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Long-Range Imaging III
Editor(s): Eric J. Kelmelis
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Volume Number: 10650
Date Published: 21 June 2018
Softcover: 14 papers (178) pages
ISBN: 9781510618114

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Front Matter: Volume 10650
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Electro-optical tracking considerations III
Author(s): Brian A. Karr; George A. Downey; Nathan A. Harris
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Efficiency measurements for a digital-holography system
Author(s): Douglas E. Thornton; Mark F. Spencer; Christopher A. Rice; Glen P. Perram
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Exploring mitigation of image blur due to atmospheric turbulence by utilizing multiple sensors to achieve optical path diversity
Author(s): Thomas A. Underwood; Joe Stufflebeam; David Soules; Mark Kircher; Mark Roberts; Joachim Lohn-Jaramillo; Geoff Knox; Jason Shankle
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Analysis of three-dimensional scenes using photon-starved data in cluttered target scenarios (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Julian Tachella; Yoann Altmann; Aurora Maccarone; Agata Pawlikowska; Aongus McCarthy; Robert A. Lamb; Jean-Yves Tourneret; Stephen McLaughlin; Gerald S. Buller
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Signal-to-noise models for digital-holographic detection
Author(s): Mark F. Spencer; Douglas E Thornton
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Accounting for optical refractivity and turbulence effects in optical wave propagation over long distances
Author(s): Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Victor A. Kulikov; Zhijun Yang
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Characterizing atmospheric turbulence over long paths using time-lapse imagery
Author(s): Santasri R. Bose-Pillai; Jack E. McCrae; Ryan A. Wood; Connor E . Murphy; Christopher A. Rice; Steven T. Fiorino
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Optically coherent image reconstruction in the presence of phase errors using advanced-prior models
Author(s): Casey J. Pellizzari; Mark F. Spencer; Charles A. Bouman
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Real-time high performance atmospheric distortion correction using a Xilinx UltraScale Plus
Author(s): Steve C. J. Parker; Wayne Cranwell; Nick Henning; Aaron Paolini; James Bonnett; Eric Kelmelis
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Variable aperture lucky look approach to imaging through deep turbulence
Author(s): Jonathan M. Mooney; James E. Murguia
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Mitigation of image intensity distortion using chaos-modulated image propagation through gamma-gamma atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Ali A. Mohamed; Monish R. Chatterjee
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Super-resolution in the presence of atmospheric optical turbulence
Author(s): Russell C. Hardie; Michael A. Rucci; Barry K. Karch; Alex J. Dapore; Douglas R. Droege
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Estimating uncertainty in limiting resolution of full motion video
Author(s): Richard Gueler; Craig Olson; Andrew Sparks
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Validating pyBSM: a Python package for modeling imaging systems
Author(s): Daniel A. LeMaster; Philip J. Plummer; Matthew D. Howard; Michael A. Rucci
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Statistical evaluation of motion-based MTF for full-motion video using the Python-based PyBSM image quality analysis toolbox
Author(s): S. Craig Olson; David Gaudiosi; Andrew Beard; Rich Gueler
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Precision motion enables unique optical zoom and staring capabilities of a miniature payload (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Gal Peled; Nir Karasikov; Roman Yasinov; Vadim Derechinsky; Rita Yetkariov; Israel Shayer; Alan Feinstein
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