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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring X
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Volume Number: 10631
Date Published: 25 June 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10631
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Seasonal trends of biophysical ocean properties and anomalies across the Mississippi Shelf
Author(s): Robert Arnone; Brooke Jones ; Sherwin Ladner ; Inia Soto
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Anomalous marine biophysical conditions due to 2016 and 2017 wind and flooding events in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
Author(s): E. Brooke Jones; Robert Arnone
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Hyperspectral determination of ocean color as an ocean monitoring tool: example applications in the Gulf of Mexico
Author(s): Jason K. Jolliff; Sherwin Ladner; David Lewis; Ewa Jarosz; Adam Lawson; Travis Smith; Allison Penko; Sean McCarthy
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Near real time calibration of the Ocean Land Colour Imager
Author(s): Jennifer Bowers; Paul Martinolich; Richard Crout; Sherwin Ladner; Adam Lawson
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Comparison of aerosol models from the Ocean Color satellite sensors and AERONET-OC and their impact on reflectance spectra in coastal waters
Author(s): Alexander Gilerson; Eder Herrera; Yaron Klein; Robert Foster; Barry Gross; Robert Arnone; Sam Ahmed
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Ocean surface characterization using snapshot hyperspectral polarimetric imager
Author(s): Carlos Carrizo; Andrii Golovin; Ahmed El-Habashi; Robert Foster; Deric Gray; Jeff Bowles; Alexander Gilerson
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Harmful algal bloom dynamics in Southeast Florida and the Indian River Lagoon (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): James Sullivan; Malcolm N. McFarland; Nicole Stockley; Dennis Hanisak
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Using observation networks to examine the impact of Lake Okeechobee discharges on the St. Lucie Estuary, Florida
Author(s): Nicole D. Stockley; James M. Sullivan; Dennis Hanisak; Malcolm N. McFarland
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Interannual variability in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida, measured by a network of environmental sensors
Author(s): M. Dennis Hanisak; Kristen S. Davis
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Seasonal and inter-annual variability in sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-a concentration along the West Florida Shelf: analyzing 5 years of satellite data
Author(s): Erica Terese Krueger; Felix Jose
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Individual particle measurements to monitor ecological processes in the Indian River Lagoon, FL
Author(s): Malcolm N. McFarland; Nicole Stockley; James M. Sullivan
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Satellite monitoring and interpretation of dynamically changing concentrations of Karenia Brevis harmful algal blooms in the West Florida Shelf (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Samir Ahmed; Ahmed El-Habashi; Vincent Lovko
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Infrared polarimetric sensing of oil on water
Author(s): David B. Chenault; Justin P. Vaden
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Remote measurement of thick oil spill depth using thermal imagery
Author(s): Toomas H. Allik; Roberta E. Dixon; Mark Walters
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Mapping and reconnaissance imager, night-enhanced, for sensing of contaminants, oil, and unseen threats (MARINE SCOUT)
Author(s): Scot Myhr; George Ax; John Gill; Lance LeClair; Evan Sippel; Mark Walters; Toomas H. Allik; Roberta E. Dixon
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Analytical model to derive suspended particulate matter concentration in natural waters by inversion of optical attenuation and backscattering
Author(s): Michael S. Twardowski; Cedric Jamet; Hubert Loisel
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Characterizing instabilities in the developed and transitional boundary layer
Author(s): Silvia Matt; Weilin Hou; Wesley Goode
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Beamforming receiver for underwater pulsed laser line scanning
Author(s): Walter B. Britton; Fraser R. Dalgleish; Hanqi Zhuang
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Investigation of the compressive line sensing imaging system in a controlled hybrid scattering environment
Author(s): Bing Ouyang; Weilin Hou
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Object detection and geometric profiling through dirty water media using asymmetry properties of backscattered signals
Author(s): Chensheng Wu; Robert Lee; Christopher C. Davis
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Image processing technique for an underwater modulated pulse laser imaging system
Author(s): David W. Illig; Linda J. Mullen
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On plankton distributions and biophysical interactions in diverse coastal and limnological environments
Author(s): Aditya R. Nayak; Malcolm N. McFarland; Michael S. Twardowski; James M. Sullivan
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Lidars utilizing vortex laser beams
Author(s): Carl Weimer; Yong Hu; Jeff T. Applegate; Mike Lieber; Wenbo Sun; David MacDonnell
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An optical vortex transmissometer
Author(s): Amanda Alley; Alan Laux; Linda Mullen; Brandon Cochenour
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Analysis of orbital angular momentum laser beams for applications in underwater communication
Author(s): Joseph Brugger; Charles Nelson
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On the change of the underwater volume sensing function when using a laser beam with orbital angular momentum (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Austin W. Jantzi
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Development and assessment of lidar modeling to retrieve IOPs
Author(s): Christopher Strait; Michael Twardowski; Fraser Dalgleish; Alberto Tonizzo; Anni Vuorenkoski
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Global scale whitecaps coverage from CALIPSO lidar measurements (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Damien B. Josset; David Wang; Weilin Hou
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Sea-ice detection for autonomous underwater vehicles and oceanographic lagrangian platforms by continuous-wave laser polarimetry
Author(s): José Lagunas; Claudie Marec; Édouard Leymarie ; Christophe Penkerc'h; Eric Rehm; Pierre Desaulniers; Denis Brousseau; Patrick Larochelle; Gilles Roy; Georges Fournier; Simon Thibault; Marcel Babin
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Characterizing fluorescence and reflectance properties of Arctic macroalgae as future LiDAR targets
Author(s): Matthieu Huot; Eric Rehm; Fraser Dalgleish; Michel Piché; Simon Lambert-Girard; Philippe Archambault
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Underwater object detection performance of a chaotically modulated laser rangefinder
Author(s): Luke Rumbaugh; Daniel Alles; William Jemison
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Comparing fluorescent and differential absorption LiDAR techniques for detecting algal biomass with applications to Arctic substrates
Author(s): Eric Rehm; Fraser Dalgleish; Matthieu Huot; José Lagunas-Morales; Simon Lambert-Girard; Stefania Matteoli; Philippe Archambault; Michel Piché
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Remote characterization of turbid water using a novel Lidar technique
Author(s): Andrew Gisler; Jeffrey P. Thayer; Geoffrey Crowley
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Monitoring ocean water level in remote shoreline locations using GPS reflectometry
Author(s): Andrew Gisler; Irfan Azeem; Erik Stromberg; Adam Reynolds; Geoffrey Crowley; Carol Janzen; Molly McCammon
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Propagation of bioluminescent signals to near-surface from mesopelagic waters
Author(s): Alberto Tonizzo; Brandon J. Russell; James M. Sullivan; Michael S. Twardowski
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Nonnegative matrix factorization based feature selection analysis for hyperspectral imagery of sediment-laden riverine flow
Author(s): Nicholas V. Scott; Ian C. Moore
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Phase based statistics from direct numerically simulated imagery of sediment-laden oscillatory flow for Bayesian belief network analysis
Author(s): Nicholas V. Scott; Tian-Jian Hsu
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On-orbit polarization sensitivity evaluation of FY-3B MERSI
Author(s): Ling Sun; Lei Gao; Danyang Cao; Ran Huo
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Spectrally resolved infrared sea surface pyrometric measurements
Author(s): M. E. Thomas; M. B. Airola; J. K. Makowski
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Exploration of multiple wavelength laser beams propagating underwater
Author(s): Michael Kelly; Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic; Charles Nelson
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