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Next-Generation Analyst VI
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Volume Number: 10653
Estimated Publication Date: 17 May 2018
Softcover: 27 papers (324) pages
ISBN: 9781510618176

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 10653
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Understanding theoretical human information interaction, the development of a standard model using an agent based modeling framework
Author(s): Adrienne Raglin; Somiya Metu; Christianna Howard
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Reinforcement learning framework for collaborative agents interacting with soldiers in dynamic military contexts
Author(s): Sean L. Barton; Derrik Asher
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Methodology for using the operations order to filter intelligence reports
Author(s): John Richardson; Alex James; Mark Mittrick; Timothy Hanratty; Eric Heilman
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Active learning and structure adaptation in teams of heterogeneous agents: designing organizations of the future
Author(s): Georgiy Levchuk; Adam Fouse; Krishna Pattipati; Daniel Serfaty; Robert McCormack
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The role-relevance model for enhanced semantic targeting in unstructured text
Author(s): Christopher A. George; Onur Ozdemir; Connie E. Fournelle; Kendra E. Moore
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Hypothesis management for open source intelligence (OSINT) with the Sensemaking for OSINT eXploitation (SOX) tool (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Phil DiBona; Hillary Holloway; Jorge Tierno
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Reasoning with an uncertainty of information measure: decision making for military and non-military applications
Author(s): Adrienne Raglin; Andre Harrison
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Argumentation-based sense-making exploiting open sources (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Timothy J. Norman; Federico Cerutti; Stuart Middleton; Alice Toniolo
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Analyst as data scientist: surfing vs drowning in the information environment
Author(s): Kelly Kaleda; Laurie Fenstermacher
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Social computing approaches and applications for defense and intelligence operations
Author(s): Sue E. Kase
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Big open-source social science: capabilities and methodology for automating social science analytics
Author(s): Anthony Palladino; Elisa J. Bienenstock; Christopher A. George; Kendra E. Moore
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Data fusion for sociocultural place understanding using deep learning
Author(s): Jake Popham; Micheal Forkin; Nicholas Hamblet; Bryce Inouye
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Integrated analytic simulation tools to support emergency management
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Burkhalter; Charles R. Ehlschlaeger; Dawn M. Morrison; Natalie R. Myers; Liqun Lu; Antoine Petit; Yanfeng Ouyang; Olaf David; Francesco Serafino; David Patterson; Zhoutong Jiang
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A computational framework for modelling inter-group behaviour using psychological theory
Author(s): Rachel Bellamy; Gualtiero Colombo; Soheil Eshghi; Geeth De Mel; Cheryl Giammanco; Rhodri Morris; David G. Rand; Liam D. Turner; Roger M. Whitaker; Grace-Rose Williams
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Content-based multimedia analytics: US and NATO research
Author(s): Elizabeth K. Bowman; Gertjan Burghouts; Lasse Overlier; Sue E. Kase; Randal J. Zimmerman; Serena Oggero
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Forecasting aggressive state behavior and assessing courses of action to successfully deter hostile adversaries
Author(s): Brian Levey; Steve Shellman
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Text motifs: classifying influential individuals and follower networks with language agnostic methods
Author(s): Elizabeth Bowman; Tod Hagan; Bruce McQueary; Rob Asfar; Jose Pascual
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A framework for relationship extraction from unstructured text via link grammar parsing
Author(s): Kenneth Samuel; Onur Savas; Vikram Manikonda
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A visualization technique to improve situational awareness
Author(s): Mark Mittrick; John Richardson; Derrik E. Asher; Alex James; Timothy Hanratty
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Human-machine collaboration to disambiguate entities in unstructured text datasets
Author(s): Jack H. Davenport
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Collaborative mixed reality (MxR) and networked decision making
Author(s): Theron T. Trout; Stephen Russell; Andre Harrison; Mark Dennison; Ryan Spicer; Evan Suma Rosenberg; Jerald Thomas
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Value of information driven content management in mixed reality infrastructures
Author(s): James R. Michaelis
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NewsAnalyticalToolkit: an online natural language processing platform to analyze news
Author(s): Ian McCann; Amirhessam Tahmassebi; Simon Y. Foo; Gordon Erlebacher; Anke Meyer-Baese
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From sensors to knowledge: the challenge of training the next generation of data analysts
Author(s): Sonya A. H. McMullen; Troy Henderson; Scott Burgess; Patti J. Clark; David Ison
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Reexamining computational support for intelligence analysis: a functional design for a future capability
Author(s): James Llinas; Galina Rogova; Kevin Barry; James Scrofani
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When data lie: fairness and robustness in contested environments
Author(s): Ramya Raghavendra; Federico Cerutti; Alun Preece
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The event tracking dashboard: from multilingual social media feeds to event patterns and anomalies
Author(s): Prasanna Giridhar; Jongdeog Lee; Tarek Abdelzaher; Lance Kaplan
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The role of motifs in understanding behavior in social and engineered networks
Author(s): Dave Braines; Diane Felmlee; Don Towsley; Kun Tu; Roger M. Whitaker; Liam D. Turner
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Customizable fusion of violent event mentions in heterogeneous data
Author(s): Justin Del Vecchio; Timothy K. Perkins; Gregory Tauer; Adam Czerniejewski; Jonathan Logan
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