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Ground/Air Multisensor Interoperability, Integration, and Networking for Persistent ISR IX
Editor(s): Michael A. Kolodny; Dietrich M. Wiegmann; Tien Pham
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Volume Number: 10635
Date Published: 17 July 2018
Softcover: 34 papers (366) pages
ISBN: 9781510617810

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Front Matter: Volume 10635
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
On location-based target tracking using social media as sensors (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Tarek Abdelzaher; Prasanna Giridhar
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3D ground/air sensor common operating picture
Author(s): Damon M. Conover; John F. Dammann
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Role of influence functions in model interpretability (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Supriyo Chakraborty; Jorge Ortiz; Simon Julier
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning for future army applications
Author(s): John M. Fossaceca; Stuart H. Young
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Collaborative analytics for biological facility characterization
Author(s): Jacob P. Caswell; Kelsey L. Cairns; Christina L. Ting; Mark W. Hansberger; Matthew A. Stoebner; Thomas R. Brounstein; Christopher R. Cueller; Elizabeth R. Jurrus
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Cognitive computer-on-watch: Applying artificial intelligence/machine learning to augment human capability (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sanjeev Mohindra; Arjun Majumdar; Benjamin Smith
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Machine learning in complex systems
Author(s): Travis W. Axtell; Lucas A. Overbey; Lisa Woerner
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The AI stack: a blueprint for developing and deploying artificial intelligence
Author(s): Andrew W. Moore; Martial Hebert; Shane Shaneman
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Applying video summarization to aerial surveillance
Author(s): K. Pitstick; J. Hansen; M. Klein; E. Morris; J. Vazquez-Trejo
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A common core-based cyber ontology in support of cross-domain situational awareness
Author(s): Brian Donohue; Mark Jensen; Alexander P. Cox; Ron Rudnicki
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Cloud-based security architecture supporting Army Research Laboratory's collaborative research environments
Author(s): Kelly W. Bennett; Dennis W. Ward; James Robertson
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Problems with prescriptions: disentangling data about actual versus prescribed entities
Author(s): Mark Jensen; Alexander P. Cox; Brian Donohue; Ron Rudnicki
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2020: faster than real-time tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) from the dismount, and faster than real-time strategic ISR to the dismount
Author(s): Richard M. Buchter
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Machine learning for dynamic resource allocation at network edge
Author(s): Bong Jun Ko; Kin K. Leung; Theodoros Salonidis
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Understanding information leakage of distributed inference with deep neural networks: overview of information theoretic approach and initial results
Author(s): Tiffany Tuor; Shiqiang Wang; Kin K. Leung; Bong Jun Ko
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Machine learning approaches for small data in sensor fusion applications
Author(s): Dinesh Verma; Graham Bent; Geeth de Mel ; Chris Simpkin
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Resource management in distributed SDN using reinforcement learning
Author(s): Liang Ma; Ziyao Zhang; Bongjun Ko; Mudhakar Srivatsa; Kin K Leung
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Data-driven uncertainty quantification for multisensor analytics
Author(s): David J. Stracuzzi; Michael C. Darling; Maximillian G. Chen; Matthew G. Peterson
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An algorithm for model fusion for distributed learning
Author(s): Dinesh Verma; Supriyo Chakraborty; Seraphin Calo; Simon Julier; Stephen Pasteris
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Distributed analytics for audio sensing applications
Author(s): David Wood; Shiqiang Wang; Theodoros Salonidis; Dave Conway-Jones; Bongjun Ko; Graham White
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Towards a methodology for lossless data exchange between NoSQL data structures
Author(s): Ronald Rudnicki; Alexander P. Cox; Brian Donohue; Mark Jensen
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Building an all-source analytics capability for coalition interoperability
Author(s): Elizabeth K. Bowman
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Evaluation of OSUS at TTCP CUE 2017
Author(s): Jacob P. Tyo; William R. Hughes
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Generation and management of training data for AI-based algorithms targeted at coalition operations
Author(s): Dinesh Verma; Greg Cirincione; Tien Pham; Bong Jun Ko
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Reasoning and learning services for coalition situational understanding
Author(s): Dan Harborne; Ramya Raghavendra; Chris Willis; Supriyo Chakraborty; Pranita Dewan; Mudhakar Srivatsa; Richard Tomsett; Alun Preece
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The generative policy approach for dynamic collaboration in coalition environments
Author(s): Dinesh Verma; Elisa Bertino; Seraphin Calo; Chris Williams; Chris Simpkin
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System level design considerations in imaging ISR systems
Author(s): Daniel J. Henry
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Responding to unmanned aerial swarm saturation attacks with autonomous counter-swarms
Author(s): Laura Strickland; Michael A. Day; Kevin DeMarco; Eric Squires; Charles Pippin
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Real-time LIDAR from ScanEagle UAV
Author(s): Roy Nelson; John Mastrangelo; Kurt von Niederhausern; Dan Fuller
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MINI-DASS: an innovative approach to maximizing the utility of information sources (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michael A. Kolodny
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Exploiting the diversity of information sources for enhanced information collection
Author(s): Anne-Claire Boury-Brisset; Michael A. Kolodny
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What do you need to know? Specifying information requirements with clarity (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Britt Bray
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Matching requirements to means using meaning
Author(s): Steve Hookway; Joe Gorman; Brad Rosenberg
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Lexicon and schema development for domain understanding and ontology design
Author(s): Julie A. Skipper; Steve Hookway; Joe Gorman
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A search for the optimal file transfer protocol from surfaced UUVs to UAV relays and beyond
Author(s): Scott Cutler
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Sensor operators as technology consumers: What do users really think about that radar?
Author(s): Laura A. McNamara; Kristin Divis; J. Daniel Morrow
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Cost effective FPGA implementation of high bandwidth communication through slip ring using circular waveguide
Author(s): Miroslav Peric; Dragana Peric
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Modeling RF and acoustic signal propagation in complex environments
Author(s): D. Keith Wilson; Daniel J. Breton; Ross E. Alter; Lauren E. Waldrop; Wesley M. Barnes; Michael B. Muhlestein; Vladimir E. Ostashev
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Can multimodal sensing detect and localize transient events?
Author(s): Kasthuri Jayarajah; Vigneshwaran Subbaraju; Noel Athaide; Lakmal Meeghapola; Andrew Tan; Archan Misra
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