation and target tracking
Author(s): Ali Cafer Gurbuz
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Realization of radar-based fall detection using spectrograms
Author(s): Baris Erol; Mark Francisco; Arun Ravisankar; Moeness Amin
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A greedy approach for correlation-aware sparse support recovery
Author(s): Ali Koochakzadeh; Piya Pal
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A linear discriminative analysis based fall motion detector using radar
Author(s): Sivan Zlotnikov; Patrick Somaru; Panos P. Markopoulos; Fauzia Ahmad
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Constraint term refinement for compressive sensing image reconstruction
Author(s): Ligang Zou; Tong Li; Shuxia Li
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Distinguishing one from many using super-resolution compressive sensing
Author(s): Stephen M. Anthony; John Mulcahy-Stanislawczyk; Eric A. Shields; Drew P. Woodbury
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Clutter identification based on kernel density estimation and sparse recovery
Author(s): Haokun Wang; Yijian Xiang; Elise Dagois; Malia Kelsey; Satyabrata Sen; Arye Nehorai; Murat Akcakaya
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Compressing two ways: the initial study of an underwater inflatable co-prime sonar array (UICSA)
Author(s): Bing Ouyang; Yanjun Li; Tongdi Zhou; Tsung-Chow Su; Fraser Dalgleish; Anni Dalgleish; Fauzia Ahmad
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Performance comparison of total variation minimization and group sparse reconstructions for extended target imaging in multilayered dielectric media
Author(s): Fauzia Ahmad; Wenji Zhang; Ahmad Hoorfar
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Randomness and isometries in echo state networks and compressed sensing
Author(s): Ashley Prater-Bennette
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Perturbation based sparse subspace clustering
Author(s): Ali Cafer Gurbuz
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Polarimetric SAR image classification based on kernel sparse representation
Author(s): Xiao Wang; Lamei Zhang; Bin Zou; Zhijun Qiao
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Analysis of compressive approach to interference tagging in radio spectrometry
Author(s): William C. Barott; Zhurong Wang
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Improved radio astronomical imaging based on sparse reconstruction
Author(s): Shuimei Zhang; Yujie Gu; William C. Barott; Yimin D. Zhang
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