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Cyber Sensing 2018
Editor(s): Igor V. Ternovskiy; Peter Chin
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Volume Number: 10630
Date Published: 21 June 2018
Softcover: 23 papers (250) pages
ISBN: 9781510617711

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 10630
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Implementations of moving target defense (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Nathaniel Evans
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The growing threat of cybersecurity attacks in sports
Author(s): Stephanie Jenkins; Nathaniel Evans
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Security tag computation and propagation in OSFA
Author(s): Patrick Jungwirth; Phil Chan; Eric Imsand; Hameed Badawy
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Detailed tracking of program control flow using analog side-channel signals: a promise for IoT malware detection and a threat for many cryptographic implementations
Author(s): Haider Adnan Khan; Monjur Alam; Alenka Zajic; Milos Prvulovic
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Deep learning-based classification and anomaly detection of side-channel signals
Author(s): Xiao Wang; Quan Zhou; Jacob Harer; Gavin Brown; Shangran Qiu; Zhi Dou; John Wang; Alan Hinton; Carlos Aguayo Gonzalez; Peter Chin
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Overhead analysis of the utilization of hardware assisted virtualization for protecting guest operating system applications
Author(s): Michael R. Clark
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Block-level algorithm classification based on RF side-channel
Author(s): James T. Graham; Ronald Riley; Rusty Baldwin; Ashwin Fisher
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Register Hamming distance from side channels
Author(s): Ronald A. Riley; James T. Graham; Rusty O. Baldwin; Ashwin Fisher
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Exploiting side-channel emissions to detect changes in FPGA firmware
Author(s): Ryan M. Fuller; Ronald A. Riley; James T. Graham
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Classification of low-SNR side channels
Author(s): Ronald A. Riley; James T. Graham; Peter D. Swartz; Rusty O. Baldwin; Ashwin Fisher
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Generalization of algorithm recognition in RF side channels between devices
Author(s): Ronald Riley; James T. Graham; Ryan M. Fuller; Rusty O. Baldwin; Ashwin Fisher
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Utilizing electromagnetic emanations for out-of-band detection of unknown attack code in a programmable logic controller
Author(s): Nathaniel Boggs; Jimmy C. Chau; Ang Cui
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Preliminary classification results of RF emission based feature extraction in Internet of Things devices
Author(s): Devin W. Spatz; Devin A. Smarra; Igor V. Ternovskiy
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A graph-theoretic understanding of network-wide implications of local cyber protections for mission assurance
Author(s): Sean Lane; Michael R. Clark; Mengran Xue; Sandip Roy; Sean Warnick
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Lightweight hardware monitoring of IoT devices
Author(s): Andrew Toth; Dan Rapczynski; Jason A. Wampler
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Control flow graph modifications for improved RF-based processor tracking performance
Author(s): Mark Chilenski; George Cybenko; Isaac Dekine; Piyush Kumar; Gil Raz
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A mixed numeric and analytic method for investigating OAM beam scattering in turbid water
Author(s): Austin W. Jantzi; Melanie G. Cockrell; Luke K. Rumbaugh; William D. Jemison
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Comparison of error in two passive phase localization algorithms
Author(s): Charles Berdanier
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Track generation in semi-supervised learning of self-structured algorithm using noisy and sparse, visual, and infrared data
Author(s): Bala Konate; James Graham; Igor Ternovskiy
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Similarity measures for target tracking with aerial images
Author(s): Jenfeng Sam Li; Igor Ternovskiy; James Graham
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Understanding adversarial attack and defense towards deep compressed neural networks
Author(s): Qi Liu; Tao Liu; Wujie Wen
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Development and implementation of VoIP honeypots with wide range of analysis
Author(s): Ladislav Behan; Lukas Kapicak; Jakub Jalowiczor
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Identifying and detecting applications within TLS traffic
Author(s): Michael J. De Lucia; Chase Cotton
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CASPER: an efficient approach to detect anomalous code execution from unintended electronic device emissions
Author(s): Hira Agrawal; Ray Chen; Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth; Christine Hung; Rauf Izmailov; John Koshy; Joe Liberti; Chris Mesterharm; Josh Morman; Thimios Panagos; Marc Pucci; Işil Sebüktekin; Scott Alexander; Simon Tsang
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